Father Son Relationship

When a child is born and you hold their tiny little body in your hands with your eyes absorbing the details of this little one thinking this is flesh of my flesh and bone of my bone. This baby is a little me inside it. This little who does not require a courtship to fall in love with them. The love in your heart is instantly there. The journey begins watching this little one of you do things and act upon things they encounter from rolling over, crawling, and pulling themselves up for the first time. You watch their spirit reveal the little attitudes that you attribute to yourself, your spouse, or someone in your family.

We see with each child born into our families physical differences and spiritual differences. One child may require more corrections and the other child may require less. One child may listen and the other does not. One child may believe you and the other questions everything you say. One child may see things with common sense and the other child may see things from a different angle. Every child’s spirit is different in their own way.

This is what I see in God towards us. God wanted a child made in His image and in His likeness (Gen. 1:26). God wanted a son to be like Him. A son that would be a little Him with physical and spiritual attributes. God had to make a small version of His All Knowing, All Powerful, and All Presences because no creation could contain All that He is. God had to do a condense version of Himself if He were to be focused into one place.


God took the dust of the earth forming a clay sculpture of a physical body replicating Himself as if His All Present Spirit were to be of a solid form. God would have a central brain center (Knowledge), a physical form (Presence) like no other creation, and an ability (Power) to do things no other creation could do. These three attributes of God would be considered a centralized Godhead to us. These three attributes is something we can perceive of God’s Omnipotence. I see a Father looking at His son whom He just created lying there with love.

God the Father, who is All Spirit, now has a son laying there in the dust reflecting His image and likeness, but with no spirit and no life. God the Father is a Spirit and the earth is not His DNA if you will. DNA is what we as mankind have come to understand as a complex molecule identifying the traits of certain living organisms, which is in every cell of every living thing on this earth. The son had the physical existence in the design and plans of God, but he did not have the life of the Father.

All the creatures of the earth were given the breath of life included with their DNA molecules to function and do the things purposed for their design. The birds to fly freely in the air, the fish to swim freely in the water, and the animals to roam freely on the earth, but no breath of life included with the son.

This was the Father’s son and he needed more than an ordinary function of life for his purpose. The son was to be like his Father ruling over things of the earth applying the knowledge of good, his presence, and his power as his Father would have him to be. The son would need the Father’s Holy Spirit containing these attributes His Spirit DNA, if you will. The Father’s Holy Spirit DNA to live, move, and have his being reflecting his sonship to the Father’s Spiritual image and likeness. This is the difference and the uniqueness of mankind to all other creations.

The Father breathed His Holy Spirit into the son. The son became a living soul powered with the life of the Holy Spirit of God. The son’s spirit was now an independent eternal soul with a tiny amount of the All Knowledge, All Present, and All Power of the Father inside of him. The Father has a son with His Holy Spirit inside of him.


God the Father wanted fellowship with His Son and to watch his son grow. The God the Father would visit His son just to see what he would call the animals of the earth that He had created (Gen. 2:19). We let our kids name their pets and Adam named the Father’s animals.

After His son, Adam, named all the animals there was no one like Adam. The love of the Father was to see His son having someone as his own like the Father had Adam as a son, but as a fellow companion. The Father caused a deep sleep to fall over Adam and while Adam slept the Father took a rib from within Adam, closing up, and healing his fleshly body. The Father formed a woman from Adam’s rib. (Gen. 2:22). The Father has a son like unto Himself and the son has a wife forming a complete family unit to visit with and fellowship.

The Father took from within His Holy Spirit and gave life to Adam. The Father took from within Adam and gave life to the woman, Eve. They were all one happy family under the One common ground of purity in presences, the knowledge of good, and the clean power of living. This was the one rule and demand of God the Father to be pure, good, and holy. The family was created and built on this foundation only. Evil was not allowed to move freely in God’s presences.


Adam and Eve had the tiny resemblance of the knowledge, power, and presence of God, which also included the free will choice as God had. God had the presence of the knowledge of evil along with the knowledge of good, but God’s choice was the knowledge of good while the knowledge of evil was separated, contained, and controlled inside of God. God never meant for any creation to be mixed with such horrible knowledge as evil and the after affects it would bring. No creation was ever created mixed with the knowledge of evil.

There was only one rule for God’s family and that was not to combine, allow, unleash the knowledge of evil and it’s evil power by eating of the one and only tree in the garden. The Father shared His word with Adam and Eve that eating of this fruit would bring death. The knowledge of evil would destroy the One common ground of purity, untainted knowledge, and the holy spirit living in Adam and Eve with the Father. It would separate, condemn, and control them eternally.

The son the Father had created along with his wife ate of their own free will of the tree of the knowledge of evil causing the freedom of evil and sin to reign over them and the earth bringing death, disease, and destruction upon us and the world. It was not God’s fault, but a free will choice of what Adam and Eve wanted to do with God’s creation He gave to them.


The Father knew Adam was His first son made into a living eternal soul that through Adam’s actions he brought death and sin upon all the generations born after him (1 Cor. 15:22). The solution and the answer would be another son created as a seed of man from the womb and be filled with not just a tiny portion of God’s All Knowledge, All Power, and All Presences, but a son with the Almighty power of life (“For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.” Col. 2:9.) to make alive (quickening, 1 Cor. 15:45) the souls of mankind.

The Father promised a seed of mankind, a son, that would come into the world many generations into the future to pay the total price of eternal death destroying the grip of sin restoring the fellowship of the One common ground of purity in presences, the knowledge of good, and the clean holy living power of life.


I think we have totally missed what the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit is all about. God spent the entire Old Testament telling His Children starting off with the first commandment having no other gods before Him (Ex. 20:3), He is one Lord (Duet. 6:4) His name is one (Zech. 14:9), no other gods beside Him (Is. 43:11, 44:6, 45:5,6,21), and one God (Mal. 2:10). God the Father focused giving His word to the people of Israel to carry out the fulfilment of His word. This is why the Jewish people today do not believe in separating God into three gods called the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit known as the trinity.

When I saw the oneness of God’s Spirit being All Present, All Powerful, and All Knowledge I understood the three phases of God coming to us as the Father of Creation (First Phase), the Son in Redemption (Second Phase), and the Holy Spirit in regeneration (Third Phase). People have spent to much time on trying to split up an All Present God into numbers, which there are not enough numbers to count Him let alone three.

For the first time in my life I saw the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit in a different light. The scripture was being read “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:” Matt. 28:19. The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost leaped out into my understanding to Genesis 1:26. The Father wanted a creation He could call His Son and in order to be His Son he would have to have God’s Holy Spirit. Jesus was telling his disciples to baptize people in the One common family name (Jesus) to reunite the Father with the Son and restore the purity of the Holy Spirit within them. Adam was a living soul, but Jesus was a quickening (make alive) Spirit.

It is not a scripture to try to prove three gods forming a trinity, but a scripture uniting the Father with the Son (us) renewing the indwelling of the Holy Spirit as it was before the fall of mankind through Jesus Christ. A repeat of the Father with Adam receiving God’s Spirit, but with Jesus being God in the flesh to give us the second birth out of Adam’s sinful and death state into Jesus life and life more abundantly state. Salvation comes together as one body, one spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God (Eph. 4:4-6) inside the one name of Jesus with the born again of the water and of the Spirit (Acts 2:38).

The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit relationship lines up with Repentance, water baptism, and Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38 – plan of salvation) with all of it uniting through the name of Jesus, which is the embodiment of God’s plan of salvation. Father, Adam, Holy Spirit of Father made Adam an eternal living soul. Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit made Jesus the eternal answer to sin by a quickening (makes alive) spirit.

We are experiencing the creation second birth through Jesus Christ. The Father loves us as Sons (Mankind) and wanted to restore us with the eternal Holy Spirit to live with Him in heaven. This is why the disciples never used the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit formula when they baptized in the book of Acts. They preached “Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.” Acts 4:12. Peter told everyone under the sound of his voice to Repent, be baptized in Jesus name and receive the gift of the Holy Ghost (Acts 2:38).


Adam was the first Father, Son, and Holy Spirit relationship before taking his living soul down the path of choosing the knowledge of evil and sin. Adam brought separation, death, and disease to all mankind. The Father created Adam, First Son, from the dust of the earth and filled Adam with His Holy Spirit at the beginning of creation.

Jesus was the second Father, Son, Holy Spirit relationship as a quickening Spirit choosing the knowledge of good and the will of God be done. Jesus brought redemption and reconciliation to all those who chooses him freely. The Father created the body of Jesus, the Second Son, from within Mary’s womb, and filled Jesus with the Holy Spirit without measure, the fullness of His Godhead (Knowledge, Power, Presences).

The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are not three separate eternal beings, but the relationship between the Father creating His Son, and the identification of the Holy Spirit as one of His children much like DNA is for us as human being, but greater. A Father who created us came as a Son among us for the purpose to save us from sin with washing away our sins in water baptism in Jesus name and filling us once again with His Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38).


God the Father created the entire Bible for you and I. His number one love is the fellowship with you and I. He did not give up on Adam and Eve. The Father came inside Jesus to restore you and I so He can dwell inside with our spirit (best roommate a person could ever have), walk with us in this world, and be the Father He has always wanted to be to us proving we are His children (2 Cor. 6:16).

The absolute beauty is God the Father was inside the man Jesus Christ, the Son, for the purpose of taking us back to into His family not counting our sins against us and gave us the message of redemption and reconciliation through making Jesus who knew no sin to be sin in our place so that we might have a clean slate becoming the righteousness of God in Jesus.

Now, have faith in the Word of God and the Spirit of God because this is the last days and we are seeing the signs of the coming of the Lord. It is time to have faith in God’s word above mankind’s traditional teachings and follow the purity of God’s word. The apostles of Jesus only preached repentance, water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of sins and you receiving the gift of the Holy Spirit because this is a promise to all generations and to all those that are a far off even as many as the Lord our God will call to Himself (Acts 2:17,38, 39).

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