Live with a Free Conscience

As you become older and experience things whether it has been good for you or bad for you our minds log that memory, categorize it in the column of good, bad, fun, horrible, fantastic, and many other labels involving a high, medium, or low status in our conscience. The five senses of our bodies feed those experiences into our eternal spirit, which is the real driver of the body. The categories we put these experiences in is our conscience. Our conscience becomes a storehouse of a mix match of things. Our conscience is the doorway to our eternal spirit side … Continue reading Live with a Free Conscience


Welcome, I hope you enjoy reading about the thought that was given to me. Also, I hope I never come across to anyone as a “Know-It-All“. If I do know something that has become a fact to me, I always want you to explore it for yourself to the very end. Your personal strength is very important. I love for you to stand on solid ground within yourself. It is crucial that your mind, heart, and soul stands firmly inside the love of truth and God’s wonderful loving Spirit. We all have experience of putting too much faith and belief … Continue reading Know-It-All

Frequency You Should Know About

What is the first thing you think of when you hear or read the word “frequency“? Some have said the monitors that show the wavy lines going up and down whether it was an ECG, Sonar, or radar. The majority of people have told me a “radio” when they hear the word “frequency“. Have you ever thought about the word “frequency” beyond radios, aircraft radar, and other devices? Frequency is basically waves received off of vibrations. These waves of frequency being sent out come from all things in existence because of the power vibrating inside atoms. So, it is safe … Continue reading Frequency You Should Know About

God’s Filter

COFFEE FILTER A person who makes coffee will take the scoops of coffee grounds from one source and drop them into a filter in top of the coffee maker. Some people will grind the coffee beans into small grains then place them inside the coffee filter. There are also other coffee packages with built in filters. Most coffee makers have the process of using coffee grounds and the filter, but they also need water for the finished product. A filter is a barrier between objects separating the unwanted objects or impurities as it passes through the filter transforming the substance … Continue reading God’s Filter

Finding the Reason

This life can be a beautiful journey of “Finding the Reason” of life and life around you. Discovering reason or reasons is an important characteristic you must develop inwardly about the outwardly things you encounter. Your inward strength is crucial to your spiritual thinking and eternal health. Our bodies will not last forever, but what has been stored in our spirit will. This world has words and deeds that try to persuade your inward person to seeing what it wants you to see and not what is past the surface. “Finding the Reason” is consciously seeing truth behind surface things … Continue reading Finding the Reason