The people that knows me understands I love truth. I am not perfect, but I love truth. The world in which we live is very misleading in its outward appearances. When we were children we started out believing everyone we meet were angels, as a young adolescence our fellow peers released their pranks, deceptions, and experimenting ideas on us, and as young adults the exploration of kicks took us down some unforgettable paths. After a time we all come to some life time decisions. My decision was I want truth, I want to perceive, I want to understand, and I want someone who never changes. This is a very high level of expectancy and requires a patient soul to carefully step onto foundations that you have never walked on before. I completely believe there is more to this life than what we see on the surface. If psychologist and psychiatrist look past the surface of our outward appearances for reasons and cures then why not look at all things past the surface? It is an explorer’s heart to search for truth.



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