I Could Have Been

“I Could Have Been” are thoughts of the past comparing things in the present. A looking back at what you could be still doing today and the same thinking from your past locked in a rut. I heard a “rut” is like a grave with both ends knocked out. You could be locked into a circle, a routine, or a tradition and not realize it until something comes along to point it out. Time should bring us wisdom, changes for the better, and enlightenments of truth. THE JEEP – DEATH Late one night, I was riding home with some friends … Continue reading I Could Have Been

I Can’t See Without You

It is amazing when you are talking/praying with God and while you are speaking words to Him and listening for anything from Him some words come out of your mouth that your ears hear and you suddenly stop. This wonderful feeling comes over you while you repeat the words you just said knowing God has stamped a special meaning for you to understand. Your mind and heart start racing after those words of thought looking for the complete understanding God wants you to see. This is exactly what happened to me. The words came out of my mouth unto the … Continue reading I Can’t See Without You

Contract Against Death

All of us are born into this world with death inside of us. Our flesh has a count down clock in it. There is no age in which death cannot touch. We have seen from babies, teenagers, young adults, middle age, and the elderly fall to the touch of death. Some have entertained the thoughts of death at one time or another in their life. Death is upon all of us and the different methods death uses upon people is hardly ever a pretty sight. The saddest part people are under the belief there is no escape from death. I … Continue reading Contract Against Death

I Won’t Forgive You

“I Won’t Forgive You” has such a final atmosphere about it. It has that forever feeling to it. A closed door in your face hearing all the locks being pushed into place while standing there and it feels like rain. Almost, like you have died, been buried, and forgotten becoming no more and non-existent. A very sad and depressing place to have in your mind, heart, and soul. “I Won’t Forgive You” can be spoken words, looks from the eyes, or other body signals conveying the message as your eyes take permanent pictures in your mind of the pain you … Continue reading I Won’t Forgive You

I Love You More

Life is full of struggles and challenges. We all have different levels of encounters, environments, and relationships. We can all agree life has been like a roller coaster ride with the ups and downs. Life has had those moments of the slow clicking sound going higher and that brief moment at the top of gazing around with the sudden drop falling downward as things become a blur around you. We find ourselves rushing forward on a level plain then suddenly a twist in our path flips us upside down and around confusing as to what just happened. Do you remember … Continue reading I Love You More