Yes No God

THE YES GOD As I was driving and fellowshipping with the Lord this is where God began to show me that He is a “Yes No God“. He took my mind to the beginning to reveal the first “Yes and No”. I had in my thoughts at the same time where the Bible said not to swear by heaven, earth, or any other oath, but let your yes be yes and your no be no (Ja. 5:12). So, my mind was locked on God desires decisions to be yes or no, which also connected me to the lukewarm and in … Continue reading Yes No God

“I Did Not Know” – Short Poem

As a little boy hugging my mother’s neck I did not know how my little arms made my mother’s heart overflow and glow. As a little boy running from my dad laughing out loud I did not know he was drinking in a cherished memory of me I did bestow. Walking between my mother and my dad holding their hands I did not know what my life gave to them a love from watching their precious child grow. As a child I did not know, but as an adult I can see the seed a child will sow a love … Continue reading “I Did Not Know” – Short Poem

How Thankful Are You

“How Thankful Are You” is a question of how deep inside yourself does the thankfulness come from? Subconsciously, we all have several levels inside ourselves. Today, the play on words draw out those levels with the actions of a person. It is a hearing of their words, but seeing their actions are very different. A “you will know them by their fruits” Luke 7:20 is very true to this day. Jesus said, “Not everyone who says to Me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but he who does the will of My Father who is in heaven will enter.” … Continue reading How Thankful Are You

With Him

We all want someone to love us for ourselves accepting and believing in us. Living this life we have many people outside our bodies that have no clue what is going on inside our minds and behind our eyes. Our face may show one thing, but our spirit is completely different. No human living human being can be inside with our spirit seeing us as we truly are. No matter how much our body feels companionship our spirit has no one inside with it when we are born into this world. Our thoughts are alone. Our feelings are somewhat comprehended, … Continue reading With Him

I’m Sorry Lord

I should have done more for you. You were my friend when no one else cared about me. You heard me when no one else would listen. You reached out to me when I was all alone. You stayed with me when everyone else left. You deserve more from me. All I wanted to do was to spend the life you had given for you to reach others through me. I’m sorry Lord. Why did you love someone like me so long ago and how can you love me now when I have fallen so short? What have I really … Continue reading I’m Sorry Lord