I’m Sorry Lord

I should have done more for you. You were my friend when no one else cared about me. You heard me when no one else would listen. You reached out to me when I was all alone. You stayed with me when everyone else left. You deserve more from me. All I wanted to do was to spend the life you had given for you to reach others through me. I’m sorry Lord. Why did you love someone like me so long ago and how can you love me now when I have fallen so short? What have I really … Continue reading I’m Sorry Lord

What Are You Building?

Building is something every born human being does in this world. None of us can stop ourselves from building everyday. We only stop building when we cease to exist in this life. When God spoke this into my thoughts while listening to His word. I asked myself a past, present, and future questions. “What have I built?” What can you think of you’ve built? “What buildings are in my past?” What past event stands tall in your mind? “Are they still standing or have they fallen?” Do people remember or not, God does. “What am I building?” What are you … Continue reading What Are You Building?

Where Are You?

When evil intentions grow among the population something tragic comes along to purge it. The purge can happen on a small scale to an unbelievable cosmic size. In heaven we read Satan and his followers had accepted evil intentions towards God and the purging came upon them like lightning striking them down. There is nothing slow about lightning and it strikes quickly before we can move. For Christians the evil intentions of the Tower of Babel in the history of the Bible were not killed, but confounded by speaking different tongues. They dispersed because they could not understand each other. … Continue reading Where Are You?

Jesus Is Your Everything

Some may read “Jesus Is Your Everything” with a question mark. Some may have a wish that Jesus was their everything because they know they do not put Him first. Others may flat out say, Jesus is not my everything. We are about to find out together that “Jesus Is Your Everything” whether you are a born again Christian, atheist, pretender, don’t care, hypocrite, or anything else “Jesus Is Your Everything“. Let’s start off with when it comes to God there is nothing we can do about Him being All Present, All Knowing, and All Powerful. No more could one … Continue reading Jesus Is Your Everything

I Don’t Live Alone Anymore

I wake up everyday feeling all alone. I pass by my family doing a daily routine and I feel alone. I see them and they see me, but it has an emptiness about it as though it is only a sight of a moving body and not the sight of who I am inside. My body seems to a means to an end and my spirit is the invisible slave to simply follow what needs to be done. LIFE I DID LIVE As a child playing with the neighborhood kids it was though they were all on the outside laughing … Continue reading I Don’t Live Alone Anymore