God and Jesus

GOD Believing in God is acceptable no outrageous pressure. God has become a broad subject and it is alright to believe in God. You can name God whatever you want because it is acceptable. You can believe God is many gods, two gods, three gods, or just one God. Believing in a no name God defined as an unknown force (may the force be with you?) would be also acceptable. Society has become a majority of tolerance when it comes to God. You can say, “God” and the person could be thinking anything of who their God is to them … Continue reading God and Jesus

Out of Your Control

The weather is the first thing that comes to my mind that is in the “Out of Your Control” category. The next thought is the words that come out of people’s mouth, which reminds me of reading in the Bible the book of James 3:8 about no one can tame the tongue; it is a restless evil and full of deadly poison. People’s actions would also be in the “Out of Your Control” category. I am sure you could list many more things and I would encourage you to do so. Accepting and admitting there are some things “Out of … Continue reading Out of Your Control

Weather You or People

The weather for you or most people is the starting point of a conversation when you are not sure what to say. The weather is a go-to when your mind draws a blank when trying to think of something else to talk about. Talking about the weather is a safety net when the conversation seems to be ending and you want to talk longer. Have you found yourself on the receiving end, the giving end, or both when it comes to talking about the weather? Now, what do you personally think of when you hear the word “weather“? Does your … Continue reading Weather You or People

I’m Sorry God

“I’m Sorry God” started within my mind and heart towards God. When my eyes were opened with understandings of the damage I had done to others and myself the “I’m Sorry God” came tothe surface of my lips sounding out to heaven above “I’m Sorry God“. The list of things start scrolling up before my eyes with the attachment of memories playing the key moments of thumbnail videos of the things I said and the things I had done the “I’m Sorry God” begins to pound louder and louder with each drum beat of my heart – “I’mSorry God“. “I’m … Continue reading I’m Sorry God

The Plan for You

To build something you must have an idea, a thought, and a plan before you make it to come into existence. You want something, but it does not physically exist. Your idea, thought, and plan comes from within who you are and what you want. A plan from within you. I have always thought God had an idea, a thought, and a plan for all His creations, which I still believe is true. He said, “Let there be light” and the sun was created from God’s complex idea, thought, and a plan of a purpose that scientist are still trying … Continue reading The Plan for You