Life of A Bubble

In a whirlpool at a fitness center I was observing the jets churning the warm soothing water creating bubbles as they swirled.  I found myself picking out a bubble and watching it until it disappeared.  As I was enjoying the warm relaxing whirlpool the thought came to me about the life of a bubble.  It given air inside its liquid bubble. It floats along for a space of time swirling here and there.   Then the air inside is released and the liquid outer shell returns to whence it came. I saw a bubble floating along and another bubble joined it.  They floated together with tiny little bubbles gathered around them. I saw one bubble that was joined go first and then the other soon followed there after.  It became so clear to me that we are like these bubbles.  We are born. We move around here and there.  Then the air or spirit if you will leaves our outer shell, which returns to the dust of the earth from whence it came.  Again, we are born, grow older, and marry ourselves to another.  One of us goes first with the mate following soon after.  It is sad to think about, but the reality of it brings the sobering thought of living life the best you can for the unexpected end is some where waiting on us. Let all the goodness you can give pass on and around to all those who are in the dark about how short life really is and the mystery of “life of a bubble”.  Enjoy what you can moment by moment and convert as much lemon situations into lemonade.  Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way.

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