All Kinds of Fish

A man had a dream or a vision of a crystal clear water and as he gaze down into the water he began to notice not just one kind of fish swimming around, but many other kinds of fishes were gathered together in that one place of the crystal clear water. It was a beauty of anointed harmony to behold of the oneness with so many diverse fishes in one place. The man felt the anointed interpretation of what he was seeing was people from all walks of life gathering together in one place to worship the Lord freely without … Continue reading All Kinds of Fish

Thank You

I want to take time to say a special “Thank You” to all of you from my heart for subscribing to my humble posts. I have no motive to hurt anyone, unless that hurt awakens you (Prov. 27:6) to something you did not know was there inside of you giving you a second chance to free yourself. If I can play a small part in your life in bringing you forgiveness, happiness, freedom, understandings, and truth I feel I would have led a fulfilled life. God gives me things and I want to give them to you by His permission. … Continue reading Thank You

Before Marriage

Marriage is when a person wants to spend their life with another person as a one family unit side by side in this world. When two people want to buy matching shirts, pants, shorts, socks, shoes, hats…etc they are sending a visual message to everyone else that looks upon them that they are together as one. Rings on certain fingers is a visual message that they are married to one another.   Marriage is a signed legal form or a formal recognition of a union of two people as partners in a joining relationship as one flesh. People get married … Continue reading Before Marriage

I Want To Die

Hi! I am glad you stopped by to read “I Want To Die“.  This is something that has crossed everyone’s mind sometime in their life. You are not alone. For some the thought of death was a flash and for others it became a returning subject to think about. To die has a closure and an ending sound to it and to live has an ongoing never-ending sound to it. One of them implies freedom and the other implies torture. I am glad you are here, now reading this because I don’t want you to be deceived anymore. I was … Continue reading I Want To Die

Where Can I Go

“Where Can I Go” has so many different sides to it. You can be suffering physical pain with a despairing cry inside of “Where Can I Go?” You can be going through a relationship breakup with tears inside all the while you have this sinking feeling of “Where Can I Go?” You can be faced with all the voices and the words they piled upon you pushing you to be something that you just need time to sort things out with the pressure of “Where Can I Go?” A dead-end is a place where there are no other options that could cause … Continue reading Where Can I Go