“I Did Not Know” – Short Poem

As a little boy hugging my mother’s neck I did not know

how my little arms made my mother’s heart overflow and glow.

As a little boy running from my dad laughing out loud I did not know

he was drinking in a cherished memory of me I did bestow.

Walking between my mother and my dad holding their hands I did not know

what my life gave to them a love from watching their precious child grow.

As a child I did not know, but as an adult I can see the seed a child will sow

a love that passes all understanding with love all aglow.

Coming to this understanding changes your life’s flow

redirecting your thoughts that outside your child’s life everything else is just a show.

Learn from life every day overcoming the “I Did Not know”

because time does not wait and the unexpected can be quite a blow

taking away those who are precious not giving you a second chance before they go.

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