Yes No God


As I was driving and fellowshipping with the Lord this is where God began to show me that He is a “Yes No God“. He took my mind to the beginning to reveal the first “Yes and No”. I had in my thoughts at the same time where the Bible said not to swear by heaven, earth, or any other oath, but let your yes be yes and your no be no (Ja. 5:12). So, my mind was locked on God desires decisions to be yes or no, which also connected me to the lukewarm and in between decisions God hates (Rev. 3:16).

Now to the beginning where God pointed out He is the God of “Yes” and “No”. God said, “…Let there be light…” and there was light with the sun appearing first in the space heaven. “And God saw the light, that it was good…” This is where God revealed what He says, “Yes” to. When He called the light good He was revealing this is what I approve of and say “Yes” to.

At this point in creation there was only darkness, nothing formed, and it was empty like a void of nothingness. When God created the light and saw it was good He divided/separated the light from the darkness. He was saying, “No” to the darkness being mixed with the light. This is where I began to look closer to the other things He created after the light with His words of “…it was good…” (Gen. 1:4). God approved with a “Yes” to light through it was good to Him.

God finished with the space heaven filling it with stars, planets (including planet earth), and their functions. The earth was solid water and God took that water dividing/separating the water into a thinner atmosphere creating the air heaven. God divided/separated the solid substance of water from the mud, which dried into dirt forming dry ground. God called the dry land “Earth” and He called the gathered waters “Seas“. This is the second time you find God saw “…it was good…” (Gen. 1:10). God approved with a “Yes” to water, air, and land.

God wanted the dry ground to work together with the water and air bringing forth grass, herbs, and different kinds of fruits after it’s unique kind. Up from the ground came the grass, herbs, and fruit trees blooming and budding forth and God saw that “…it was good…” (Gen. 1:12). God approved with a “Yes” to grass, herbs, and fruit trees.

God organized the functions of the sun, moon, and stars towards the caretaking of the earth dividing/separating their duties by day and by night. And God saw that “it was good” (Gen. 1:21). God approved with a “yes” of what the sun, moon, and stars were to do. God is good and that is His choice of “Yes”.

God wanted life in all three places starting with water and into the air. God called forth from the solid substance of waters fish of all kinds and different sizes large and small. He called from the solid water creatures to separate from swimming in water to flying in thin breathable watery air. God saw that “it was good” (Gen. 1:21). God approved with a “Yes” to the fish in the water and the birds in the air.

God called from the dry land that He called “Earth” for all kinds of creatures to live on the land and God saw the “it was good” (Gen. 1:25) God approved with a “Yes” to the animals of the earth. It became clear that what God saw as good was His way of approval with a “yes”. At this point we have six “…it was good…” approvals of “Yes” from God, but He was not finished.

God wanted a creation that looked like Him, talked like Him, and walked like Him as like a child born from a father. God took the dry ground (Earth) and water forming a solid body of clay holding it together, breathing His Spirit spark of life with the dependency of the element of air to breathe on the earth. The Spirit spark of life from God breathed into Adam had a portion of God’s intelligence, power, and presence as a direct child from Him. As God’s child Adam was given full authority over all the earth like God has full authority over all things. Almost like the saying of “like father like son“.

The last and final stage of God witnessing creation with six “…it was good…” God looks at everything in it’s totality for a seventh time and says, “…it was very good…” (Gen. 1:31). “It was good” was God being a “Yes” God to what He approved to exist. God said “Yes” to light separated from the “No” mixing with darkness. He said “Yes” the separation of liquid water, thin breathable air water, and dry land. He said “Yes” to grass, herbs, and fruits from the dry land. He said “Yes” to creature living in the water, in the air, and on the earth along with two children made in His image. All of it was under His approval of being good with a “Yes” this is what I want.


God creating all the things we physically see has the “Yes” and “No” approvals on them along with the things we do not see. The “No” to the invisible things is for a different study because of the depth and time to look at the “No no” Satan and his followers attempted against God (Is. 14:12-15).

In Genesis chapter two is where God reveals what He deems as a “Yes” and as a “No” choice on His part. It is funny in the ironic sense how we as humans do not see God as a God of choice within Himself. He created all of the universe with our solar system focused on giving earth and its inhabitants a home made out of a choice of Him saying “Yes” in goodness and “No” to darkness and evil.

In chapter two of Genesis shows us how God put all the earth including fish, animals, and mankind into motion of growing, and multiplying. All the earth was a “Yes” in the good approval of God, but with a God of choice there was one “No” choice of God on the earth. Remember there were 99 “Yes’s” and only 1 “No”. There was a tree in the garden that imprisoned in it the mixture of the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil.

When God brought me to this point of looking at this tree. I saw how the knowledge of good was God’s “Yes” choice and the knowledge of evil was God’s “No” choice. The focal point is God’s choice of “Yes” and “No”. His children were still free to make up their minds, but God as a loving Father warned them of the saying, “Yes” to eating of this tree will bring forth death. As we see the horrors of sins running wild over the earth.

God chose the knowledge of good as a “Yes”, but it was up to His children as to what they wanted. God had all knowledge as to what evil would bring creation. All things God created were NEVER meant to have evil in them. They were only to be on the “Yes” side of good, but there was a choice. Only God can handle with His power to separate, contain, and control the knowledge of evil, which makes Him totally God. We cannot nor anyone else can perfectly say “No” to evil mixed inside our lives. It will and did overtake all who took inside themselves the knowledge of evil.


Adam and Eve ate of the “No” tree with the mixture of the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil corrupting themselves and the earth along with them totally in sin, various types of evil deaths, and eternal punishment for the souls of mankind with the devil and his demons in an eternal hell. The earth now was on the “No” side choice of God. Here is the “but” statement, but God inserted inside the birthing channels of the generations of mankind a “Yes” seed to be born fully with the purity of the knowledge of good. A son to be born always saying “No” to the knowledge of evil and “Yes” to the knowledge of good agreeing with God’s choice and will in a oneness God desired from the beginning with Adam and all of us.

I cannot say it enough, God did not want anyone to have the knowledge of evil in their lives. Evil was to remain separated, contained, and controlled by Him only. Choices can be the downfall or the uplifting of us all including angels. After sin took over the earth by Adam and Eve’s choice of “Yes” to sin God started guiding us with a list of “Yes” and “No” things in a book called the Bible.

The ten commandments were the “No” list of things not to do combating the knowledge of evil’s dominance and putting in place the practice of the “Yes” things to do to please God our Father. I said the word “practice” because we do not have the power within ourselves to be perfect. Mankind will always be fallible. It takes God to bring perfection into our lives with us having a willingness of choosing “Yes” to practice the knowledge of good and “No” to the knowledge of evil matching a oneness with God our Father.

Basically, the ten commandments in the Old Testament were these (Side Note: many of our foundational laws were built on these) 1. No other god before God 2. Create no idols 3. Not to take the Lord’s name in vain 4. Keep Sabbath holy 5. Honor father and mother 6. Not to murder 7. Not to commit adultery 8. Not to steal 9. Not to bear false witness 10. Not to covet. You can see clearly after reading these He is a “Yes No God” and we are living in a day people are vehemently choosing to do the opposite of these God given guided words of life.

Before Adam and Eve disobeyed God’s choice warning of the of saying “Yes” to the knowledge of evil consequences they were purely on the good side of what God wanted for His children, but afterwards of sinning they were and us mixed with the knowledge of evil, the “No” side choice of God. Mankind became the “No” people. Jesus came as the “Yes” door for the people through God.


God created for Himself a vessel made of clay inside the womb of Mary. God took the same elements of water, air, and earth forming a body pure for His “Yes” Spirit to the knowledge of good inside Mary. Jesus carried inside his fleshly body God’s power to separate, contain, and control the “No” to sin and the power of “Yes” to life and life more abundantly. If you read closely to the life of Jesus he was constantly saying “Yes” to God’s good will and “No” to the lies of the devil and to this world.

Jesus the man side in the garden before his crucifixion was praying to the God side of “…not as I will, but as thou wilt…” (Mtt. 26:39). God took all of the “No” (sins) in all the world and placed it on the body of Jesus as he was dying on the cross, paying the debt, and covering it with his pure blood for us, buried all sin debts in the grave, and conquering it with the “Yes” blood of victory in Jesus resurrecting from the grave with the power of God’s choice of “Yes” to living a life in the knowledge of good with the combating power of God’s “No” to sin.

Now the power of choice is back in our hands through Jesus Christ to say “Yes” or “No” to God’s offer once again to a life of oneness with Him. God gave to Peter the “Yes” and “No” option of what mankind can do about eternal life. After Jesus ascended to heaven leaving the “Yes “plan of salvation with the apostles the people asked Peter, “…what shall we do“? They wanted to be saved. What must we do to be saved?

Acts 2:38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.Acts 1:8But ye shall receive power, after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you: and ye shall be witnesses unto me…unto the uttermost part of the earth.

Acts 239 For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.

This “Yes” plan of salvation has NEVER stopped or changed only mankind has changed. Some religions say “No” to this scripture under the deceptive “No” guise of man’s tradition. It is the word from God to Eve of “No” eat of this tree or death will come if you do. What about God saying “Yes” is the way to be baptized in Jesus name applying the power of his shed blood over sins, forgiving, and the receiving power of the Holy Ghost to live a life drawing the guidance of the “Yes” way of the knowledge of good?

We have a “Yes No God” and we can be on His choice of “Yes” or we can be on His choice side of “No”. I choose the “Yes” to God and the “No” to the devil and the knowledge of evil dominating my life.

I say Yes Lord to Your will and to Your Way. May God richly bless you with salvation and a lifetime of His fellowship.

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