Exploring God’s Canvas

     Riding along seeing the green colored trees, the  birds flying, the enormous mountains, how tiny I  was among them; smelling the different aromas of  nature as I passed by, hearing the streams flowing  over and around the rocks giving a tranquil sound,  birds singing, feeling the warm sunshine like waves  of love, the wind blowing off the troubles of the day,  tasting the fresh air of no more stress.  A light came  on in my mind as I was riding in the mountains. My  thoughts began to compare some of the breathe  taking paintings it had recorded over time in its data  banks from the two eye cameras naturally mounted in the front of my face. The pictures from educational books, visited museums, websites, trip brochures, friends and family vacations pictures that I would love to step into and experience myself only to have the cold truth of reality to say they were flat surface paintings I could not enter. At that moment my mind snapped my senses to the things around me as I was riding by with the clear realization I was riding in a living canvas, thus the understanding I was exploring in God’s Living Canvas of life. Traveling everyday has taken on a whole new meaning. I may not have the money to go to all the places in the pictures and paintings, but I do have the freedom to ride around where I live and explore the ever-changing beauty of God’s living canvas. I will share in the future blogs some of the adventures of traveling inside the only painting we are allowed to explore. Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way.

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