Two Gardens

STAGE 1 On a canvas I see two gardens drawn side by side. The garden on one side has several full and healthy looking trees with one tree standing out from the rest in a different unique way. This garden has a visitor passing through the trees with the sound of walking. The visitor brings, a faithfulness of fellowship, a breeze of peace, a flowing gentleness, a light of joy, a kind patience, and a warmth of love. You can feel the liberty and the freedom in this garden. The garden on the other side next to this one on … Continue reading Two Gardens

One Door To All Things

Let me prepare you this is going to be really deep stuff and it will be very hard to understand unless God helps (I Corinthians 2:14, 10) because it is the only way I have come to share this with you. He has allowed such knowledge to come into my life of Himself that has absolutely changed my outlook on life and in the same breath I feel completely unworthy, but it is His grace. I encourage you to read slowly and with an open spirit to His Spirit. God being God and possessing the title as God would have … Continue reading One Door To All Things


“FOLLOW PEACE WITH ALL MEN AND HOLINESS…”           “Follow peace…, and holiness…”; Peace should be our leader giving us directions of attempts to follow and holiness should be our devotion to doing the right thing from within our mind, heart, and soul.  “..With all men…” is aimed towards all of mankind, meaning male and female species.  Do you consider yourself a part of the mankind race?  If your answer was “Yes” then I believe you are to follow peace with yourself first and then to others second. If Peace and Holiness (devotion) is locked down in your heart, mind, and … Continue reading STRONGER YOU FROM WITHIN


I count myself fortunate to have been raised in a mountainous area. As a young teenager of 16 with a license to drive gave me the first opportunity to venture out. It did not take very long for the realization of how tiny we are in comparison to the vast mountains and open plains. The news media would tell us about hikers getting lost for days with a search party desperately looking for them before too much time got away. A great respect for the wilderness was instilled in me early in life. It is amazing when you drive your mechanical car and … Continue reading Perspective