Inside Weather

It is interesting to start off your day with the routine you do every morning from the bathroom to the kitchen and if you are lucky to the living room for a few moments of doing what you want to do and realizing your day will be like the Meteorologists’ prediction of the weather – nothing is a guarantee or set in stone. You arrive at work and it may be a sunny start and within a few moments the clouds roll in with a little darkness only to have the sun to peek through the clouds to tease you with a “It’ll pass over” feeling. The rain begins to fall and the dreary feelings set in again only to change in a break of blue skies showing themselves through. These are things we experience every day either at our employments or in the everyday life. People try to create the mood weather outside of us everyday, which makes it an unpredictable forecast. You just don’t know what is waiting around the corner for you. I realize there is one place we can control the weather. We can have sunshiny days, cool sun setting winds, or even a little refreshing rain. Inside our mind, heart and soul is the place where you can decide what the weather will be like. Though the outside is filled with bad weather, bad attitudes, or blowing tempers. You and I have the power to decide what kind of weather flows through our fleshly domes. We block the rain with umbrellas, shade our eyes with sunglasses, cover our bodies with coats, and dress ourselves daily according to the weather told to us for the day. There are things we can do for our inside person to block stress, shield our thoughts, filter the data we hear, and prepare ourselves for the daily encounters we are sure to meet. I am glad to know we all can make a decision on what kind of weather we want on the inside of ourselves. Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way.

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