Following Something Invisible

  The earth is full of people walking around.  You and I are among them doing our daily routine. There all kinds of diversities in each person’s life.  Have you slowed down enough to observe the people around you?  You see their face, hair and clothes.  You see their facial and body language in action while they are talking with you or others.  Every person invokes a certain emotional impression or demeanor.  For an example:  You can probably see someone right now in your mind that person that invokes strife where ever they go, someone who spreads kindness to each … Continue reading Following Something Invisible

Determined Love

I was blessed to have the parent’s I was born too. My dad passed away in 2009 and my mom is still living today. For years I have watched the changes in my parents. Both were very strong, hard-working people, but as time passes by they are not as well-balanced as they walked. Our mail box is just a few inches from a highway and on the South West side there is a blind hill that every one flies over. My Mom at first had the mailbox she could go into the ditch to the back of it and safely … Continue reading Determined Love