Increase Your Personal Value

Society has increased with it’s demand on people to produce profitable results with as much speed and quality. The pressure on individuals to meet the requirements can be overwhelming and depressing. Good news is you can increase your personal value that will effect where ever you go and whatever you do in life. First Step is to slow down and observe the overlooked or unattended needs. There are things that need to be done, but for some reason they are left with half-way done or nothing done at all. It can be a step skipped, something no one has thought … Continue reading Increase Your Personal Value

Seeing Blindness

Our childhood up to the present whether you are in the adolescence or adulthood point of time I want to share an insight of “Seeing Blindness“. Seeing blindness are the opposites as love and hate are opposites. “Seeing Blindness” may give you the leading thoughts of, we who have physical sight, seeing those around us who are physically blind. This is about blindness within a seeing person. Let us take the first steps of this journey together by looking back into our early days of growing up. I have many memories as a child of wanting things that others had that I did … Continue reading Seeing Blindness

Tap or Double Click People

Conversations and interactions from walking the halls of work, at the food store, at family gatherings, and strangers in general in public I have found a pattern developing in people.  This pattern I discovered caused me to look into the past at the different types of communications that technologically has changed over the years revealing it’s effects on us. My father told me a story of when he was a young man visiting the local store. He watched and listen to two men playing checkers on the front porch of the store, which you have guessed was back in a … Continue reading Tap or Double Click People

Locked and Loaded

     “Locked and Loaded” has many different meanings to different people.  Some of you will think I am getting ready to talk about locking your magazine into your gun and loading the ammunition into the chamber.  You may think I am going to talk about getting ready or being ready for action.  Both thoughts are right, but one thing you have to consider about my writings they will most likely have a “Past the Surface” twist – a good twist. “Locked” is having something secured into place.  It is not going anywhere else to easily.  It is for this moment in time … Continue reading Locked and Loaded

Determined Love

I was blessed to have the parent’s I was born too. My dad passed away in 2009 and my mom is still living today. For years I have watched the changes in my parents. Both were very strong, hard-working people, but as time passes by they are not as well-balanced as they walked. Our mail box is just a few inches from a highway and on the South West side there is a blind hill that every one flies over. My Mom at first had the mailbox she could go into the ditch to the back of it and safely … Continue reading Determined Love