Following Something Invisible

  The earth is full of people walking around.  You and I are among them doing our daily routine. There all kinds of diversities in each person’s life.  Have you slowed down enough to observe the people around you?  You see their face, hair and clothes.  You see their facial and body language in action while they are talking with you or others.  Every person invokes a certain emotional impression or demeanor.  For an example:  You can probably see someone right now in your mind that person that invokes strife where ever they go, someone who spreads kindness to each person they meet, someone who lives for gossip, someone who is non sociable, someone who instigates until a fire is started.  I know there are other types of people you are around and I encourage you to see their dominating personifications.  Pick one of them now and keep them in your mind through the rest of this blog.

Now, lock onto their dominating characteristic.  You should begin to see that they are following something invisible to the natural eye.  They are walking around the office or in the field following that dominating desire to spread that which they follow through this life to others either in a knowingly fashion or possibly in a blindness to their condition.  I will let you determine the conclusion of their intentions.  The following paragraphs will be personal observations through out my lifetime.

The first thing I want to establish is my personal demeanor in a nutshell.  I love to get along, get things done in a normal rate, and at the end of the day feel like I have accomplished something. Now, I will begin.  I started working with an individual that came across with a porcupine personality.  I at first wrote it off as having fun with the newbie.  As time went on and I observed this individual’s interactions with others the “porcupine personality” along with a ” roller coaster ride” addition.  It became clear to me this is how this individual chooses to live each day.  I tried to bring relief to the turmoil this person lived with for two years because of the stress they brought to all those around them.  Keep in mind the porcupine and the roller coaster ride as I go along because you will see we work side by side people every day in sometimes close quarters to get things done and we don’t realize they are following something invisible that affects and possibly infects all those around.  This individual claims to have God in their life leading them every day, which I said that to say this my understanding of God is He tries to get people to follow after good things.  I know it is not God’s fault if this person chooses to be a certain way according to the law of free will.  This individual I am talking about does not realize they are following something else besides God first – their dominating emotional characteristics.  I know you are seeing someone in your life that is similar to what I am speaking about.  They are locked into doing their thing irregardless of the effects on others around them. I say how sad to be so blind and seeing only oneself.  The last conclusion status of this individual is they are continuing their porcupine, roller coaster ride with an added conspiracy theory of those around them has not changed and continues to follow those invisible things.

How to protect yourself from these invisible things is another blog.  I encourage you to start looking at yourself and examine the things you follow daily that are invisible to the natural eye.

Have a great day in-spite of what comes your way.

Following Invisible Things

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