Problem or Solution

I walk, talk, respond, and react to things on a daily basis. I try to observe and gleam a better way of living for myself and those around me. I am completely persuaded on trying to do things easier and better. I am not afraid of change. I have accepted that I am replaceable and there are others out there better than me. I believe this is the first steps of becoming more at peace with who you are. I have observed in my own life and in others where I have been the origin of problems. I have said and done things that started a fire of trouble for others. I have observed in my own life and others of not being the origin, but being a contributor to the problems.  I have been on the giving end and I have been on the receiving end. What I have concluded is the problems of life can happen on their own or there are plenty of others around us who do not get it and continue to supply us with problems.

Looking at people through out my life who continue to supply the world around them with problems made me look at myself and ask questions. “Am I the origin or a contributor to problems where ever I go?”, “Do I want to be a problem causer?“, “Is my personality built on mayhem?” As I began to dig past the surface a light began to shine upon things around me and you. Positive and negative is co-existing in all things in this world. You and I will consciously or subconsciously choose one of these paths for our reactions.  What we don’t see with our natural eyes is the effects it has underneath the surface of others.  It is very much like viruses.  They are only discovered when the surface start showing forth signs that something is different.  It is the same with our paths of positive or negative actions.  We infect and affect others with our personality.  I have seen and experienced many kinds of sicknesses, which brings me to the conclusion of “I hate being sick” and I try to take preventative steps from being sick.  This is where the mystery enters into the room of why do some people choose to be negative, viruses, and a part of the problem?  When the problems and the negatives come to us in life our chosen paths should not be a contributor to the situation, but a focus on how can this be fixed, made better, and solved.  There are far to many people in this world that add to naturally occurring problems.  The natural problems find us every day.  We should be a people who are geared towards making a bad situation better.  As the days old saying would tell, “When you are given lemons in life make lemonade“.  You know of someone in your family, work, church, school, and even strangers that show a demeanor of negativity.  Do they make your life happier, easier, or an improvement of daily living?  How would you feel if they constantly sought after improving what they could?  Opposition will always be in this world naturally.  What should not be is we the people who are higher beings than other creations adding to problems, but working towards solutions.  Life is too short to go through it bitter and upset all the time.

Now, I ask you are you a part of the problems or solutions every day that you wake up.  Which way do the scales tip in favor of problems or solutions.  You can change.  You can make a difference. One step at a time. One effort at a time.  A spoon may not be a sizable tool to digging away the mountain, but if we all join in with our spoons against the mountain.  It will be reduced to a mole hill.  You can do it and I can do it.  I want to live life as walking solution and not a dreaded walking problem.  Take your imaginary mirror and look into yourself to see what kind of person you are and then see yourself from other people’s eyes.  Happy journey on the new you, maybe we will see each other on the other side of solutions.  Have a great day in-spite what comes your way.

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