Believe or Not to Believe

Believe Everyone & Everything +100%

We all as babies are born trusting those around us.  We all were born gullible to those older than us.  We all had a mind that was naive to the bad things in life.  The years of being a little child are the years of innocents and no knowledge.  A baby to a little child is a beautiful and pure blank canvas upon which others paint on.  Let us look upon the canvas of our lives.

Trust Factor Reduced -10% to 50%

          Most people have memories of the times when they were little children they trusted a family member, a neighbor, or a friend only to find out they were tricking you for something they selfishly wanted for themselves.  This is a memory that repeated itself over time with different faces and places.  Granted I understand some of you had much different levels of experiences growing up, but you should still be able to find some things you can relate.

Flowing Stream of Water +20 to 40%

          If you have ever observed a stream of water flowing over and around rocks you have seen an “Eddy”.  “Eddy” is a place in the stream where the water is flowing around the rock, but on the other side of the rock the water is calm.  You may have seen a leaf, stick, or even insects relaxing in this “Eddy”.  This is like the times we all have relaxed in the turbulence of life and thought we would try believing in others.  For a season we all have enjoyed people while relaxing in the “Eddy” in our stream of life only to find another encounter a sudden overflow of water pushing us out into the churning water once more of “Believe or Not to Believe”.

Time – Friend or Foe -60 to 95%

          In the latter stages of life the struggles we experience may start a development of why believe at all.  A weariness starts pushing the thoughts of “Believe or Not to Believe”.  Cynicalness starts taking over your mental system because of the pounding of experiences of selfish, callously calculating, negative people in our lives.  Then a revisit occurs of “why do we believe people are any different” now.

Believe or Not to Believe

          The walls you have built become so high that you start to accept there is almost no one in the world that is worth giving them anything over 1%, if that of belief.  You want to believe, but you know in the end you have come to know it is only a matter of time believing comes back to bite you.  It is really sad to conclude we are alone and we can only remain true to doing the right thing from within ourselves, hoping others will do the same.  What stages in life are you high on the believing in others or low in not believing in others?  “The Roller Coaster of Life”.  Have a great day in-spite what comes your way.

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