How Could God Let This Happen

I have in my life time heard the words “how could God let this happen?”, “if God really existed why would He not stop this?”, “if God is perfect then how did He create imperfect creatures such as mankind and the fallen angels?” and many other similar statements.  I have had my times of questions about my personal life and my loved ones around me.  I started the journey to try to understand an answer to these questions. I went back to the earliest time I could find about God and mankind.  In reading the beginning chapters of Genesis I … Continue reading How Could God Let This Happen

Cards of Life (The Beginning)

We live every day dealing with the “hand that has been dealt” to us. Any time throughout our day it can be normal, good, or bad. I have heard others say the words “We have to work with the hand that has been dealt us” liken unto a card game of life. Games are built for someone to win in the end. Winning can be defined by how you react to the cards of life handed to you. As I began to think about the cards of life, I realized when we are born with certain cards automatically. When we … Continue reading Cards of Life (The Beginning)