Seeing Yourself

Going back in time as far as you can remember you can see how you developed as a child. Your first interaction with adults and other kids. Family would gather together at grandparent’s homes or other family member’s places and you experienced their different mannerisms. As a child you saw people doing and saying all kinds of things with a variety of intentions behind them. At that moment sometimes we understood what was going on and sometimes we were totally confused by their words or actions. As children there were a great deal of times, even into young adulthood, and possibly into adulthood we were unaware of what was lurking inside of those around us. We all have the outside and the inside nature to contend with on a daily basis.

As a child with no knowledge we would do things that were asked of us and then find out it was to embarrass us and to bring laughter to those watching. There were times something would be broken and the adults would immediately think it was you that broke it, but you had no knowledge at all what happened to it. Someone would offer something they knew would be a treat in your eyes to get you to do certain things. You would endure things to keep your friendships with others. To gain friends you would do and say things you thought would get them to make you a part of their group. You would dress and fix your appearance to gain acceptance from them. You would try to listen or watch the latest music, TV shows, or sports that came out to speak their language. Those around you wanted you to do things, wanted what you had, or simply be a means to an end for them then throw you away. There are tons of other memories that flood our minds relating to all the things that happened to us and our environment over the course of our lifetime.

Do you recall the time when the light bulb of understanding came to you that what you thought inside yourself was hidden from all others and that there was no one who could see into your mind? I count myself very blessed to have been gifted to see the difference inside and the outside of me. I came to know that not only do I have a dual composite, but all of mankind has this dual composite as well. I have a physical and fleshly nature that has its own system to responding to life in general. I have a spiritual and inward intellectual that can have its own system to responding to life in general. The reason I said, “can have its own system” is because our inward component is bombarded with childhood influences and daily influences forcing or dictating reactions taking away our independence.

Our physical and fleshly part is revealed in many different ways. Our flesh has cravings, addictions, and survival instincts modes that it rotates through everyday quicker than a blink of an eye. What is it that you absolutely love to eat? Something that you just can’t eat one, but another and another? This is the physical reaction to what you are eating. You may have answered me donuts and another person might react I hate donuts, but I love chocolate creme pie. This is your physical and fleshly desired foods that differ with each person. What is something you absolutely love to do? This takes us into an area of adrenaline or endorphin. Some people are addicted to the adrenaline rush of excitement, fear, or anger and will do what it takes to invoke this physical rush. It could be jumping out of planes, fast driving, dangerous environment, or the different kinds of sports. Endorphin is something that is released inside the physical body giving different effects from different resources. They can come from different types of drugs or physical activities such as sexual actions and other physical climatic interpreted victories. Doctors can explain in great detail about the survival system the flesh has built into it, but I want to focus on the reactionary part of our fleshly part. Again, you can easily call upon memories of times someone hit you and see the physical reaction you responded with whether it was in a protection mode or return the favor mode. Our body has a reflex system to whatever happens to us.  In this time of technology you can research almost an endless number of things that our physical bodies craves, is addicted to, and reflexive responses. Our physical body can dictate and influence our inward spiritual element.

Our inward spirit component is the reasoning center, thinking processor, or the judgment seat. Our spiritual part has been formed based on the childhood and young adult years we have experienced. The spiritual part in most people is dictated to by their physical part. People whose inward spiritual part that listens to their flesh will have selfish ambitions; love to cause discord, dissensions, and factions; envious and jealousies; sexual immorality with children, animals, and others; lovers of themselves, lovers of money, proud, abusive, disobedient to good parents, ungrateful, cocky, hate goodness, lovers of pleasure, and even having an outward form of godliness but inwardly denying the truth. I know this was a long list of fleshly influences to the inward spirit, but in reading this list do you not see people in your past, people you work with daily, people you have met online, seen in the news, and even those in your family. I saw in this list co workers that will do anything to get ahead at work, people who love problems and causing them, politicians, players that use you as a means to an end for them, and my memory goes on and on matching someone to these. I even saw some characteristics that were in my flesh. Did you see any that was or is in yours? If you did then you are “Seeing Yourself”. Asking yourself questions before you say or do something is the first step of self conscientious revelation. There is a cloud inside of all of us that tries to keep us from seeing clearly about ourselves and others. You can see where the anger inside of you comes from and you can decide a game plan to change it. You can fight and win against the anger inside of you. You can see the fear inside of you and start working on controlling it.

I believe this is the number important component in mankind. This is where we all have to live. Our inward spirit retains memories of our lives that we have to live with the outcomes. Inside of ourselves we can freely think with no restrictions. Seeing yourself in truth can help building a better you. Learning from our short comings, mistakes, and encounters with others will make us stronger and confident in the place where it counts the most. Our bodies will fail us as we age, but the inward person will last forever aging with a wisdom that God takes great delight. Our inward spiritual part is only truly understood and utilized to its fullest potential through asking, seeking, and knocking upon the spiritual door who created us. No matter the level of intelligence you possess you can slow down and start seeing yourself for the first time. Inside your body you can be whatever you want to be and no one or anything in this world can stop you. The only thing that can stop you is you. Start taking away all the fear and start seeing yourself in truth for who you are.

We all need to find that place that there is no fear to give an answer. If someone questions our reasons for saying or doing certain things seeing ourselves with clarity will give us the power to answer. Questions about our faith, our mannerisms, and ideas should not rattle us. If it does rattle us then this is where we discover more about ourselves and come into the light of seeing who we truly are. “Fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” is an old saying that points out a simple truth of a second time around of being tricked is a sign we are not moving forward in seeing ourselves in the way we were tricked. I love my relationship with God and His word for there is where the light shines upon hidden areas in my life. I know if I have it together on the inside then everything on the outside will not divide and conquer me. Take joy in exploring who you are and don’t let the outside make you something else.

 2 Corinthians 13:5 “Examine yourselves, whether ye be in the faith; prove your own selves . Know ye not your own selves… ?”


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