Best Roommate

I was visiting a dear friend in the hospital. He had both kidneys transplanted a few years back and he was in the hospital under life threatening conditions. They were not sure how long he was going to live. When you are standing by the bed of someone you care about and their family the words to say do not come easy. I want to speak words that are true comfort and not made up to pacify the moment. You can see I am not the only one, but everyone’s face around the room has the sign of the lost … Continue reading Best Roommate

Light Bulb of Truth

You wake up every day with your eyes adjusting to the sight of your bedroom, your ears taking in the sounds of time to get up as the rest of your body goes into the getting up motions with your mind starting on the routine of things that need to be done. After a few more phases of getting yourself into the groove of physically functioning your thoughts begin to form on the past, present, and the future trying to devise a plan of action for the reality of truth that is facing you. The answers to our everyday life … Continue reading Light Bulb of Truth