Adding to Your House

If someone said something about a “House” my imagination and thoughts would see shingles on the roof, brick walls, windows, and doors.  I would venture in my mind inside the house seeing a living room, bedrooms, bathrooms, and other things that is associated with a house.  Some of us have had humble beginnings and the word “House” may be a shack with holes in the floor, ceiling and walls.  “House” brings to mind a place where we consistently lived after work hours.  In this presentation I am not speaking on the house that I have  previously described. I will be sharing something about a house closer to where you and I truly live inside of daily. A house divided against itself will fall and unless the Lord builds the house their labor is in vain.

I have been allowed to see the special customized homes of which we all live for some time now, but I have not seen until recently “Past the Surface” of the thoughts of adding to Our houses.  When this light of understanding turned on inside of my mind, heart, and soul. I immediately felt totally unworthy of this life changing sight into the world in which we live in. I hope I can convey and cause this same Light to shine into your life.

Gen. 2:7 “And the LORD God formed man of the dust of the ground, and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life; and man became a living soul.”  God formed from the dust of this earth a specific and customized natural body and breathed a part of Himself inside the body creating a unique and special eternal soul. This is why God is referred to as our Father who is a Spirit without flesh and bones (John. 4:24 God is a Spirit & Luke 24:39 for a spirit hath not flesh and bones).  The Father created us a natural house from the dust of this  earth of which we call it our body and breathed into that body a unique eternal living soul.  The “House” I am focused on is the house to our spirit. Our fleshly bodies is the vehicles that house and carry the real us around inside of it.  The real eternal you are reading these words through the windows of your eyes to your unique soul.  Your house is not shingles on the roof and windows in the middle of the walls, but arms, legs, hands, eyes and ears.  Your fleshly body is the Taxi service for the eternal you to drive around in this physical life.  Now, take a few moments and let that soak in about your body is your house to your eternal you.  Your spirit should be the driver of the body and not your body driving your spirit. Your body goes where you tell it, says things you want to say, and does things you want to do whether good or bad.

In Luke chapter 11 Jesus was doing good deeds and the people were having trouble wrapping their minds around these un-explainable events and began to accuse Jesus of trickery. They reached out to try to explain what was happening, which their conclusion was Jesus is of the devil casting out devils deceiving them into believing he was something he is not.  This is where the light turned on inside of me about our fleshly houses. Jesus said, “…a house divided against itself will fall.”  Jesus was not speaking of a house with a roof, walls, and a floor, but a house of which we do our daily deeds through – our bodies with the source being our soul united with some spiritual influence.  United we stand, but divided we fall as the saying goes.

In Psalms 127 & 128 talks about except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it… and when you read on you see He is not talking about a building with a roof and walls as a house, but you yourself, your children, your wisdom, and your prosperity spiritually and physically.  What we may think is addition to our houses (fleshly bodies and spirit) could be something that has an element of division in it causing us to be divided within leading to falls in our daily lives.  If we trust God He will add to our houses elements that are not laboring in vain, but things for our good and prosperity.

Let us go back and take a look at Adam and Eve  in the beginning. God has made the fleshly, natural bodies for Adam and Eve.  We all have heard what God makes is perfect, with that in mind.   This is where the journey begins to “Adding to Your House“.  God created Adam and Eve perfect.  Adam and Eve were given complete freedom of will and power over the earth.  They had complete freedom of choice (crucial and key words) of which we have today. They only had one rule that was a No=Death and all other things were a Yes=Life (99-1).  From this time forward when I say, “our house” please associate it with our fleshly bodies and eternal spirit within.  Adam, Eve and us today have the freedom to add to our house.  Eve and Adam believed the lie the devil told them about breaking the one rule that leads to death overlooking the 99% of whatever they wanted.  Eve and Adam accepted breaking the one rule trying to add to their fleshly house eyes being opened, be as gods, and knowing good and evil.  Their absolute power of freedom of choice reached out to add and build onto their fleshly house and eternal insider something God would have added if they needed it.   They were not lacking in creation because they were perfect, but they made the decision to add to their house, which invoked a house divided against itself will fall and unless the Lord builds the house their labor is in vain.

Lucifer was a perfectly created angel with all eternal parts and with complete freedom of choice. Yet, he wanted to add to his eternal angelic house:  self promotion in heaven, put God under his feet and throne, make himself God over all in the highest of places, rise above the clouds, and proclaim himself God (Isaiah 14:13,14). He wanted to make his angelic house into something it was not adding elements of division causing his labor to be in vain invoking  a house divided against itself will fall and unless the Lord builds the house their labor is in vain.

This one thought “a house divided against itself will fall and unless the Lord builds the house their labor is in vain.” can be seen all around you of people trying to be things they are not meant to be desperately trying to add elements to their lives that have division in them causing unnecessary falls daily in their lives not knowing their labor is in vain because they are not allowing God to build their house for the destiny they are meant to fulfill. A younger brother or sister will try to be exactly like their older sibling or parent only to discover their efforts and laboring was in vain because they are unique in their own way in which cannot be perfectly duplicated.  There is a freeing power of understanding if we allow God to add to our houses that prosperity, life, peace, wisdom, hope, and love will overflow because what He does is perfect and not in vain. I encourage you to read about other characters in the Bible, those around you today, and even examine yourself to see if you can see the “house divided against itself will fall and unless the Lord builds the house their labor is in vain.” elements.

I want to stop trying to build and to add things to myself from my own narrow earthly vision of what I think I should be and allow what uniqueness I have been given a chance to grow by the Father’s nurturing who has perfect understanding and wisdom.  Stop beating yourself up about things you think you are meant to be and slow down to God’s gifts He has placed all around and in you.  Your spirit inside your fleshly body is a special and unique inspiration of God. It is a matter of reaching out with your spirit to Him for the elements that unite you with Him as solid as Jesus was and is with the Father of creation.  Have a great day in-spite of what may come your way.



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