Faith Right or Wrong

Faith is in every human being on planet earth. Religious and non-religious people are full of this hidden hope for things on a daily basis. There is a powerful faith in you right now as you are reading these words and in me as I type these words. Where is this faith inside of us? Is the faith inside of us focused upon right things or wrong things? Is our faith blind or does it see clear?

The existence of faith in every human being on planet earth is easy to find and once exposed easy to see in our daily lives. What is faith? We know what something is before we see it and identify it. I mentioned early that “Faith is the substance of things hoped for”. Faith in us is expecting results to happen the way we are seeing it in our minds and routine things on a daily basis to repeat themselves as we have become accustomed.

Starting at the beginning of a human beings life. A baby without constructive and organized knowledge will exhibit faith. A baby will begin to cry when they are hungry. It is an outward display for an inward need. They are hungry and the crying is reaching out in faith (substance of things hoped for) that something will help them during this crisis. In looking at babies this remains true in other areas of their lives. In the next stages of a human life a child will reach out in faith (substance of things hoped for) in a wide of variety of ways: outstretched arms for a hug, an open hand for a cookie, or standing in line to be picked for a game. “Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” Hebrews 11:1. A child will exercise their faith in reaching to open a cabinet or a refrigerator’s door (substance of things hoped for) that there will be food or drink waiting for them. Guardian or parent(s) will be the ones who works to provide, which is unseen to the child making the appearance of food behind those doors a mystery to them creating the evidence of things not seen. The food and drink are the evidence, but how it was able to get there is unseen until they get old enough to learn. This happens to all people in different forms whether religious or an atheist.

Mankind is made of flesh and spirit. Faith is the bridge that interacts between the physical and spirit. Religious and atheist faith(substance of things hoped for) in action: asking is faith hoping for an answer; seeking, searching, and studying is faith hoping to find the conclusion; knocking on a door is faith hoping someone will open it; a blinking turn signal from an oncoming car as we are pulling out in front of them is in faith (substance of things hoped for) they are really turning and not they forgot it was on; crossing a bridge over a large body of water is faith (substance of things hoped for) that will not fall under the pressure. Irregardless of religious or atheism and arguments of physical science of things naturally doing what they are supposed to do does not remove the existence of faith (substance of things hoped for) on our part that physical things will work as we expect (faith) them, which the evidence of things not seen: concrete sticks together under our feet, door knobs at the twist of our hands…etc.

If you and I would slow down and study  how much faith (substance of things hoped for) is at work around us the power of that trust would astound us. We use faith every time we open our eyes because we are believing when they open we will see, every step we take that our feet will maintain balance, or a sound that our ears will alert us the direction the sound came from. Faith is not only up close and applied directly with our physical bodies, but also applied a great distances. In your vehicle driving down the road in the distance you are applying faith the vehicle in the opposite lane coming towards you will stay in that lane as they approach you, go beside you, and leave from behind you. This is an unknown faith (substances of things hoped for) until it is passed then it becomes a true known faith. Your spirit in behind your eyes, ears, and the other senses is actively deciding on what to believe and not to believe. This is all God wants from our spirit to His…is to believe. The one rule God gave to Adam and Eve at the beginning of creation was simply God wanting them to believe Him. There are results, actions, or consequences for believing or not believing, faith or no faith. For Adam and Eve to have faith in God meant a life of continual peace or not to believe Him a continual of struggle. The one rule was in the garden of Eden was simply God wanted us to believe Him.

Faith right or wrong is a scale of balance we will journey with every day we live in this life. Many of us have taken the path of believing in the wrong things and it got us into addictions, fights, bitterness, heart breaks, and tragedies. I challenged my faith one day to try God because I had tried everything else, why not Him. Believing in God is like that vehicle coming towards you in the distance. You don’t know as of yet what that vehicle is going to do, but you have solid faith they will stay in their lane and pass you by safely as hundreds of others have done in times past. Reading the Bible you can see God coming towards you with acceptance, forgiveness, and a second chance, but you have to do one simple thing and that is believe when He comes to you everything will be made safe with your spirit and His. Take your faith on a journey and try connecting to the things of God with the expectancy equal or greater than you have with the things you have tried in this world.


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