Omnipresent – How Far?

I was thinking about how God is everywhere while taking a morning walk in view of mountain ranges, a valley, woods, and homes when that still small voice of the Lord challenge me with “How far are you willing to believe I am everywhere?” Of course, I froze in that thought for a few seconds as my eyes where seeing this vast open space of grass, of trees, of the sky, and the mountains. I thought again, God you are everywhere. You are in everything I can see and the things I cannot see. Again,  “How far are you willing to believe I am everywhere?

The Challenge:

OMNIPRESENT means present everywhere at the same time.

In thinking about God being everywhere at the same time. I was reminded what Jesus said about God that “God is a spirit…” John 4:24. Thinking about “How far are you willing to believe I am everywhere?” We often reach up to God and try to bring Him down to our level of thinking His all present, all-knowing, and all-powerful interpretation. This time I was attempting to take my mind and lift it up to God and interpret Him from His perspective. He did tell us the His thoughts are not our thoughts and our ways are not His ways. For our understanding He said as the heavens are higher than the earth, something we can see, so are My ways higher than your ways and My thoughts than your thoughts (Isaiah 55:8,9). I have come to understand the God says things and does things on the level we can perceive and can understand, but we have to be willing to take a step of wanting to see and wanting to understand. Because we are born with a sinful nature our fleshly side does not accept the things of God, counts it as foolishness, and cannot wrap the fleshly mind around it in understanding, which leaves our spiritual side struggling to see things clearly (1 Corinth. 2:14). I realize it is okay to relax the thoughts about God, slowly look into God, and slowly absorb the vastness of God as it streams into our spirit. It is breath-taking awe when you feel the understanding coming over you.

Back to the view I had while walking with the thoughts “God is everywhere at the same time” I was looking at the grass, trees, sky, mountains, and anything in view of my eyes I began to think He is everywhere that I can see and not see. How can this be and how far does God go in creation? Atoms are the building blocks of all matter. Everything you can see, feel, and touch is all made of atoms. There are even things you cannot see, feel, or touch that is also made of atoms. Basically, everything is made up of atoms. God spoke His Word to create things, therefore everything is made of His Word. Could it be what we call atoms, the building blocks of ALL MATTER, is God inside all things holding them together? This would make God present everywhere at the same time. I have heard someone say, if I kick the dirt am I kicking God? Not kicking God Himself, but the material He holds together. They did not kill God on the cross they killed the fleshly material man called Jesus that was created from by which God holds together. You can’t kill God for He is an all present Spirit. Jesus (God in the Flesh here to save us) as a man hungered and as God he fed the five thousand men (not including how many women and children) with just a couple of fish and five loaves of bread. All matter is held together by God Himself by the power of what we have named as atoms. “How far are you willing to believe I am everywhere?” I believe God is everywhere at the same time. What about all the evil in the world? Why doesn’t God stop it? He gave the world to us and we chose to give it over to evil. He does not take back what He has given. We put evil in motion all over this world. It is totally up to us and what we do with it. It is what we have done with God’s material. We have taken the substance of this earth (plants, rock, coal,…) have created good things and bad things – the substance God holds together. We are His children and creating things is in our nature like our Father. The core of it all is what we have done with what He has given us. Whatever I eyes see, our ears hear, our nose smells, our mouth tastes, and our skin touches He is there, even in things beyond our senses.

Seeing God in this omnipresent light of being everywhere at the same time really challenges our minds, which is totally used to boundaries of understandings and limits. This would mean God as a spirit is so vast there is nothing outside of Him (hence One God). Everything is inside of Him. All of the earth, the sky, the stars and planets. Everything is connected to Him. God as a spirit there is no left side, right side, up or down. He is the left, right, up and down. We are the ones who need a left side, right side, up and down. For our minds to function and process we are the ones who need things we can see, touch, taste or smell. God can handle being everywhere, keeping it going with His power, and all of it connected to His thoughts. All the data from all things does not overload Him. He can process and react to all creation far beyond what a man-made computer could ever do. This is where we have to try not to bring God down to our level of thinking, but keep Him high and lifted up in His existence. No wonder the Bible speaks of the unapproachable light that He is in and no one has seen or can see (1 Tim. 6:16). It would be too much for us to handle and would explode us completely. This is why the Omnipresent God has always used things for all creations to communicate with and to be with. The cool part of all of this is He loves us and wants us to discover Him on a daily basis just like a journey that has good and bad in it along the way all the while He is there helping us to mature in wisdom and strength. Mankind is always trying to divide God into parts that man can understand when we need to stop our minds from trying to divide Omnipresent. How do you divide everywhere at the same time? He speaks through things near to you that you can understand. Moses – a burning bush that would not burn down; Balaam – a talking donkey that saved his life; Peter – a rooster crowing after his third denial of Jesus, and many other avenues of communications from God. It is easy to see the one God as Omnipresent speaking and doing things from all different directions only to be interpreted by man as a multiple or plural God because our minds cannot handle He is everywhere in every thing all at once at the same time, which is very scary to think about. All our thoughts and intentions of our hearts are instantly revealed to Him. There is nowhere to hide ourselves from Him. In the book of James chapter two verse nineteen says, “You believe that there is one God. Good! Even the demons believe that–and shudder.” God can be One God because everything (earth, stars, solar systems, heaven) is inside of Him. This Omnipresent God is patiently waiting to see what we will do with what He has given us.

You may ask why is any of this so important? He wants us to know He is the One Omnipresent God. Awareness with perception and understanding is the first steps towards a true relationship with our Father before we see Him as our Judge for what we have done with the things He has given us both physically and spiritually. This Omnipresent God said in Deut. 5:7 You are to have no other gods before me. Is. 45:5  I am Lord; there is no other; besides me there is no God. Blindness is not meant for His children. Now, I am closer to understanding why the devils also believe in one God and tremble. I, too, wish to more conscientious of my words and actions. All of it is being recorded instantly to God as like David said in Psalms 40:7 I’m coming! In the scroll of a book it is written about me.

And eternal life is this: to know you, the one true God, and him whom you sent, Yeshua (Jesus) the Messiah. John 17:3

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