Spoken and Unspoken

A father on a quest to find the man he has heard so much about that he has come to the conclusion in faith in this man to be the answer. ¬†Faith is the action side of believing something to be true. This father believed in this man to the point his faith took steps one in front of the other towards finding him. The father’s faith, though invisible to all the human eyes around him, had a solid substance in his heart known as hope towards finding this man. His only daughter who was around twelve was sick with … Continue reading Spoken and Unspoken

Not For Me

In the gospel of John chapter twelve people had heard about Jesus was coming to Jerusalem for a celebrated feast. They received him with waving palm branches and praising him as he rode a young donkey into Jerusalem. Jesus began to say many things and then focused on his future death on the cross asking should he ask the Father to save him from that hour, but no that is what he was born for. In front of the whole crowd Jesus the man said, “Father, glorify your name!” then a voice came down from the sky above saying, “I … Continue reading Not For Me

Key Words – Spirit and Life

I see a table with plates, spoons, forks, knives, napkins, glasses, and each plate has a Bible on top of it laying open, all very neatly arranged. As the meal progresses,¬†reading of the Word, all the words remain in their black letter forms until I see a key word begins to float upwards towards the person’s face changing into a glistening silver and gold with a slow sparkling tail trailing its ascent into the person’s being. The person’s eyes widen slightly as though they have seen something awesome that they had not seen before. Their eyes light up as they … Continue reading Key Words – Spirit and Life