Just Believe Me

We all have had those moments when we desperately want someone to believe us almost with a begging plea. We are telling them it is the truth. We are telling you this because we want you to know and be safe. Just this one thing – believe me.

As I am reading in the beginning of time about the fellowship God had with Adam and Eve just imagining God visiting them is amazing. I see this as a father visiting his children with love beyond all creations because they are His children in His image and likeness as no other. He visits, He talks, and He listens to them. He loves them. He tells them on one visit that everything is free, except for one. A father saying 99.99% is all free, except for one thing. A father that gives you the world, except one tree. This entire planet was for Mankind’s playground, except for one tree. A father does not deny the existence of bad out there in the world, but tries out of love to warn his children about them. This one tree had the mixture of once good knowledge alone corrupted with evil knowledge for the selfish lust of power. God was not denying bad existed all He as a Father was the desire for His children to JUST BELIEVE ME.

After his children fell to the Devils lies God has spent everything on us from that to this day pointing back to Him in just believe in me and with believing comes actions of that faith. Mankind ate of the tree from the devil in acts of believing. Our Father calls us again to believe in Him and return home to Him free of the devil’s grip.

All He is asking us to do is repent of our sins, and be baptized in water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ for the purpose of washing away our sins, and being filled with his Holy Spirit reuniting with Him once again in “JUST BELIEVE ME” Acts (2:38).

One tree of death – the devil and one tree of life – Jesus Christ.

Who do you choose to believe? When you have tried everything else a still small voice will say, why not try God? Turning on that one thing “BELIEVE” you will never be the same. Now, take those steps towards your loving Father, wrap your arms around Him in “I DO BELIEVE YOU”!

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