What’s Your Story

You are a book that is alive. A living book made in the image and likeness of the one true God. The spirit inside of you is your own unique eternal person. The pages in your book is your mind, heart, and soul. The writing to your book come from what your eyes may see, what your ears may hear, the things your nose may smell, the things you may taste and touch.

All of mankind is living a word life. A word life of the things we have accepted from our book inside of our fleshly bodies. Our bodies are temporary mobile containers of the eternal flame of existence. We may not control the environment around us and the things our inward book records, but we do control the choice of our actions. Those things we react to we call them influence.

When we are born our pages are blank.  Those that care for us begin to fill those pages with themselves.  Your dad fills those pages with things from himself whether they are good or bad.  Your mom fills those pages with things of herself whether they’re good or bad.  Whoever you have met in life they all have written inside your book.  You as a baby, a child, a young adult, and an adult have in return filled their pages inside of them.  You may hear those that watched you grow up tell stories of how you laughed, how you ran, and how you played. Those are things that are written by you inside their books.  If you were a grumpy child you wrote grumpiness and their books. If you were a happy child you wrote happiness in their books. If they were loving caretakers they wrote love in your book. If they were mean caretakers they wrote meanness in your book.

Now you can look back into your past and look at the times that you said things writing into someone else’s book whether they were good or they were bad. You can see where you physically did things in your past writing in their book good or bad.  The things that we have done to each other whether by words or physically they have influenced others inside their book.

Most people fall into the trap that they are destined to live a life by what was written in their book whether by their choice or not.  They fall under the belief that the things that were forced into their book is the way they are to live with no chance of escape.  Things in this life may be forcibly written into our books  by the means of seeing something we did not want to see,  hearing things that we did not want to hear, tasting things we did not want to taste, smelling things that we did not want to smell, and touching things we did not want to touch, but the damage is done – recorded and written in our living book.

We all would be truly amazed if we saw how much the freedom of choice that we control inside our book. The data maybe forced on us, but the choice of making it a foundation of who we are is another matter. You do have the power of choice what goes on inside you. Many people will choose certain style of music, certain types of books, certain types of movies, certain sports, certain hobbies, certain ideals of how society should be conducted, and the list goes on.  The choices that we make determines what is written in our own book. I have heard that you are truly what you are when you are alone.

We all have had the coworker that comes to work with that negative attitude spewing out garbage dumping their junk into our book and we have to overcome it to have a good day. This is an example of hearing stuff and seeing the facial negativity, but making the choice what has been recorded inside me will not control me into spreading to others the same negativeness.

As a reminder your living eternal book inside you is going to live forever some where after this life and the biography inside will be what determines the location. You have not only been influenced, but you have influenced others.  This is what you and I leave behind what we have written in other people’s books family, friends, relatives, coworkers, and encounters with strangers. We did write something in their books. As an example: my dad has passed away a few years ago and all I have left is the living memories that he wrote in my book. The physical things left behind don’t interact like he did directly to me. Now, more than ever before his honor, integrity, and other characteristics written inside my book live through me today because I made the choice to live a life worthy of his sacrifice and the same will be with my mom who is still with us.

Some people have short books, mid ways books, and very long life books.  The time that we got to spend with them before they left us was a time we need to cherish the recordings into our books.  Some people get to live a very blessed life, some live a very painful life, some live with a mixture of both good and bad, but we are all precious books of our heavenly Father born into a cursed world with the opportunity to fill our books with good things.

I found an author who I want to write in my book all the days that I exist in this life.  I found an author who I want to write in my book all the days that I exist in this life.  He started out with giving us only one rule written in our book in the beginning and we broke that one rule separating ourselves from his love.  He put a plan into motion for a future book to be written to return us back to him giving us the option of where our eternal book would live after this temporary life on earth.

When the fleshly book of Jesus (Heb. 10:7,10) was created the author and finisher on the inside of that man Jesus was God our father himself walking among us to write down the plan of salvation for his children to have the free choice to return home being saved from death, hell, and the grave. Now, we can be born again with a blank pages washed away in water baptism in Jesus name and receive the gift of the Holy Spirit with a sign given to us to know we have received him hearing ourselves speaking another language we have not fleshly learned (Acts 2:38). We become new creatures in Christ with old things passes away (2 Cor. 5:17). Here is the absolute cool part is that we have His Spirit on the inside helping us to learn all truth. I have seen, heard, felt, tasted, and smelled to many lies, hatred, negativity, and other horrible things in this life. With Him on the inside, a roommate to my soul, I can now have my book written with the words of life and spirit (Jn 6:63) until I leave this world and join Him in heaven. Put your eternal book on the desk of Jesus and let Him fill it with the things of your true destiny.

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