I Live on Knowledge

One day I was reaching for a door handle, turning it as I always have, and passed through from one side to the other. I continued walking and from out of no where a wonderful thought came to me that “I Live on Knowledge“. This is what is really cool about having a walk with the Lord. He drops inspiring thoughts into our minds, sends us dreams, and many other forms of communication for us to choose to follow it to the end or not.

As soon as it came to me that “I Live on Knowledge” I asked in my mind “I Live on Knowledge“? It is like the Lord took me back to the door knob showing me I had the knowledge to turn that particular object to start the releasing of its hold on the frame. I had the knowledge to turn the knob and pull towards me to start creating an opening in what looked to be a solid wall. He showed me my knowledge of the door and door knob allowed me to pass from this side to inside.

As this understanding came to me I went back to the morning asking myself about other knowledge I have that I live on. The first thing was my alarm. I have knowledge on how to set and turn off my alarm. I started racing more and more through what I do on a daily basis. Knowledge I have for my alarm, the toilet, the toothbrush/toothpaste, the vitamins, the breakfast, the clothes/shoes, keys to the vehicle, operating the vehicle, smartphones, computers, …etc. The list of knowledge I rely upon every day grew to a mountain high of dependencies.

As this was all coming alive in me the sobering thought came “What if I did not have any knowledge to do any of these things?” Wow, I really do live on knowledge. What I considered a simple thing of turning a knob on a door to get it to open would be a sad thing standing there with no knowledge looking at the wall with a funny looking object sticking out from it not knowing what to do to get inside the building. No knowledge on how to swim would lead to drowning and dying. No knowledge of how to eat and drink would lead to starving and dying. What knowledge do you rely upon everyday to live? How long is your list?

After taking off running around in my memory of the things I do and the knowledge I must have to do them to live. I started looking back at the Lord. I got so excited like a kid after He dropped the thought of living on knowledge I slowed down and started walking back to Him – “I Live on Knowledge“.  As I stopped I started listening for more about “I Live on Knowledge” from Him.

He started showing me how I took off immediately with the natural things I have knowledge of living by daily. As the ‘you are right’ starts sinking I try to start the process of stepping out of the natural fleshly things by asking myself “What spirit knowledge do I live on?” The Lord showed me this is why He told the devil when he was tempting Him to abuse His power for personal gain and not to trust God by turning the rocks into bread that ‘…Man shall not live on bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God‘ (Mtt. 4:4).

Jesus had the fullness of the Godhead inside of his fleshly body (Col. 2:9) giving him Spirit knowledge as he gain the fleshly knowledge living this life as we do. He considers us His children and if we were partakers of flesh and blood, He also Himself wanted to share in our humanity the same; that through death He could destroy the power of the one that held us in chains (Heb. 2:14).

I have to slow down as I start splitting the two worlds that we live in (flesh and spirit). Our fleshly bodies contains earthly knowledge of the physical, but our spiritual person inside also contains spiritual knowledge past the surface of the physical world. This is the side we do not pay a great deal of attention, just like I immediately started thinking about all the physical knowledge as it came to me about “I Live on Knowledge“.

I was trying to see myself with the split nature and Jesus our perfect example of the dual nature of flesh and spirit. Jesus had the two natures of being a man, but also being God inside the man. As a man he would hunger, but as God he would feed thousands of people from just a few pieces of fish and bread (Mtt. 14:19). This is the best thing you can do when reading the gospels about Jesus is trying to see when he was doing things as a man would and doing things that only God could do.

This was tough to see “What is the knowledge I live on spiritually?” What is the spirit knowledge you live on daily? Does the list of things come to you as quickly as the natural knowledge you use daily? How important is spiritual knowledge? It is cool when you speak your thought questions to the Lord because if you’ll listen He will answer you and this comes by knowing His words in the Bible. He dropped in my mind as the answer to “how important is spiritual knowledge” with having knowledge of the only true God and the man Jesus Christ that He sent is eternal life (Jn. 17:3). His goal is for us to have that spirit knowledge that is why he said the words that I speak unto you they are spirit and they are life (Jn. 6:63).

Spirit knowledge has the effects of eternal life (no clock) and flesh knowledge has the effects of temporary life (ticking clock) in this world. This is where I started digging within myself about “what spirit knowledge do I live by?” Our spirit retains all knowledge of this world and the one to come because it is an eternal element of the real us.

Spirit knowledge is like natural knowledge you must come in contact with it to gain it into your system. In my flesh system I had two adults (mom and dad) feeding me, clothing me, providing a place to live, and the opportunity for my flesh to learn knowledge (schools) of how to live in this world. My spirit system was taking in the past the surface the unseen love, care, concern, attention, guidance, and integrity the two adults were giving me.

As we all grow older we start seeing behind the physical things of this world can have different intentions, thoughts, and attitudes hidden away in their spirit. Beyond the flesh knowledge of eating, drinking, and other normal survival needs people live on there is their spirit of intention and planning thoughts. Some of them are good, but most of them are not so good.

Wow, the Lord dropped in the light on our spirit chooses who it will follow for its decision of what knowledge it will contain for eternity. Our spirit will either choose to follow the flesh’s desires or start reaching out to God daily for the Spirit guiding us into truth. The bread man shall not live by alone, but by every word that comes out of the mouth of God (Mtt. 4:4). Our spirit knowledge will either be one with our flesh or one with God.

Some people’s spirit inside them uses their knowledge to feed their sexual desires, twisting things into impurities, idolizing things, wanting spiritual power without God, dark hatred, sowing discord, possessive jealousy, explosive rage/anger, selfish ambitions, getting drunk, and other things of this world. Their spirit knowledge is locked onto the happiness of their flesh.

At this point I am personally seeing “I Live on Knowledge” the natural knowledge to pay bills  and provide a natural living for my family. What is the other knowledge I am living on? I am going through the daily motions for the natural, but underneath I love to hear from God. This is why I am typing to you now. “I Live on Knowledge” not only of the natural things of this world, but “I Live on Knowledge” the desire to fellowship, hear from God, and give to you what He gives me. This last part sums me up totally. I love Him and if I can help you is second.

I know you live daily on the natural knowledge, but what do you live for daily to meet the needs of your spirit? Your wants and desires come from your spirit. It is something you want, but do not have. You are hoping for something you have not seen. Who are you using to reach that goal your flesh, your spirit, or with God’s guidance? What knowledge do you want to have inside your heart when it comes time to leave this world?

I use to live on the knowledge of my flesh with my spirit in agreement for the pleasures and highs of this world by any means. I found in those selfish highs there were some sad sacrifices of those around me and myself. They did not last long enough and the problems afterwards were still there, but worse. Darkness became the knowledge of both my flesh and spirit that I wanted. Then a day came that I was sick of the negative, abusive, using, back stabbing, lying, selfishness, jealousy tormenting my spirit. I decided I am tired of darkness I want light in my life. I want to know goodness, kindness, true/pure love, peace, and truth, no more lies.

I was so tired of this world’s selfishness I wanted to give God a try. One Sunday morning, I went to the altar, knelt down, the preacher started praying beside me, finishes, looks at me, and asked did I pray the same thing he prayed. I answered, “yes”, lying in the altar not knowing I was supposed to repeat his words to be saved. He assumed I had the knowledge to just repeat his words to be saved and receive the Spirit of God. He stood up to tell the congregation this man has received Christ in his life, come shake his hand, and while he was talking I was still in the altar pouring out the terrible knowledge of sins I did in the flesh speaking from my heart the only words I knew how to speak. This started me on a living relationship and not a programmed relationship with God.

This started the journey with God sharing His knowledge with me. He had a great deal of work cut out for Him changing me. My flesh knowledge did not trust mankind or love mankind at all, male and female. The use and abuse turned me off to mankind. I loved animals more than I did man. I lived on the knowledge that I trusted myself and now my best friend God/His Word.

Just as I am sharing with you now is because He fellowships with me. This does not make me a great person for any high praise. This means a friendship and relationship is actively progressing with a growing knowledge to live on. I guess you could a work in progress.

The knowledge of our flesh is boxed within this world (earth) and creation (space). The knowledge of our spirit is unlimited if we should desire in God. We all have to be careful not to take this unlimited God and box Him in using the Bible with the boundaries of our minds. The God I have come to love with all my being is the God that has no limits in Knowledge, Power, and Presence.

As time was passing by God sent a man to cross my path that He knew could point me in the direction of a closer walk with Him. It was like that door knob He was showing me that I had the knowledge to turn that particular object to start the releasing of its hold on the frame. I had the knowledge to turn the knob and pull towards me to start creating an opening in what looked to be a solid wall. He showed me my knowledge of the door and door knob allowed me to pass from this side to inside. God and His word will open the door, the way, the truth, and a new life towards Him. This man who crossed my path had His word like a door knob for me to learn how to turn it, pull it open, and walk through to the other side closer to God.

This man challenged me with his knowledge of the Bible. He said the church God started only baptized in Jesus name (Acts 2:38), no one was ever baptized in the entire Bible in the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost (Mtt. 28:19). I did my own research with my best friend God and His word. I found it was true and God was waiting for me to take another step towards Him in the way of God more perfectly (Acts 18:26). My spirit knowledge took another leap into the larger picture of seeing God as He is.

In Acts chapter 2 God poured His Spirit out on the people and the outward sign to those around them was hearing them speak in their country’s language that they were not educated to know. God let me know He is not dead, but still alive continuing His word and pouring out His Spirit the same way He started His church to all generations. This knowledge was different from the altar experience I had with the repeating the prayer after me and you’re saved with the automatically filling of God’s Spirit.

I Live on Knowledge” that God’s word, not man, said by repenting, and being baptized in water in Jesus name his blood that is in his name is applied washing away all my sins, and I can receive the Holy Spirit (Acts 2:38) just like they did in the book of Acts chapter 2. This is God bringing together the spirit knowledge and the flesh knowledge that He can dwell inside of us forming a temple, an apartment, a house, or a fleshly tabernacle with Him and us as roommates.

If the religion of God you tried does not box in God to their beliefs only God will fill you with His Spirit all at once with His flowing love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control inside of you coming back out with a power changing your natural speech into a spiritual speech of another language as God gives you the utterance. This will complete set you on the path of living on the knowledge of every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.

You will never be the same. You will be a new person living a life in the flesh by the faith and fellowship of God with old things passed away. The living on knowledge will be complete.

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