Before Marriage

Marriage is when a person wants to spend their life with another person as a one family unit side by side in this world. When two people want to buy matching shirts, pants, shorts, socks, shoes, hats…etc they are sending a visual message to everyone else that looks upon them that they are together as one. Rings on certain fingers is a visual message that they are married to one another.   Marriage is a signed legal form or a formal recognition of a union of two people as partners in a joining relationship as one flesh. People get married … Continue reading Before Marriage

Born in Prison

I was born in prison. As any other child before reaching the age of perceiving and understanding reality life was normal to me. My parent’s crime carried the death penalty without the option of parole. The country they committed this crime passes the judgment to all family members without any possible change to the sentence. I was not only born in prison, but I was born on death row. The phase of being a baby, to a child, and a little older the understanding of the situation was still not understood. Prison was not seen as a prison right under … Continue reading Born in Prison