Starving for the Real

The little child looks up to see an ice cream cone with three scoops of ice cream, his eyes begin to sparkle as his mind fills with dancing thoughts of expectations. In his little mind that ice cream filled cone is already his to enjoy, but as always in this world something is nearby to steal away what you thought was really yours. A brother or sister comes running up and takes away the ice cream leaving nothing behind, but the starving, water filling little eyes, and empty heart for that something they thought was really real for them.

The neighborhood kid comes by asking you to come out and lets go have some fun. The young boy’s face lights up because someone wants to play with him. The loneliness quickly disappears with this real invitation of someone really wants to be with him. He talks the young boy into climbing into an old building through a passage no adults could get through. The young boy sees one of his girl classmates already there as he hears the older neighborhood kid say, “I told you he would come.” Slowly the reality sinks in that the older neighborhood kid used him to lure his female classmate into that old building. The happy face on the young boy quickly fades into a cold truth of being used and not really wanted by someone. His sadness was so great he totally missed that the young girl was there because she was told he would be there.

As the little boy grows older and the little girl grows older the hunger deep inside of their bodies longs for things to be real without deception, using, and lies. This starvation is only as deep as the false things you have faced in this life. If you have not suffered much then your depth is little. If you have suffered much then your depth is deep. It is the same if you have not had to go without food then starving is only as deep as the time you went without.

Some have lived an adult’s lifetime at a young age. People only see the outward face and body missing the starving for something to be real behind those unrevealing eyes. The little child aging into the young boy starts storing inside these deceptions and coldly being used. The “grow up“, “get over it“, and “tough…” statements only add to the heaviness longing for something real.

Without the real in our lives we choose some regrettable things. We take on the attitude of causing others sorrow from the memory of being that little child.  We become like the neighbor kid passing on the deception and using others. Revenge fills our hearts adding to the world more lies and deceptions pushing the real farther away. We do things making our little boy and little girl’s pure voice shut up ignoring the real innocents of life while we walk along destroying others.

If the day ever comes that the real visits your mind it is only then your eyes open to all the people behind you that you hurt and you inflicted things that will never leave their minds and hearts. When that day comes the starvation for the real awakens the second chance to be that little boy or little girl again, but armed with battle scars of wisdom laying down a foundation of understanding to fight for the real if you should so choose it. In this road you travel the real shows you another way to go. With these two roads before you one with the real and the other with the false games of this world what is your choice?

Being adults now with no longer a blank slate as a baby, but full of the things this world has dished out to you is a chance to join the journey of finding the real satisfying the starvation in your spirit. It is a journey because finding the real is one of the hardest things to sift away from the false and the fake. Everywhere you go the facade and outward appearances hide the intents of their hearts and the discerning of their thoughts.

The beauty of the real is when you encounter it no matter how far you go the realness remains the same. We all have come across what we thought was the real thing, but the further we went the more doubts and questions grew. The real is the truth and nothing, but the truth. It has nothing to hide.

If it is real there should be no fear of questions or avoidance. If it is real there will be a liberty, a freedom, if you will, beyond words of this world. If it is real it will be the same yesterday, today, and forever because what is a secret will be made manifest and what is hidden will be made known to all. The light will shine upon the dark. Real is what is still standing after the fire burns down the fake.

People have allowed their fleshly bodies to turn themselves into loving only themselves above others raising the fake to this is my world and you live in it. Some have focused their using of others for the deception of the power of money completes them. Again, increasing the distance between what is real and what is temporary. They have inflicted their bragging; boasting their pride adding another layer of abuse against what is really real.

We are being bombarded by things that tells us it is alright to go against your parents, people owe you, the good is bad and the bad is good, what’s love got to do with it, you don’t need to forgive, it is alright to spread lies, no reason to hold back, violence is the answer, it is better to do the wrong, and there is nothing wrong with satisfying your personal pleasures than being lovers of the real. In all of these I have seen the people with outward appearances of a form of looking right, but underneath they desire to deny the real.

They will worm their way into your life with words of trickery gaining control playing upon your gullibleness all the while they are loaded down with their own darkness persuaded by evil desires. Without the real in their life there is no awakening and their learning has the appearance of continuing, but their knowledge never comes to see the real.

Are you ready to start searching for the real? Do you know where to look? What is the real to you? In my encounters the real is beyond us all. It is not in our best friends because they will let you down. It is not in your girlfriend/boyfriend because they will disappoint you. The real is solid and does not break down.

You can try to change your way of speaking, but that will not get you into a real relationship. You can change the clothes you wear, but that will not get the real looking your way. You cannot laugh when others laugh to bring the real into your life. This is all putting on a front trying to bring into your life what you think is real.

None of us will be fast enough, strong enough, wise enough, smart enough, educated enough to be accepted by this world’s ideal of what is real. The real is not in man or a woman. Real is past all of us.

I found the real to be outside of people, places, and things. When the real visits your mind it is only then your eyes open to all things. It is in that moment that it seems like you are stepping outside yourself to see a person filled with the lies and deceptions like the rest of the world. You are seeing the wrong covering up as best as it can the real life you should be living.

Let the starvation for the real get a hold of your heart and light the fire of the pure little boy or little girl live again inside the real. If you are experiencing an awakening then the time is now on your road of life to make this chance happen bringing the change you so desperately desire.

I found the real past the guys of lies, past the traps of girls, past the deceiving pleasures of temporary fixes, and the falling apart objects of this world. The Real is that invisible presence that you feel watching over you with a atmosphere of a warm love. His Spirit calls out to you saying, “You have tried everything else why not try Me?

The Real presence of God wants to be accepted as your roommate for life inside your fleshly apartment where the real you lives. Real life is having His real Spirit living with your real spirit and not the outward appearances of fleshly lies. He has made a promise to fill you with His real Spirit (Acts 2:39) if you are willing to turn your back on the fleshly lies of this world taking on His name (Jesus) in water baptism washing away your own lies and sins.

I found the real that is not afraid to face my questions of life. I found the real that will not back-stab me with lies to others when I am not around. I found the real that will not use me and forsake me after it is finished with me. I found the real who will accept me as I am and patiently work with me every day. I found the real that I can talk to anytime and He will not turn His back on me. He tells me the real truth about myself, others, and Himself. It is more than a 360 degree of realness. He has an unlimited dimension of reality He loves to share.

How tired are you of the games, the lies, the using, the abusing, and the what seems to be no end of false fronts? Where are the real? God is real in our yesterdays, our todays, and will be in our future days if we will accept Him.

Let the little boy and the little girl inside your older body release their trust and faith once again in the direction of the ‘never will let you down’ real Spirit of God. You will never be the same. I am a new…what about you?

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