To Let Go

I was in church service today when a need was being spoken of a woman who has been having trouble sleeping for a long time. The husband was explaining how in the middle of the night he would pray for her to get some rest. He held out both hands in mid air as though they were upon her shoulders as he prayed. Suddenly, she became clear in my mind and I heard the voice of the Lord saying, tell her “To Let Go“.

It was a “To Let Go” like her spirit to surrender all of it into His hands, but it had a complete release to it with hanging onto nothing, not even a tiny string of whatever it is that she has gripped her own spirit around.

Then a struggle began within my own spirit there in the church. I am someone long ago the Lord would share insights whether His Word, His Spirit, people, things around me, and others. I absolutely love seeing/perceiving and hearing/understanding the things of the Lord. I have not changed, but my status among the people has become quietly another body among the crowd. I am living a quiet life with the Lord, my daily job, and doing the caretaker’s job for family, mother, sister, and others.

I do not go to people any more unless God lets me know our relationship will be at odds if I don’t go and do what He has shown me. I hate any so-called fame and attention. People begin to treat you like a light switch of God that they can call on you expecting you to turn God on at your will to answer their need whether it is helping them receive God’s Spirit or other things. God is God and He does what He wants having knowledge higher than mans

Back in the church I was standing there feeling the anointing knowing this is the Lord saying, tell her “To Let Go” like someone does when they are receiving His Holy Spirit in a total surrender, but this was more like the releasing all the cares into His hands that she had a grip on. I still was not moving because I don’t want to bring any attention to myself and people tend to say this is of the Lord when it is either all about them or their misinterpretation.

Then the Lord turned and spoke to me saying, you need “To Let Go“. Now, I have my only friend and true best friend looking towards me with you need “To Let Go“. My heart was pounding twice as hard now because not only was His anointing pointing towards that lady, but now also towards me. This is no ordinary lady that you pray for while others can see for because she is of a way higher status than I am and common people.

My relationship status was going to be off set with the Lord because we are His hands, His feet, and partners in His mission of bringing His oneness into fellowship with all. I never want any kind of riff between Him and me. I don’t live with people as close as the Lord lives with me. I knew I had to do something to fulfill this word from the Lord because it was not only for her, but now there was something in it for me to see/perceive and hear/understand.

I walked towards the back of the church headed in a going to the bathroom direction (an escape to save face). The opportunity was still there and I turned around to face the isle behind her then things changed with the opportunity closed in my mind. What a sigh of relief for me, but the weight of the unfinished task was still upon me. I used the “save face” route and came back into the main area with the resolve of just texting what was given to me by the Lord to her husband.

I know this is not completely the same, but I know the Lord is the Lord and He can work with whatever. I would have rather prayed for her speaking those words “To Let Go” watching what the Lord would have done, I am not someone people can accept that the Lord would use or is talking to in any special manner that would be acceptable. My main focus every day is to walk and talk with my best friend, the Lord Jesus Christ because I know the day will come that I will walk out of this body to face Him purely in the form of my eternal spirit with the deeds and words done for my judgment.


Now, His lesson to me about “To Let Go” begins. He reminded me of how He is Omnipresent (everywhere at once at the same time). As invisible as He is so are the things we grip in our daily lives. He showed me “To Let Go” is a surrendering release of all inward grips a person may have. “To Let Go” is the key to all things in your life. Your mind, heart, soul, and strength will only know true freedom when they all learn “To Let Go” to all they hold known or unknown.

Grip is a firm hold, a tight grasp by which something is held in the hand or a feeling deeply affected by someone. The Lord took me back briefly in the memory of the woman that needed physical healing, but more importantly inward healing first.

To grip something can be more than physically grasping your hand around it. It can be your thoughts gripping ideas left and right squeezing for a solution and an answer. It can be your heart stressed with the grip of worry on things thst will not get done or how this is going to work out. Your soul can be gripped with things of the spirit world whether the grip of sin or the grip of good intentions. You are still only human. The grip can be spiritual things squeezing out the physical life of your body. God is all about the inside driver and the outside needs are no problem to Him.

I could tell right away this was going to be as deep as I am willing to go on understanding what He was trying to tell me about “To Let Go“. He said there are thousands and thousands of different types of grips upon mankind that is not seen. I can see I have a grip upon myself with my thoughts and heart of belief that people looking at me with judgment and rejection with a resolve to live quietly within myself and the Lord that I need to practice “To Let Go”..

Some meditations say to empty your mind, but “To Let Go” is the way of God more perfectly of releasing what you have a hold of or has a hold of you into His hands. If you are going to empty yourself don’t let it go to waste put it in the hands of God. He will reshape it so when it returns it will be in a peaceful form, gentle, and easy to work with, full of mercy and good fruits, without any partiality and without hypocrisy (Ja. 3:17).

To Let Go” is a total release of thoughts, intents of the heart, condition of the soul, and physical status. “To Let Go” is to set aside how fast you may run, how strong you are now, how wise/smart you think you are, or how skilled people brag on you (Eccl. 9:11) because in the end these are all forms of mankind gripping for his own personal path to salvation when he is missing the time and chance of God “To Let Go” all into Him witnessing His wonders to perform.

Doing things your way or the highway is a grip. Your intelligence can be a grip you think you hold the higher status, but in reality it is the grip that binds you from truly seeing and hearing with God’s perception and understanding (Mtt. 13:11-17). Do you know of anyone whose knowledge binds them from seeing what appears to be common sense to others?

We adults grip all kinds of things inside of ourselves not knowing the binding power we have either self inflicted or allowed outsiders to influence upon us. Children do not take to heart so strongly the things around them as we do as adults. As adults we grip anger, revenge, jealousy, envy, selfish ambitions, dissensions, self gratifications at no matter the cost. We, adults, bottle up so much inside it would probably shock us of how much bondage has a grip in our lives without us truly knowing they are there.

The kingdom of God belongs to children because children have the capacity “To Let Go” and receive so freely the things of God (Mk 10:13, Lu. 18:16). Their minds, hearts, and souls are not overflowing with lies, deceits, ulterior motives, facades, and other blinding realities of mankind.

When you look into the eyes of a child you see a purity of an unbinding spirit not tainted by the ugliness of this world. In front of me a child looked upon my face as I smiled at her the unbinding acceptance of my face was shown by her freely responding smile. A child will accept your love, your kindness, and your person when the world will be bound by profiling, preconceived ideas, and not matching their man made traditions.


When something sits down at the table of your mind placing all kinds of bowls full of worry and doubt. The practice of “To Let Go” reaches out gathering all that worry and doubt into its arms and releasing them into the hands of God that anything is possible. The practice of “To Let Go” completely allows God to take the hate and replace it with true love. The times of war whether in mind, heart, or soul the practice of “To Let Go” allows God to pour peace putting out the fires of torment.

When your patience seems to be wearing thin and the thoughts of “I can’t take it anymore” the practice of “To Let Go” releases the pressure value allowing God to give you a little more time to be long-suffering of those who do not understand. When meanness grips your being “To Let Go” trusting God the honey of kindness and goodness will saturate your spirit with a freedom words could not do justice.

The cheating, backstabbing, and using you selfishly to meet their goals may beat upon your life like a spiritual whip lashing across your back “To Let Go” into God’s hands allows Him the chance to show you true faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control that astounds the greatest of minds and laws of mankind.

To Let Go” is how I was born again in God with a second chance to live life freely. God has not bounds or limits. His Bible and His Spirit have been limited only to man because of man’s ideas and interpretations about God. “To Let Go” is how I trusted God as like a little child to set me free from the evil in my life.

You and I are bound by things everyday by invisible forces to us. They bind us with words into our minds and hearts. They bind us with pressures against us through our integrity. We can be bound by good intentions working ourselves to death while not choosing the good thing passes us by. Manipulation is hidden all around us knowing no respect of persons.

If God says you can have it why not practice “To Let Go” and get it? If God says His name of Jesus has the power of blood to wash away all your sins in water baptism why not practice “To Let Go” and do it? If God says He will pour out His spirit upon you with such power and redeeming force that when you speak at that moment you will hear yourself praising Him in a language that He is giving you as a sign that this is Him why not practice “To Let Go” and receive it? This is the salvation God started in the book of Acts chapter 2 that is not bound or limited to man’s ideas and interpretation.

If you have made it this far your world and my world should be spinning with all the things we need “To Let Go” and let God do all His wonders that He wants perform. If you need healing what is it you need “To Let Go“? You have a purpose and a reason from God nothing should bind your spirit when you are practicing “To Let Go” of all into the unbound God.


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