Suffering for Better or Worse

SUFFERING WILL HAPPEN Suffering is going to happen to you, me, and every person you see. It is a pain that occurs to our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and our souls. No human being born in this world will escape from some form or level of suffering. It came to me in a moment of clarity I realized I was not handling my suffering the right way. This is when all the thoughts starting rolling in explaining suffering cannot be stopped nor will it be completely stopped while living in this world. I am sorry for your suffering. Some … Continue reading Suffering for Better or Worse

If God Was Free

A volcano erupts when the pressure underground becomes so great it can longer be held back by the dirt and rock that is between it and the surface. Have you ever found yourself feeling like the volcano with pressure deep inside yourself? In a frustrating moment I said the words aloud, “If God was free” and my voice stopped with my thoughts finishing the sentence in my head. The rest of the sentence my thoughts completed were “in me“.  If you put what I said out loud with the rest of the sentence I said in my head it would … Continue reading If God Was Free