Suffering for Better or Worse


Suffering is going to happen to you, me, and every person you see. It is a pain that occurs to our bodies, our minds, our hearts, and our souls. No human being born in this world will escape from some form or level of suffering. It came to me in a moment of clarity I realized I was not handling my suffering the right way. This is when all the thoughts starting rolling in explaining suffering cannot be stopped nor will it be completely stopped while living in this world.

I am sorry for your suffering. Some of you are suffering from body pains. Some of you are suffering from a broken heart. Some are suffering from betrayals. Some of you are suffering from loneliness, no appreciation, confusion, no recognition, and forsaken. Some of you suffer from regrets, bitterness, jealousy, envy, drug addictions, sex addictions, hatred, selfishness, anger, alcohol drinking, etc… Suffering is with us and for some a constant unwanted companion.

Inside our bodies we have our mind, heart, and soul dealing with these daily sufferings. They are like a council sitting together handling the problems from different departments in different areas from within our bodies. Our minds share their thoughts of solutions with the heart and soul. The heart may feel different about the thoughts. The soul may not feel willing to go with the thoughts or feelings. They come together trying to handle the physical, mental, or both at once sufferings.


A running coach speaking to his runners said, “You will slow yourself down from your full potential by running improperly.” A good runner will run with his/her arms moving straight forward, close to their rib cage, and with their hands fully extended straight. A good runner will also have their feet and legs performing close with like their arms and hands. This is to prevent what is called, “wind resistance“. This is something you can bring upon yourself without anyone else’s help. You have a choice of making it “better or worse” on yourself. You do have a level of power of say and deeds in your suffering.

A runner in a race can be their own worst enemy. How a runner controls and commands his body to perform determines a better way or a worse way of going forward to the finish line. Their mind set can also play a part in running more efficient or less efficient. Our actions and beliefs in running this race can slow us down or keep us on the right path.

I hate to say this, but we will always suffer in some form or another. I did not realize there is a more perfect way of handling our suffering. There is actually a worse way to suffer that makes it harder on us. I never saw suffering as a “better or worse” way to suffer and that there was an invisible added weight to our suffering.

When the suffering hits we will try to handle it alone at first. We will try to have others help us. People end up going about their own business and you end up walking away still carrying the suffering inside. It cannot be removed completely out of your system onto another. There is still some levels of the suffering remaining. There is a little relief if someone else knows and helps any way they can, but the suffering is still in you.

Suffering can back you into an invisible corner that the world around you cannot see. The counsel of your thoughts with your heart and soul are completely stumped on what can you do. The load can sometimes because so heavy you feel like you are stuck in a prison of suffering until death separates you from it. There is some sufferings people have in their bodies and in their spirits that it is like a marriage of “…till death do us part…” situation.


If you do have a suffering that is “…till death do us part…” this understanding is more for you than the average suffering souls. Every day we live with the ticking of time on our life clock we are exchanging for that day from our life. You and I are getting older with the suffering aging with us. There are more people living in the invisible corner of suffering every day than you realize.

The “…till death do us part…” suffering whether body, spirit, or both becomes internalized and forgotten by most on the outside of our bodies. They can forget and move on, but the sufferer cannot forget and move on. So, they internalize the suffering within themselves carrying the pain as best as they can and maintain as best as they can an external look of things are “alright” and “I am fine” facade.

It is ironic with technology we are more connected in one way and more disconnected in another. All the connections in technology cannot connect with the sufferings inside a person because it is on a completely different and higher level of frequency that is not analog nor digital. Water with water, oil with oil, electricity with electricity, flesh with flesh (Bible: Jn. 3:6), and spirit with spirit are the only true frequency channels of real connections.

Some have a choice of sharing their suffering and others have no choice, but to internalize almost all things including the suffering. I am one of those who have internalized everything, but inside my counsel of mind, heart, and soul I have another member sitting at the table. This is where this beautiful understanding came from, the fourth member in my counsel.

I cannot put into words explaining how much my life has changed having the fourth council member inside my body. I and you may be alone physically with others in this world, but the fourth council member will never leave you nor forsake you (key word = NEVER).

When a person is suffering they will search, brainstorm, and everything else to find solutions, but some suffering have no solution(s). It is actually a “…till death do us part…” solution. Death is not a good answer, divorce is not a good answer, and running away is not a good answer. If these things have happened to you then this does not make you a bad person. It just shows the pinnacle of your suffering reached. The only good I can think of for death is the dying out to the evil and darkness in the flesh of our bodies would do if we would allow it to do whatever and say whatever it felt like with no filters or holding back. The only good of divorce I can see is your physical, mental, and spiritual safety. The running away is a to open to discuss without details of the circumstances.


The fourth counselor sitting at the table with my mind, heart, and soul came being born again with a second birth I experienced. To make a long story short, I was a person with many hidden scars upon my spirit, invisible sufferings of the soul, hated people for their lies and deceptions, and was living a life full of hate, revenge, and other evil things. I heard about God making us a new creature with a second chance. I thought I would give it a try. I was baptized in water in the name of Jesus (blood of forgiveness in his name) Christ to wash away all my evil ways/sins and I was filled with His Holy Spirit (Bible: Acts 2:38) that became the fourth counselor with my mind, heart, and soul.

Even though I personally wish the fourth counsel, the Holy Spirit, would take over I found out He is a Father who wants us to make our own choices, but seek His counsel before we finalize our choice. He is absolutely the most awesome roommate to have inside your body, the Lord Jesus Christ. He said, “…when he, the Spirit of truth, comes, he will guide you into all the truth…” (Bible: Jn. 16:13). The “…guide you into all truth…” part I believe means ALL truth about yourself, others, the world, and the things of God.

As a Father wants His child to go as far as they can go in fellowship and waiting for them to look back to Him for advice, guidance, and counsel. Another cool thing about having God’s Spirit as your roommate inside your body means anytime, anywhere, and whatever you want to talk His voice will drop His thoughts into your thoughts. If you are in the hospital bed He is inside you there while that fleshly body is suffering. When something great happens He is there rejoicing and dancing with you. The best roommate anyone could ever have.


The fourth counselor, the Holy Spirit, told the other members (my mind, heart, and soul) to take a look at Jesus concerning suffering. As always the other council members pause with a moment of silence thinking with “Ok, what have I missed on the suffering of Jesus” that would help me with this type of suffering?

I don’t know about you, but I immediately looked directly at the being whipped, crowned with thorns, slapped, mocked, and the nailing of his feet and hands on the cross and other things on his day of suffering in our place, but this was not what I was suppose to focus on for my suffering. This is where He, the Holy Spirit/fourth counselor, began to point towards how to suffer in a better way. Jesus, God inside flesh, did not remove suffering that came to him. He was the example of how to suffer the better way. Don’t be alone.

The fourth counselor inside of me, which you can have also, that came from being born of the Spirit (spirit is spirit frequency) is the Spirit of Jesus. He wanted me and you to see His suffering was NOT for paying our sin debt of death ONLY. He, God, wanted to come in flesh and blood like us to share in our humanity with the sufferings of this world that He might break the power of death specifically and free us from the slavery of fear of death (Bible: Heb. 2:14, 15). He has many free gifts for us His children, the love of His life.

You and I may get so focused on surviving with our suffering we tend to fall back onto the handling the suffering all by ourselves. I was missing He had come to provide us with help. He was born like us as a baby, fully human in every way, for the reason He might become a merciful and faithful high priest between us and God’s Holy Spirit of which no man can approach (Bible: 1  Tim. 6:16). He would be a mediating priest atoning for our sins and who has suffered in temptations. He will be able to help us through our moments of temptations (Bible: Heb. 2:17, 18). He will show us how to handle the sufferings of this world in a better way. He came to save our inward man (eternal being) and not our flesh (temporary tent) or the world. Some sufferings He will not take away (sorry), but He will give you the ability to handle that suffering as a light to all in this world that we are just passing through.

In the beginning I told you suffering can be physical and spiritual (mind, heart, and soul) related. I never looked at any other time of sufferings of Jesus more than the day of Calvary. He was born with a pure spirit and flesh without sin, but not a flesh without the capacity to suffer and feel pain. Jesus was born as a baby with everything we have with one exception – no sin. He was the tree of life inside flesh without the sinful tree of the knowledge of evil. His stomach hungered, his skin would send signals of pain to his brain, and everyday stress of life his eyes would see just like you and me.


As a little boy of twelve he stayed behind from leaving with his family. When they found him he was in the temple courts with a captivated audience of highly educated teachers listening, asking, and answering them in such a way they were amazed. Key in mind this is where Jesus the little boy wanted to be. His mother asked him, “Son, why have you treated us like this…” His answer reveals as a little boy he greatly desired to be doing what God wanted him to do. He said, “Why were you searching for me?” “Didn’t you know I had to be in my Father’s house?” (Bible: Luke 2:46-49). This was all Jesus lived for in his mind, heart, and soul.

The suffering here is not being able to do what you want to do no matter how righteous the deed may be. People do not understand when you have something upon your heart to do that is life to you how it becomes a daily suffering because you cannot do it. It is your life and you are not really alive and living when you are not doing it. You are an empty shell going through the motions of life dying inside and no one knows or even cares. I think Jesus knows how you feel.

Have you ever wanted to help in doing a good deed and were refused? Have you ever shared an idea of doing something in a better way, but because it was something new it was rejected. Have you ever shared wisdom that you know was pure and they did not want to listen to you. Jesus as a little boy had to live with the suffering thoughts of “when can I be about my Father’s (God’s) business.


Here is the first sign of how to go through suffering the right way. Jesus was looking into their faces knowing they did not understand what he was saying to them (Bible: Luke 2:50, 51) for it was higher than their thoughts, but he went with them and was obedient to them (Bible: Luke 2:50). The suffering would have been worse if Jesus the little boy yelled, screamed, and pitched a temper tantrum. This would have added to the suffering and it would be from him bringing more onto himself.

There is a better way to suffer and a worse way to suffer. People may not catch onto the level of your thinking or ideas. The better way to live with your desire to help others is be humble and obedient waiting for the day that door opens for you to do the good God has given you or just be content to be good wherever you are. Trust and put it on God that the good you want to give has not been given.

This is when I realized I need to look to the life of Jesus seeing how he handles the different types of suffering and trust my suffering into his hands. He suffered rejection, falsely accused, called names, misunderstood, not believed, lied on, faced jealousy, death threats, called sinner, devil possessed, betrayal, entrapment, and many other things. We can find some event that happened to him that closely matches our suffering today and He will reveal to you how to go through your suffering a better way. You and I need to find that passage that matches our present day life suffering.


Don’t suffer alone. You may feel alone because of the people factor, but truly alone is when it is your spirit that is alone. You may never have anyone understand you. You may never get to do the things you want to do. You may silently walk among your peers with your pains and sorrows. Don’t listen to your heart ticking away waiting for the clock of time to stop.

You may have done all the things in this world to get relief and to have the friends to support you in your times of needs and not found them or they were fair weather friends only. There is one friend, who will not reject you, walk away from during tough times, but will always be there. This is the roommate, the fourth counselor with your mind, heart, and soul that will lead and guide you to better things in the middle of the sufferings of this world.

He has made a promise that I will hold Him to the end of my life on this earth. He told us that He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Bible: Heb. 13:8) and He doesn’t change (Bible: Mal. 3:6). He promised His Holy Spirit to all generations freely to no matter how far off around this world (Bible: Acts 2:39)

Don’t be alone anymore. Clean up your house of flesh where the real you lives for the best roommate to move in with you to be never alone ever again through good times and bad. The way you clean your house of flesh is to have your mind, heart, and soul counsel pass a declaration of turning your back on sin, walk down in some water to allow the name of Jesus to wash your house and spirit clean of all past sins in water baptism (known as the birth of the water, Jn. 3:5 and Acts 2:38), and come up out of that water expecting to receive His Holy Spirit just like they did, because He does not change, with Him speaking through your praising voice a language you had not learn as He gives you the utterance as a sign and proof to you and others if they are around that He has moved His Spirit to live inside you (known as the birth of the Spirit, Jn. 3:5, 6 and Acts 2:38.

SUFFERING FOR BETTER OR WORSE, I choose the fourth counselor for the better. How about you?

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