God Has a Vault

A vault is a room used for storage or safekeeping. The bank vault is the first thing designed and the rest of the building is built around it. History shows some vaults survived the atomic blasts with all of the contents safely secured inside and completely intact with everything around it obliterated. VAULT FOR GOD Before all creation there was God in His Spirit form being everywhere, as we would think of as molecules. He did not have a single point that He focused His being (no solid form). He would remain everywhere at once, but He wanted to have … Continue reading God Has a Vault

Can God Forget

When we think of God we think of Omnipresent (equally present everywhere at once), Omniscient (knowing all things), and Omnipotent (all powerful). To call Him God is to say there is nothing impossible to Him for that is what makes Him God. Anything less He could not be called God. We do not believe He lacks, falls short, or cannot do anything. The thoughts of Him having any restrictions makes our minds freeze up with doubts and that it cannot be for He is God. We don’t want Him to be like us. We want Him to be above all, … Continue reading Can God Forget