Can God Forget

When we think of God we think of Omnipresent (equally present everywhere at once), Omniscient (knowing all things), and Omnipotent (all powerful). To call Him God is to say there is nothing impossible to Him for that is what makes Him God. Anything less He could not be called God. We do not believe He lacks, falls short, or cannot do anything. The thoughts of Him having any restrictions makes our minds freeze up with doubts and that it cannot be for He is God. We don’t want Him to be like us. We want Him to be above all, … Continue reading Can God Forget

To Know Him

Knowing is the beginning to making a decision of wrapping your thoughts, your belief, and your life around that something. ‘Beginning‘ is a starting point. A place you can go forward into understanding and perceiving. If you love something you will want all the knowledge you can of that something to strengthen and prove the love to be real. “To Know Him” is journey that I began a long time ago when out of the darkness His voice called me into the light. He showed me a side of Him that I consider very deep that branches out in many … Continue reading To Know Him

What We have Done with God?

History has shown mankind is like their creator in taking an idea, materials, and putting them together creating a solid functional self-sustaining powered invention. Mankind has taken, is taking, and will take things in the future from this world forming a creation from their own minds because we are His children. Have you ever been told to ‘put yourself in someone else’s shoes or situation‘ to try to see their side of the story, view, or perspective? This was my parent’s way of hinting to me to be slower on judging someone until you have all the facts. Have you … Continue reading What We have Done with God?