Your Word(s) Stops Me

How can a word physically stop you? When the word or words are spoken it has no physical restraining form to physically grab you and stop you. The word can hit your ears and enter your brain, but you can pass right through it like a ghost or like a whispering wind. Yet, there are words that stop me and you. I believe after reading this you will find words that stop you. Can words alone really stop you?


What is the earliest memory you have of a word spoken to you that meant “don’t do it”? There is a word babies hear early in life that is attached with the intention of stopping them. Most of us learned the word “No” along with “dada” or “momma“. The word “No” has the meaning of “stop” inside it, but no solid ability to act out physically stopping something.

You are told the stove is “hot” and it will hurt if you touch it. As the little child is standing in front of the stove reaches towards the red glowing stove eye. Someone speaks out the words “No, No!” They hear your word “No” with the meaning of stop inside it, but it does not physically grab their reaching hand. The word goes into their ears and into the brain with a “yes or no” choice, “agree or disagree” choice, “obey or disobey” choice. Your word is inside their mind not physically upon their arm.

It is not your word that stops them, but their choice to let your word stop them. It is a word spoken without physical power, but a power of choice to be made. Our words do not have a physical form when spoken. Some children will continue on to touch the red hot stove eye finding out the physically hard way of not letting your word stop them from getting burned.


I want you to stop for a moment and think with me. God did not physically stop Lucifer from mixing his angelic purity with evil, staining his entire being with corruption. The word knowledge inside Lucifer’s head is now tainted with a mixture of good and evil. His choice to ignore and not allow God’s word to stop him like the child was continually reaching for the red hot stove eye of evil.

Lucifer was not physically restrained along with all the angels in heaven, but his power of choice inside his head determined his physical outcome just like the little child standing in front of the stove with the burned hand. It has never been about physically restraining. Why would you create something in the first place to only physically restrain it?

Before we go any further, I personally believe “ONLY!” the one true God can control and keep the knowledge of evil in its place. This to me adds to why He is God. His personal choice between the two existing forces of the knowledge of good and evil was good only. Evil was released by the choices of the free will creations and not by God. Again, like the little boy the word was out there without a physical restraint, the choice was free to ignore or stop him.

In the beginning all creations were created in the knowledge of good without any physical restraint to their choices inside their minds and the knowledge of evil was contained separately from them. The word choice was the only thing not separated and constrained. The word choice was a “free will” inside all good creatures in God.


Now, let’s step out of the heavens onto the earth. Again, God created all things from the knowledge of good. God did not physically stop or restrain Eve and Adam. God gave them His Word, “Of every tree of the garden thou mayest freely eat: but of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, thou shalt not eat of it: for in the day that thou eatest thereof thou shalt surely die.” (Ge. 2:16, 17).

Eve and Adam already had the word taught to them just like the little child of “don’t touch the red hot stove“, but the word did not have a physical chain on them. One thing we quickly forget is that everything else on earth was absolutely free from any consequences. All was good, except for the one tree. The knowledge of evil was separated and contained, but not constrained just like in heaven with the angels.

It is ALL about the word you choose to be your red “stop” light or the green “go” light inside your head. Words do not physically grab you literally restrain you to the wall or floor. There is absolutely NOTHING to stop you from doing WHATEVER you want, only the limitations of your abilities. I am not looking into the future of the results or consequences right now. It is about the “word” choices you make.


Lucifer did not love or believe God’s word above his own desires. He was the little child that was going to touch the stove regardless of how hot it was according to the word. Eve and Adam did not love or believe God’s word above their own desires.

The invisible word knowledge of good and evil you receive into your mind is what determines the love of your heart. Your choice is what stops you or makes you go forward. Nothing will physically stop you within your natural abilities, except yourself. Yes, there are ramifications and consequences, but I am not looking at the after effects. I am locked onto the initial starting point of the choice.

There are words that I have chosen to follow. There are words I have chosen to have the power to stop me. There are words I have chosen to live my life by. There are words I choose above my personal or fleshly desires. You have words in your life you live by every day. Those choices of words can be from the knowledge of the good side, evil side, and even a mixture. * As a foot note, God hates mixture of good and evil, or lukewarmness. God wants purity of choice in either cold or hot (Rev. 3:16).

You may live by what your dad said, mom said, grandparent said, teacher said, coach said, pastor said, and the list goes on. What word do you live by from a person in your life? Which side does their word fit in the good, the evil, or the mixture? You can do anything you want. What holds you in your place?

You want to curse out your boss. What word or words hold you in your place in not doing it? You want to beat someone up. What word knowledge keeps you from doing it? You want to run people off the road. What word or words in your head stops you?


In your younger days you developed an attitude of “I am going to try this” and stepping up to the thoughts later of “no matter what anyone says (key word)”. As a young person you become your own god deciding what destiny you will try to have and idolizing whatever you want, cursing with no limits, forsaking anything respectful including parents and holy days, committing sexual relationships because you get addicted, lying and stealing for kicks with it growing into other reasons, wanting what others have to doing forcing it to be yours, and possibly to the level of killing things or someone. The choice of evil will take you farther than you truly want to go and keep you longer than you wanted to stay.

I became a lawless and unruly in my heart because of all the things I encountered as a naive, innocent, and believing soul. The words of others led me to believe “this was fun to try it” only to find out it was very bad. The words of peer pressure pushing me into something I later regretted, but there was no changing what was done. The words that “nobody will know” created a monster of hidden addiction. The words “you’re not a man unless you do it” brought hurt to just not myself, but to others. For me no one forced me physically to do any of these things. It was by the words planted or pushed into my ears that I physically made my body do the things it did.

I was a young man I had created a list of people that I had hurt by my decisions. I was really tired of the constant dramas and roller coaster rides of things you thought could completely satisfy you only to find out you needed more that was bigger and better. A no end in sight for a place of always wanting to be happy.


Sitting as far away as the last seat would let me sit in the back of the church I heard the words inside my mind “you have tried everything else why not try Me” and I agreed. I knew this was God’s words speaking to me. He was not hand cuffing me, not twisting my arm, or peer pressuring me with His words. He was simply giving me words from the knowledge of good.

I started my walk with God and His word alone. I had been around all kinds of different types of people in my life. The claiming (words) to be religious not matching God’s word and I don’t mean the little things, but huge things in His word – hypocrites if you will. The claiming (words) to be my best friends and in the end were using me to get what they want. The claiming (words) to be my girlfriends while kissing around with other guys openly, players with my emotions watching him cry, and other squashing of the heart deeds. The movies do NOT have the best actors. They are among us. I no longer believed people’s word. I was going to give God’s word a chance, now.

I searched His word for His thoughts on anger, jealousy, hatred, revenge, sexually active, marriage, loneliness, envy, alcohol, drugs, on and on I went. Everyday things I faced in life I looked them up in His word. I slowly was starting to see He was NOT lying to me, using me, back stabbing me, gossiping on me, or any other deceiving angle on me. His Spirit and Word was truly my best friend.


Physically I can do whatever I want and pay the consequences. I was not longer allowing male or female words to command me. I was in the “don’t trust people mode – only God“. The religious people, the girlfriends, the players, and the liars were still out there roaming around. A man told me “No One in the Bible was baptized ‘in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost‘ (Mtt. 28:19)”. I was nice and I listened, but I did not believe him.

His words were NOT going to change me or come between me and my best friend – God. I went home and for the next several days I searched God’s Word while asking God’s guidance. I was finding all kinds of places where people were baptized in Jesus name and not using the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost over them. I was still against the man’s words, but I was standing before God’s word.

I had the man’s words (opinion), God’s words (opinion), and my words (opinion) inside of me. Physically no one had control of me. I was free to command my body with whatever beliefs I wanted to follow, but I was in a relationship with God giving Him a chance to be my true friend.

I had to make a decision about the new side of God I found directly from His word. I had not seen this side of God before or even given life to believing it. I had unconsciously put God in a box within the limits of my mind, so very sad. I could tell this was Him in the scriptures baptizing people in Jesus name. It became crystal clear you could not kill the Father or the Holy Ghost for our sins on the cross. The Father and the Holy Ghost do not have blood. The blood was in Jesus for the washing away of our sins (Acts 2:38). Jesus is the name of the Father (Jn. 5:43) and the Holy Ghost is sent in Jesus name (Jn. 14:26). Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are titles for the one God visiting us at three different stages in our lives.


Your Word(s) Stops Me” was the beginning of changing my personal thinking of doing things my way and everyone else could just hit the highway going bye, bye. I allowed God’s word to stop me and join me in the decisions and choices I was going to make. I wanted to be one with God and His Word. I wanted to be baptized in Jesus name not because of the man’s word or my way of thinking, but because God’s word said it.

I went to the man’s church where his pastor baptized me in freezing cold baptismal water pronouncing over me “In the obedience to the word of God I do now indeed baptize you in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ for the remission of your sins and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” He was following the verse in Acts 2:38, the first day of the birth of the church inside the body of Jesus Christ, our refugee from death, hell, and the grave.

I did not quit my church and go to the man’s church. I still did not believe in man’s words. I had to see it for myself before I would believe it. I, now, had a scale in my mind, heart, and soul that one side of the scale had God and His word with the other side open to whatever input I would get from this world. It was not longer “my way or the highway“. It was becoming God’s way if it matched in His word without piecing it together by man. I did end up going to their church because of only one thing and that was the preaching and teaching was more in line with God’s word than the other church. I wanted to be in line with God and man’s opinions.


I am many years into walking with the Lord and His word. There is “Nothing Wrong” with putting everyone in the scales with God and His word. If they are of God then there will be no trouble. There should be “No Fear“, if it is truly one with God and His word. I have no fear of you asking me about God. It is not that I know it all. It is because I put myself in the scales with Him examining myself whether I am of God or not (2 Cor. 13:5).

There is “Nothing Wrong” with putting mankind outside the circle from you and God. I do not allow man between me and God. I am physically in control of this body and it is mine to make the choices of what it will do and what will live inside this body. There is “Nothing Wrong” about standing strong as an individual in the scales with God and His word. This makes you a healthy organ in the body of Christ feeding other members (1 Cor. 12:7-28) love, hope and faith (1 Cor. 13:13) to be all they can be in their function in the body of Christ.


You do realize it is man’s words that you take inside yourself allowing or not-allowing them between you and God? Mankind does not control you physically with handcuffs, rope, and other restraining devices. Man’s words are what attempts to control your thoughts. You are the one who decides if those words will control you. You give them power to your body to act them out. Even if man was in control of your body physically He cannot enter into your spirit and control it. If man attempts to control your spirit they will only end up with a brainwashed lost zombie in the process.


The words floating around inside the thoughts of the angel, Lucifer is where the choice was made. He was not forced by other angels, brainwashed, or pushed into rebelling against God. He did not love the good knowledge of God enough to stop himself or above his personal desires. He chose the words for the action of his body to be based on “…I will ascend…”, “…I will exalt/raise…”, “…I will sit…”, “…I will ascend…”, “…I will be…” (Is. 14:12-14). He took his words of choice and put them in other angel’s minds trying to control them with his cause. Have you ever had someone trying to persuade you into their cause with smooth talking and inspiring words? The scales of God will save you.


The words of the devil to Eve did not forcibly grab her hand placing the forbidden fruit into her hands and pushing it up to her mouth. She stood there talking with him at the forbidden tree having words only. Her love for the good knowledge of God was not enough to stop her or above her personal desires. She allowed the devil’s words to get in between her and God inside her mind, heart, and soul.

God did not stop Eve or Adam. There is a reason the All Knowing, All Powerful; All Present God does not stop His creations. He wanted them to choose which knowledge to physically follow. There is no comparison to when a person makes up their own mind. If you can be talked into it there is always someone else who can talk you out of it, but if you decide inside yourself on your own there is no comparison. God wants all to be their own creature totally with the freedom of choice.


I am no longer the lawless and unruly person I use to be. I am still free to choose what my body does no matter what and pay the consequences. When I am driving and road rage wants my hands to take over the steering wheel, my love for “Your Word(s) Stop Me“. If a desire tempts me to steal by putting things in my pocket, my love for “Your Word(s) Stop Me“. When someone makes me angry enough to want to hurt them and the urge tries to take over my body to hit them, my love for “Your Word(s) Stop Me“. When the temptation to lie tries to take over my body and speak through my voice, my love for “Your Word(s) Stop Me“. When I want to divorce my wife, my love for “Your Word(s) Stop Me“. When a temptation of a desire to commit adultery tries to take over, my love for “Your Word(s) Stop Me“.


Jesus lived a life for us of his own free will choice. The fullness of the Godhead was in Jesus bodily (Col. 1:19, 2:9). He had You the Almighty God inside of him, but he was not forced, he was not handcuffed, and his arm was not twisted to obey. He loved Your word above his own will, “…not to do my will…” Jn. 6:38, and everyone else. Everything Jesus faced to do physically he made the choice from the knowledge of good.

Jesus went into a desert fasting 40 days and 40 nights. Notice, Jesus at his weakest point in his body the devil did not try to physically touch him, restrain him, or beat him. God did not try to stop Jesus physically, but left his choices up to his own free will. The devil spoke words for Jesus to choose on his own accord like he did Eve.

The devil said, “If you are the Son of God, tell these stones to become bread.” Jesus had full authority to turn all the stones physically around him into bread like the people in Moses day found on the ground. My love for “Your Word Stops Me” and I choose “…‘Man shall not live on bread alone, but on every word that comes from the mouth of God’.” Jesus did not physically try to fight the devil. He gave God’s word back to the devil (Mtt. 4:3, 4).

The devil did take Jesus to the holy city and to the highest point in the temple. A place where Jesus would possibly feel at home and comfortable, but the devil did not forcibly or physically try make Jesus do anything. The devil quoted God’s words into his ears wanting Jesus to jump to his death because God had angels ordered to catch him. Jesus had the words of God inside his mind and heart to choose from along with his knowledge of this world. Jesus puts God’s words back in the devil’s face to not put the Lord your God to the test (Mtt. 4:5-7). Jesus loved God’s word above the holy city, temple, and pushing God in an unnecessary test.

The devil takes Jesus to a high mountain enough to see all the kingdoms of the world. The devil could not make him do anything physically. It had to done by acted upon words of choice by Jesus. The devil says he will give all that Jesus sees if he will bow down and worship him. The devil wanted Jesus to take this forbidden fruit of lies (words) like Eve for power. Jesus loved God’s word more and he said, “Worship the Lord your God, and serve Him only“, go away Satan and he left (Mtt. 4:8-10).

There was nothing in this world that was enough to get between Jesus the man and the one true God. Jesus love for the one true God and His Word was eternal life to the one who attains the knowledge thereof (Jn. 17:3). Whatever Jesus heard and saw from God he made the choice for his body to physically follow God’s knowledge of good to the very end and beyond.


What word or words have you chosen to be above your own words in this life? What knowledge do you guide the actions of your body to live by in this life? Have you put those words in the scale with God’s word?

It is not your religion verses other religions, your words against other people’s words. It will be your spirit inside your body with the word choices you made to live this life by standing before the creator of all creation.

Will your choices line up with the knowledge of good on one side or the knowledge of evil on the other side? Your religion does not control your body. People around you do not control your body. You have taken the words of this life into your soul and made your body act upon the choices of those word

My love for “Your Word Stops Me” and I choose you, Lord Jesus.

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