God Above Everything Else

God Above Everything Else” is a good question to ask yourself. Is there anything, anything that I have put above God? My mom, my dad, my brother(s), my sister(s), relatives, pastor, teachers, youth leaders, boyfriend, girlfriend, anyone, or anything I have put above God? Is there anything I value as more important than God?

God is a title that must perfectly fit in all areas. Would it be right to use the title God loosely when trying to identify something or someone as the greatest and there is no other greater? The title “God” should be number one in knowledge, power, and in presence. Can anything or anyone be called “God” if they have limits?

If my God or your God does not fit as the all knowing, all powerful, and present everywhere then we might need to examine ourselves once again in our beliefs. If we give something or someone the title God there should be no fear of any limits. Is it right to question God? Would this be setting a limit or a boundary for the one we call, “God”? With an open and yielding mind would be the right way to question God.

If I am the God of baseball no one else should be able to beat or better me. If I am the God blogger of Word Press no one should be able to write more eloquently than me or better in any other aspect of blogging. People’s records have been broken by other people and no man has ever sealed their record forever. Mankind is always cycling through the generations with someone else greater.

To give the title “God” to something or someone they or it should be the “God Above Everything Else“. We as human beings should treat our God as God and not be afraid of any questions. Why would the true God be afraid of questions? You can’t be God if you are afraid of something.

Man’s definition of God in the dictionary could be (1) the creator and ruler of the universe and source of all moral authority; the supreme being, or (2) a superhuman being or spirit worshiped as having power over nature or human fortunes; a deity.

The first thing I needed to realize was everything here on earth about God man has tried to shape it and form it. If the people in your life have remained true to the way God wanted things written about Him then there would be no fear of you asking them any questions. If man has formed the ideas of God then your questions will be offensive, it is just the way things are, we are not suppose to know, I don’t know (why not?), it is a mystery they will tell you.

The true All knowing, All powerful, All present God would not be afraid of your questions, but be the opposite of please ask Me, seek Me, and knock upon My door (Mtt. 7:7-8) with your questions. He would not fear you, but welcome you into His fellowship desiring you to return the favor to Him (Rev. 3:20). God would be a title to someone who would be perfect at casting out all fear (1 Jn. 4:18) with the desire that His children (Acts 17:28) would be happy to seek Him, feel after Him, and find Him (Acts 17:27) because He is near us being the All present God.


It is a trap to accept one person’s thinking as the totality of whom or what deserves the title “God”. I would be the first to tell you “don’t accept my words alone”, but joyfully seek Him on your own journey and quest. When you do, you will be joining the strong ranks of the people in the Bible who built their house on a firm foundation having confidence the world would see the true God inside them.

I am NOT anti-pastor or anti-teacher when I say; God is waiting on you, personally, to stand on your own two feet in fellowship with Him and not waiting for the days you gather at church. God is not limited to the house of worship you attend. He is with you in your home, your bedroom, your kitchen, your garage, your yard, and anywhere else you may go.

No one else will stand in front of God on judgment day pleading your case before Him to let you in. You and I will face Him directly alone. He will show you all the times in your life on earth He called out to you through others, the music He played for you through others, the words in songs He sang for you through others (Mtt. 11:16, 17), and how His invisibleness was clearly seen in creation removing all excuses (Ro. 1:20)

Wow, “no excuses” should be the time you hear a bell ringing with understanding I should make “God Above Everything Else“. I could not begin to tell you the personal ground of understandings I have gained from asking, seeking, and knocking on God’s door for fellowship, but be aware He will tell you things many people do not want to hear religious and non-religious the same. You will have to feed them slowly waiting for them to see it for themselves and until then you must be patient.

As a child I was told about God Almighty. God flooded the entire world with Noah, his family, and all animals of sets of two survived on the ark as dry land reappeared later. God was the fire in a bush that was not burning down speaking to Moses. All the plagues Pharaoh refused to believe in “God Above Everything Else” he had seen.

I was taught a certain way about God. You pray to the Holy Spirit that translates to the Son, Jesus, and he intervenes with God the Father on your behalf. Salvation is simple in just speaking words you believe in God and if you want to be “…baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:” (Mtt. 28:19) for a public profession of your faith in God you can.

I, as a child, was hearing about this great, big, all powerful, all knowing, all present God. I was excited about this deity titled “God”. I had all kinds of questions about Him and His power only to hear limited answers from the adults. They were more of “tone down your questions about Him” because He is not that active today only in a tiny bit of here a little and there a little.

Wow, this is how I found out about He was going to speak to us with “…stammering lips and another tongue” because mankind stop putting “God Above Everything Else” creating their own rules using His word as “…Do this, do that, a rule for this, a rule for that; a little here, a little there…falling backwards” (Is. 28:11-13). Is there a bell ringing inside you of another reason to have “God Above Everything Else” in your life?

I will not go into details, but as I grew older I went through a phase “if God is not an active God, but here a little and there a little” I will do my own thing in this world for self happiness, which caused a great deal of suffering on myself and others. I became an evil person until one Sunday morning God said, “Try me, you have tried everything else.” I said, “Okay, I will” forming a pack that I will give Him a try.


This time around I made “God Above Everything Else“. This pack with God was I will believe “You and Your Word ONLY“!!! I refused to accept what anyone said about God on face value. In the church I saw too much hypocrisy. In my mind it had to be confirmed by God and His Word, “God Above Everything Else” and not pieced together out of context to back up their belief. I turned into a student of God asking, seeking, and knocking upon His door to show me before I accept it. I had an open mind, heart, and soul yielding to God and His word ONLY!

I was working in an amusement park in Pigeon Forge, TN. Nobody knew that behind my face was a young man who made God his best friend and the rest of the world were all liars (Ro. 3:4). So, I could separate man’s opinion from God’s proving what was true. A co-worker said to me that no one in the Bible was ever baptized using “in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost” (Mtt. 28:19). I listened to him politely and did not argue.

Keeping “God Above Everything Else” and  ” Let God be true, and every human being a liar…” (NIV, Ro. 3:4) I went home to study with my best friend, God and His word. I searched the Bible using everything to find Father, Son, and Holy Ghost water baptism. I came back to him later to tell him he was right about what he said and the only written proof of water baptism was spoken in the name of Jesus Christ and the reason was to wash away sins, not a public confession of your faith.

This is where it gets tough for most people. The struggle of what you have always been taught. I was not yielding to the man that told me. I was opening up more of myself directly to my God and His word. I think it is a good thing to have a percentage of not believing man 100% and using that small percentage as an excuse to prove it yourself between you and God.

I still believe in a personal relationship with God because if you put too much faith in a person when they fall short or sin your faith in God may go with them making them closer to you than God. This is another reason for keeping “God Above Everything Else“.

I got re-baptized, born of the water side of salvation (Jn 3:5), in Jesus name (blood is in the name) for the removal of all my sins (Acts 2:38) starting as a brand new creature in Christ. Now, I began to see God is still doing great things instead of here a little and there a little because His word said He would poor out His Spirit with the “…stammering lips and another tongue” to show the born again of the Spirit side (Jn3:5) of the new birth.


You and I as individuals cannot afford to let anything be above God. What power does anything else have over God? Can man add a single hour to his life by his thoughts or worrying over it (Mtt. 6:27)? It is your life and no one else will stand in your place. Having “God Above Everything Else” does not make things worse for you. It is the opposite in making things perfect for you. God should be above all the opinions of your family, friends, neighbors, colleagues, and all others. Most of all God should be above your own personal thinking with an open and yielding mind to His thoughts that are above our thoughts and His ways above our ways (Is. 55:8-11).

If you have not, search for yourself, God wants you to ask, seek, and knock finding Him though He is not far from you to guide into the body of salvation He created for you.


Acts 2:38 “Peter replied, ‘Repent and be baptized, every one of you, in the name of Jesus Christ for the forgiveness of your sins.”


Acts 2:38 “And you will receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.” = “…stammering lips and another tongue


Acts 2:39 “The promise is for you and your children and for all who are far off—for all whom the Lord our God will call.”

ARE YOU GOING TO KEEP “God Above Everything Else“?

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