Believer Can Be An Unbeliever

Did you know that you and I can be divided in the things we believe? We can pick and choose things we want to believe and other things we refuse to believe. We have inside our minds the knowledge of good and evil voicing their influence of which way we should go. We can face something in life that is whole and complete within itself, but our believing can be divided not changing the whole and complete object we are partially believing in.

The thought is we are not whole in our beliefs towards something that is complete. As an example: I am one whole person. You can be a believer about parts of me and an unbeliever about other parts of me. I as the whole person have not been divided, but you have been divided within yourself about me. This is probably a poor example, but a general idea of something whole and undivided with others divided within themselves. You can be a believer about parts of God and His scriptures and an unbeliever about other parts of God and His scriptures. God as the whole One True Deity has not been divided, but you have been divided within yourself about God and His scriptures, besides you can’t divide His Spirit.

A believer is based on the word “believe”, which means accepting something to be true and/or feels sure it is of the truth. A believer is not a religious thing only. You can be a believer that when your phone rings by touching the green circle with the phone icon it will answer the call. You believe the green circle with the phone icon works. An unbeliever is simply the opposite that things will not work. The question is “can you be a Believer and Unbeliever?

Can You be a Believer and Unbeliever?” Believing is accepting something to be true and unbelieving is rejecting something to be true. It is implying a person could be “positive” and “negative” about a whole item. They could be “on” and “off” no matter what it is. You can be believing and not believing in the same person, place, or thing. You can believe in God and unbelieving in God at the same time.

Our minds can occupy in the same place things we believe and things we don’t believe, which can leave us divided and incomplete. We can accept and reject from within our bodies. We can have a mixture of on and off things that we have categorized regardless how whole complete the other might be. It would be us who are missing out on the complete truth and falling short before God because He has not changed, but we have.

We can pick and do pick what we believe is true and not true deceiving ourselves into thinking it is true to our standard. We make ourselves to be believers and unbelievers at the same time and place. It sounds strange, but it is true. We can be lovers and haters from the same heart at the same one object. Why should our thoughts be any different?


The question is outside of us to be the truth whether we believe or don’t believe are we in alignment with the truth? I can choose you are not reading these words, but you could quote the words back to me as a believer of “yes, I am reading these words“. One of us is telling the absolute truth while the other is in denial. Your quoting the words obviously makes you the truth and me in denial or how else would you know the words. Denial is where the unbelief can divide us on the inside.

Our choices to believe or not believe do not affect the truth because it is outside of us and our control. It will stand on its own with us or without us. All of creation does not revolve around us. We know some people that sentence would shock them. You and I are not the totality of all truth. I hope I did not hurt your feelings. I realize the world does not revolve around any of us many years ago. If you don’t want to be deceived you must be willing to change to what is truth.

How would you feel if you believed something and taught it for years finding out your interpretation was off enough to make a huge difference in actually what was the full truth? A true wise person would be willing to change over to more truth and the ways of God more perfectly like accepting that they are not all knowing. A rejection of truth is choosing the knowledge side of evil in unbelief of the real knowledge of the good side of God.

To be honest with you, I hate to be deceived or blind to things within myself that others see and I don’t or things outside of me. There is a battle of knowledge of good and evil with us in the mix trying to make choices. I thoroughly enjoy would God reaches into this battle pulling me up into the wisdom that is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be given, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy (Ja. 3:17).


Can a Bible person be a believer in the word of God and unbeliever in the word of God? Can a person be a believing Christian and unbelieving Christian at the same time? Can a pastor be a believer and an unbeliever at the same time? Is he/she and everyone else under the sun possess the human error factor living inside them? (Yes!). Wow, this is something to really think about. Can you and I believe in the Bible and not believe in the Bible at the same time?

Is it possible to have a mixture of believing and unbelieving inside ourselves with God and His word? Does it even sound right to say, “I am a believer and unbeliever of God’s word“? God is alive in His from beginning to end. Do we say inside our hearts I will believe this, but I won’t believe that? Does the scripture pop into your head, “If a house is divided against itself, that house cannot stand.” (Mk. 3:25, NIV)? We are in danger. Let us examine ourselves completely.

God and His word are complete outside of us. I don’t think I have to challenge you or myself with the task of going up against God with His abilities of creation and maintaining powers of our present day existence. If I do need to challenge you then it would be safe to say you are more than divided inside yourself than you realize. I am simply establishing before continuing God is All Present, All Knowing, and All Powerful with or without us.


Can you be conscious and unconscious at the same time? This is almost a quick answer of “No!”, but is that really true? I believe we can be conscious and unconscious at the same time. You may be thinking of conscious as in being awake and unconscious as being asleep physically, but I am referring to the eternal spirit of our true selves.

Believing in something to be true comes with a conscious understanding. It is something that has come to our attention with perception to be truth. Some will use the word “revelation“, which is a simple an unknown fact before and now is seen as clearly to be a true fact. Others may call it when “the light bulb comes on” shining the light of understanding and seeing it for the first time though it has been there. You are believing in a conscious fashion aware of its existence, whereas before you did not know it, thus the conscious and unconscious knowledge.

Believers of the Bible must have an exploring spirit to find consciously all the gold nuggets of truth God wants us to have. There is no end to our maturing in God while here on earth. God actually asks us to “Examine yourselves to see whether you are in the faith; test yourselves…” (2 Cor. 13:5, NIV). It is not a onetime thing with God saving us and then we go on about our business forgetting, a seed of unbelief by the way, about Him.

The born again experience of repenting on our part of our wicked ways, being baptized in Jesus name for the washing away of ALL our sins, and being filled with the Holy Spirit of God by the evidence to us, He has moved inside, by the speaking in a language we have not learned, but He gives it for our hearing and others proof the born again of His Spirit is not about the saving of our soul ONLY. The once saved always saved is a believing and unbelieving doctrine.

This can be a form of believing and not believing just by getting saved and going back to our worldly sinful ways just in a more careful covering ways of sinning leading people around us to think we are a good person now. This is what some people do putting sheep clothing on while sneaking around doing their wolf like deeds. You can sincere and sincerely wrong at the same time.

God’s salvation is more than just saving our soul. It is also about God moving inside our bodies as a roommate. It is about the fellowship of His knowledge of good guiding us on a daily basis while living in a world that is governed and laced by the knowledge of evil. The knowledge of evil (our flesh, people, and the devil) will constantly try to keep us divided from the knowledge of good (God).


Unconscious” is more of the not knowing in this writing. If you don’t know something about God you must resist in replacing the “not knowing” into an “unbelieving” category. The Bible is full of things we have yet to discover about God’s Spirit and His word. This is the journey He wants each of us to take discovering more and more about Him applying a “want to” desire of love. When you work for something it has more meaning deep within you making it more solid.

The unconscious and not knowing is not an excuse any of us can hide behind because the Bible has so many scriptures from God telling us to ask Him, seek Him, and knock upon His door (Matt. 7:7). Actually, there is a scripture of God standing outside your door knocking and calling out to you to open the door to eat and fellowship one with another (Rev. 3:20).

The “unconscious”, “not knowing“, and the “unbelieving” is exactly what God wants to help us all with removing the division within us making us a whole believer and not a divided believer with unbelieving parts in us. If you “don’t know” then God wants you “to know” by seeking Him, feeling after Him, and finding Him because He is not far away at all (Acts 17:27). Believing with whole knowledge of understanding and perception is eternal life to God because you are knowing Him in the light of His One and True Self, and the son, the man Jesus Christ (Jn. 17:3), that provided the re-connection (2 Cor. 5:19) with the knowledge of God’s goodness. What would you be like if you completely believed God’s word and was growing by leaps and bounds?


As children we are taught by those around us what to believe by their voice and their actions. We are being trained in a way we will possibly go (Prov. 22:6). As children getting older they will see the “do as I say” and “not do as I do” situations. The believer and unbeliever starts early in life. We start practicing dividing on our own opinions what should be accepted and rejected.

Jesus, God, wanted us to return to that 100% believing as children or we will never enter into the kingdom of heaven. The lowliness of a child is the greatest attitude in the kingdom of heaven was God’s opinion (Matt. 18:3). It is possible as an adult to change back to the beautiful child like faith and completeness in God. You and I are divided inside more than we are willing to accept. No matter what religion you are involved there is a division inside of you.

 “Believing and Unbelieving” and “picking and choosing” mixed is spiritual cancer we all must examine ourselves (2 Cor. 13:5) in the light of God’s word and Spirit, not mans.

As we get older the “picking and choosing” becomes more and more due to the smiling faces that show no traces of the lies within. Our trust factor goes from a child of believing of 100% to a constant subtraction towards 0%. This is why we adults have to be careful not to lose totally our child like faith discerning the knowledge of evil at work below the surface and when the knowledge of good is at work trying to get us to see.

The “picking and choosing” has been around since the dawn of time. It is a hidden element at work in the back of our minds and sometimes out in front of our minds. Eve and Adam made their choice from “picking and choosing” from the knowledge of God’s good to the devil’s choice of the knowledge of evil. The devil (Lucifer), 1/3 of other angels, Eve, and Adam went from being 100% believers to the mixed up divided corruption of unbelievers. This was a decision in the face of knowing and believing that there is One God with trembling respecting fear (Jam. 2:19). Now, their heads were full of almost un-controlling knowledge of evil swirling around in them, which explains a time of only evil thinking in the thoughts of man.

The “picking and choosing” of what to believe and not to believe created the division inside the angels and mankind. The angels and mankind lost their wholeness and completeness because they refused the whole word of God. We must not make the same mistake today with the “picking and choosing” because we now face the option to live forever in heaven through Jesus Christ on the right choice or live in hell with the devils and his angels on the “picking and choosing” based on opinions of selfish flesh, man, and demons.

God DID NOT change from before anything was created, after things were created, and the future of creations because He is the same yesterday, today, and forever (Heb. 13:8). No creation’s “Picking and Choosing” on their part changes God.

We have seen with our own eyes what happens when you only believe parts of God. We have seen all kinds of religions formed over the centuries based on “picking and choosing” parts of God and His word forming their man made religion. They have killed and done other horrible things in the name of God and His word. This is where you can be a believer and unbeliever at the same time by “picking and choosing” what you want from God’s word.

This is the ploy of the knowledge of evil to “separate and conquer” whereas with God it is the opposite to stay as one “containing and controlling” the knowledge of evil with the knowledge of good. The knowledge of evil was never meant to be separated from God’s control, but the “picking and choosing” of angels and man let it out to try to “separate and conquer”.


All my life I have seen the “picking and choosing” from others. I have been guilty of “picking and choosing“, but when it came to trusting God. I wanted to trust Him in whole and completeness. I felt with God, if He is Who He is, there would be no need to divide Him by “picking and choosing” and who was I to do the “picking and choosing” with a messed up life from my own choices. It was time to take His choices completely.

We can do the “picking and choosing” with people because everyone we meet will have that good and evil fleshly intentions we are unaware until spending time with them listening and watching carefully. God is not man with deceiving selfish factors.

I have seen and heard the ones going to churches do things that I knew were wrong. They were making decisions with “picking and choosing” their path in the world while soothing their conscience with attending church – hypocrites. Their language in the world did not match the language in the Word of God or the church. Their talk had God’s praise in it during church, but after church on the other days of the week their talk had curses (Jam. 3:10).

I want God to be God and not restricted to any man’s thinking “picking and choosing“, including me. The ‘God doesn’t do it that way anymore‘, ‘it is no longer necessary‘, ‘it cannot be understood‘, ‘it is no longer needed‘, ‘God will forgive me no matter what I do’ and other excuses is unacceptable to me because who is man to make that decision from his own “picking and choosing” of what should live in God’s word and what is dead in God’s word.

I want the wisdom that is from above that is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be entreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy (Jam. 3:17). If I locked in and kept to what people told me to believe in God I would have never been baptized in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of my sins (Acts 2:38) and God filling me with His Holy Spirit like He did back then because He has not changed His salvation formula – man did.


Some people’s “picking and choosing” has locked onto Matt. 28:19 in such a way they refuse the whole book of Acts. They are believers of Matt. 28:19 with their “picking and choosing” and unbelievers of Acts 2:38 allowing a “dividing and separating” between two scriptures in the Word of God meant to be One with each other.

I was convinced (Not Knowing Believer) that water baptism according to Matt. 28:19 “…in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost:” was a public profession of your faith. I met a fellow at the place I was working who said, “Did you know no one(Key Words)’ was baptized in the Bible using the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost“?

After a personal, alone, research of the word of God (ONLY) from Genesis to Revelation study for any and all clues to understand this man’s statement. I found in the book Acts the only records of people literally being baptized was in Jesus name. My first encounter to seeing a man made “picking and choosing” and “dividing and separating” of what to believe (give life) and not to believe (no life).

The apostles in the word of God was baptizing in Jesus name for the removal of sins and not a public confession. A counsel of men came together a few hundred years later after the apostles with their “picking and choosing” changing Acts 2:38 to be Matt. 28:19 baptismal formula. They decide a “dividing and separating” of the scriptures was necessary even though Jesus left the preaching and forming of the church in the apostles hands, especially Peters. Matt. 28:19 is Jesus telling the apostle what to do after he ascends to heaven. Did the apostles disobey Jesus by baptizing in Jesus name? Can it be God’s word perfect if there is division?

Matt. 28:19 and Acts 2:38 are one with God and not with man. ‘The Father‘ was the title designating THE ‘Father of All Creation‘, ‘the Son‘ was the title of the promise of redemption of mankind; ‘the Holy Ghost‘ was the title for the inheritance of a regeneration within us. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are titles not names. Jesus is a name and his name has his blood inside it, not Son. There is no blood in ‘Father‘ or the ‘Holy Ghost‘. Jesus said, “I am come in my Father’s name…” (Jn 5:43), the only name we know from Jesus is Jesus. When Jesus was born they were told by the angel of the Lord “…thou shalt call his name JESUS: for he shall save his people from their sins.” (Matt. 1:21). The Holy Ghost is sent to us in Jesus name (Jn. 14:26).

Matt. 28:19 are one in God because Jesus is the name of the title ‘Father‘, the title ‘Son‘, and the title ‘Holy Ghost‘ because there is no other name under heaven given to mankind by which we must be saved (Acts 4:12). The “picking and choosing” of what part to believe and what not to believe has caused a “dividing and separating” of God’s word in us and not in God.

I don’t care about what man says outside of me. I am looking inside from me to the Lord. Lord, am I “picking and choosing” things out of your word I want to believe overlooking other parts of You with a “dividing and separating” for my own desires? A thousand times ‘No!” Lord, I came to you for the saving of my soul for You to be You purely without any tainting of my own opinions and others.


Have you ever come to that point of being tired of what man has to say? Have you ever just wanted God? I mean 100% nothing, but God? All the arguing with people digging deep into “picking and choosing” Hebrew, Aramaic, or Greek translations of the word of God trying to push their point. Did God really make His word to be tricky and hard to understand? The surface of God should match the depth of God because He don’t change.

Did God really want His word to be complicated that only the extremely smart could enjoy it? No, God wants everyone from the slowest learner to the fastest learner to understand and perceive His love for us. Sure, I enjoy digging into the deeper meanings of God’s word, but I do not allow the “picking and choosing” to take over my thinking “dividing and separating” the true meaning God intended. A searching mind with a submissive attitude cannot be beat.

Believing and unbelieving leaves you going around in circles in your own thoughts “picking and choosing” while the “dividing and separating” keeps your spirit incomplete and not whole. I have made my thoughts sit in a desk like a student studying the word of God with the Holy Ghost leading me into all truth that is not pieced together, but whole because I want God’s approval (2 Tim. 2:15) giving Him the Master Teacher over my one spirit classroom.


A believer can be an unbeliever. You may have a girl/boy friend that you notice they are quick to acknowledge your one talent they personally enjoy, but ignore anything else about you with an attitude “that’s fine“, “that’s cute“, but they don’t care about that part of you.

It is a type of unbelief because they are throwing away that part of you in their mind and only want that one thing from you they want. They believe in that one function you provide, but do not believe that other part of you is important or necessary.

Some people will marry a person on the idea, conscious or unconscious, of what they will get from them. They don’t care about any goals you would like to attain in life. An example: “I married her/him for her/his body” and “that is all I care about.” “I married him/her for the stability they will bring to me.” This is an attitude of “this is my world and you live in it“.

They are a believer of what you can provide for their selfish wants, but an unbeliever in any goals outside of their dream world. They will fight you to keep you inside their believing world while pushing out your desires as unbelief to the necessity of your desires.

Unbelief has blindness and a denial side to it, but it does not change the reality of the truth. Many marriages started out on the blinders of looks and the deafness of the spirit goals a person may have. Many marriages started out on the looks of talent for a career and a blindness of inside traits that what would be normally a marriage breaking deal.

A “Believer Can Be an Unbeliever” divided within themselves with an incompleteness they manage by trying to form the world around them to their beliefs blinded to the changing fact that they are not changing the reality truth outside of them.

I want to be whole in my believing in God. This is why I am not scared to ask Him, seek Him, and knock on His door for understandings driving away any possible festering unbelief’s, denials, or mysteries.

How are you today? Do you have any area(s) in God’s word you have ignored and not given your belief and faith in? Are you a whole believer in God? I am no longer the same person I use to be.

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