Go back with me to when you were a baby. You and I were born alone inside these bodies. Our bodies are a surface hiding the real us inside. The real you is inside behind the body we see. Our bodies/surface is all people see. As babies we are born wanting. Our spirit doesn’t know anything, but our body wants food. Our spirit catches onto the knowledge and need for food and attention.

All of mankind is born wanting something. Our body, the surface, wants things and will use methods of no matter what it takes to try to get those wants fulfilled. A baby will learn crying gets the surface of their mother, father, or caretaker to come to them and serve their want, desire, or need with a baby bottle or food.

We are born wanting our surface (body) to be served by others. The origin of this “wanting our surface to be served by others” came from a fallen angel who wanted to kick God out of His place and for all others to serve his surface in God’s place. This same fallen angel tricked our mother of mankind into wanting her surface to be served by others what she thought was like God.

This is why we are born into a body that wants others to serve its surface. Our mother (Eve) and our dad (Adam) of mankind did NOT have a need for anything. There was absolutely nothing that lacked in the garden of Eden God provided to them, His children. What the fallen angel offered Eve was not a lacking or shortcoming in needs. It was an unnecessary “wanting of the surface (body) to be served by others” – power overall. There was no need for service because all was provided.

The sin of wanting past all the provisions you had within yourself, a wanting more than what you were created to completely be. A looking outward from within yourself into others wanting service you when you had no need to be served. You were complete within yourself.

We are now born into a world with a surface (body) demanding completely to be served by others. This surface (body) incorporates, influences, and brain washes our eternal spirit within to its demise of demanding to be served by others for its wants and needs. We become slaves to our fleshly desires guided by the knowledge of evil.

This explains why God had His first (1) rule to mankind to be “You shall have no other gods before me.“, (Ex. 20:3). The fallen angel wanted beyond himself not being happy with his completeness and wanting others to serve him like God. There is no surface created to be able to be God outside of Jesus Christ, whom God created Himself. The totality of Jesus had the ability to be God and it was not beyond him. Lucifer wanted others to make him God.

The fallen angel (Lucifer), Eve, Adam, and all other creatures were built completely sufficient within themselves and needed nothing beyond themselves. When the surface of the fallen angel crossed over into God’s world he could not contain all that God is and his vessel, that was sufficient, was overtaken by evil being reduced to forever wanting others to serve him. ONLY God can contain the knowledge of evil and keep it in its place.

We are born with that forever ‘someone to serve us‘ mentality in our surface (Body). Everything about us longs for someone to serve our needs and desires. The loneliest loner wants something even if it is a garden to serve them. They must have substance to live, which comes from wanting something to serve them.

Wanting something to serve your surface (body) goes far beyond your conscientious thinking (awareness). When your spirit inside your surface starts becoming one with your flesh the desires to be served becomes double fold with a blindness to the fact that your spirit is not of this world that is passing away, but of the eternal realm where it will forever live from the actions it did here on earth.


Your spirit will join in with your surface (body) seeking others to serve you. Why do you think there is inequality? Why are there a popular boy and a popular girl? Their surface attracts others to serve them into their positions. Why are there a preferred handsome man and a beautiful woman? Their surface meets the wanting desires to be served by others. They are known as ‘Eye Candy’.

This explains why God had His second (2) rule to mankind to be ‘you shall not make for yourselves an idol‘ (Ex. 20:4). It is inside your body (surface) to want beyond yourself looking for others to serve in what you think you want and desire. The “I want to be like him” or “I want to be like her” is your surface (body), like the fallen angel, wanting something outside yourself to serve you and even worship you.

All of mankind around you has this “wanting their surface (body) to be served by others” consciously or conscientiously. They see your surface (body) and they want you to work for them. They want you to hang around with them. They ask you for your surface’s (body’s) help. This wanting your help is almost beyond the scope of words. The help they ask your surface (body) for the service could be anything to meet their needs.

Your surface (body) becomes the “means to their end“. Your surface (body) becomes their avenue to reaching their goal using you to serve them for their personal desires. You are nothing to them when your surface (body) can no longer meet those desired needs of service to them.

The world is absolutely full of things that are temporarily good to serve others until the age of time makes them no longer desirable. You are liked and loved because of your surface (body) because you meet the “wanting desires of their surface (body) to be served by others“. Yes, I can hear you saying, but there are those who love my inside person. Yes, you are right, but the majority of the world consciously or unconsciously has the “wanting desires of their surface (body) to be served by others“.


Our clothes and shoes serve us for a time and are thrown away. Mankind’s mother and dad were naked before they fell into sin with no need for any service to be done to them. Now, with the earth cursed with sin the elements demand us to be served with clothing and shoes in serving the harsh elements.

Everything that serves our surface (body) from people, places and things goes away. Nothing that serves our surface (body) lasts forever. Everything that you see is temporary (2 Cor. 4:18). The lust of the eyes, the lust of the flesh, and the pride of others seeks out your service to them.

It is how quick your surface (body) works for them. It is how strong your surface wins for them. It is how cunning your surface (body) thinks for them. It is how smart your surface (body) brings riches to them. It is how favored your surface (body) connects them to the educated (Eccl. 9:11). All of these are a service of meeting the “wanting desires of their surface (body) to be served by others“.

We could right now look in history to see young, good looking, fast, strong, wise, smart, and skilled looking people fulfilling the “wanting desires of their surface (body) to be served by others” for a space of time and then forgotten because their surface (body) could no longer serve the people around them. Many leaders have come and gone after using up the people.

How many truly see past the surface (body) of others NOT “wanting the desires of their surface (body) to be served by others“?

I have seen from family, churches, neighborhoods, schools, clubs, sports, college, work, social media, and television are functioning on the basis of “wanting desires of their surface (body) to be served by others” using the fastest, strongest, wisest, smartest, and most skilled for their personal needs. This is the greatest deception in plain sight that is not seen.

The majority of people are only liking and loving you for what your surface (Body) can bring them. When you stop bringing them what they want they will move onto others discarding you like of no value trash. You are no longer welcome into their group or sought after to be a part of their events. They rotate through people like toilet paper.

Everybody wants you for a season and you want everybody for yourself for a season, but who wants you for life without asking for a temporary relationship? Sure you have an idea of a person you want to spend your life with, but do you see beyond their looks into what kind of spirit you want to them to have?

People will rope you into marriage just like a trophy to meet their carnal needs without any consideration at all of the goals you have in life. You will go after someone because you think they meet all your needs for your career only to find out the surface is the opposite of their spirit inside.

People will smile in your face and speak to you kind words as long as you keep mowing, weed eating, cleaning, and other things, not bothering to get to know the real you inside that body that is working and doing for them. They can be aware of what they are doing or unaware following the nature of their flesh.

We all have got see past the surface of ourselves and others in order to live this life in a way that when the end comes to our surface (Bodies) our spirit will pass onto the light of God to forever dwell. You have got to want someone for them and not their surface (body) for what they can do for you. Like them for more than what they can give you.

How to get your spirit past the desire of the eyes, desire of the flesh, and the pride of life into seeing the spiritual things and locking onto those desires of eternity?



To start getting your spirit past the usage of your physical talents to others is to start seeing yourself and others separating the body services from knowing their inside person. You did all that serving of others wants and desires. You had others serving your wants and desires. They are gone. What do you have left? You have yourself with only the voice of your spirit inside the surface (body) of an out of date, no longer wanted, or desired body. Is this the time to start looking for the unseen things of God that are eternal or should have you been looking for them from the beginning?

You are a unique person especially created by God that has talents inside your spirit waiting to be discovered and set free through your flesh to those around you. You can do what’s right in your physical duties, but not to the point of being used and stifling the God given abilities in your spirit.

You may be a big person with a heart of poetry longing to speak or write openly. All of our bodies are different sizes of which those around us judge it for what it would be good for missing out on the singer inside, the poet writer, the kindness, the wisdom, the brilliant, the problem solver, and you can fill in the rest of what you think people miss out on you.

Our spirit should not join our bodies as one in agreement because our body has set its goal on “wanting the desires of the surface (body) to be served by others“. Our bodies will die and our spirit will be stuck with the works and deeds we did inside our bodies from this earth. Our bodies will return to the dust of the earth, but our spirit will face God’s judgment seat.

Everybody wants you for a season and you want everybody for yourself for a season, but who wants you for who you truly are on in the inside and who do you want for who they are truly on the inside? I believe we all will be absolutely blown away when God reveals the talents that could have been free to express themselves if they were allowed, not judged, and not taken advantage of for others personal gain.

The greatest and most wonderful thing in existence is that God loves us for who we are wanting nothing, but what is below the surface of our bodies. He wants to know our true self and help us develop that hidden true self into the greatest person they can be. No matter how fantastic or poor your outward body may be to Him the greatest treasure about you is your eternal spirit within growing in the knowledge of good and learning how to separate and contain the knowledge of the evils of this world and beyond. God wants real fellowship with the real you past the surface of your body for the simple trade off of saving your soul from the place all liars and deceivers will go for their selfish trickery of using other people’s bodies to serve them.

Everything all people will do and say is exchanging that moment of their life for it. Your mom, dad, and family exchanged their precious life in serving others, themselves and you. You grew up exchanging what your surface (body) could do for others all the while many of those people did not really care for the real you past the surface only what you could do for them.

Your surface (body/presence) was a trophy by their side, a credibility endorsing their ideas, a vehicle that took them places, a store house to sponge off of, a pacifier for their conscience, or someone to handle things they wanted done, but did not want to do it themselves.

When you read about Jesus, God inside the surface (body) of the man, you will see how every person he came in contact with he was always reaching inside to the real person. The unlearned fishermen judged by the world for their surface (body) became his pillars in building his church of refuge for all of mankind. Jesus saw past their surface (body). The real treasure most people miss about you daily God sees and values the fellowship with you past your surface.


We have things in our life that we like/love because of what others surface do for us without consciously seeing inside them. People around you consciously and unconsciously want things from you that comes from your surface abilities without really caring to see inside you.

It is a natural thing for all of our bodies to automatically try to feed itself by others. All of us were born with a surface (body) wanting to be served from babies to adults. We now can see the hidden invisible things of our surface (body) and others surface (body) trying to find means to be served.

I hope this has shined light on yourself as it has done to me about the works of our flesh. I hope you can see those around for their intentions of wanting you around for either wanting the real you inside your surface (body) or their just wanting your physical abilities.

I will tell you this that God wants to be your roommate inside your temporary apartment of flesh. He wants the real you to walk with Him while on this earth learning how to be safe from the deceptions of the flesh and evil intentions.

All He asks of us for Him to move inside with us is three things and the first is to turn our backs on the evil ways of this world and refusing any of it inside our apartment of flesh. The second is to allow the removal of all of our past sins cleaning our spirit and our apartment of flesh through the washing away of water baptism in Jesus name because the power of his blood of the Lamb of God is inside the name of Jesus (not in Father it is a title only or the Holy Spirit which is also a title of identification and not a name). The third and final part is the actual moving into our fleshly apartment. He wants us to trust His Spirit to move inside with us with the evidence that He has truly moved in us by turning our worshipping words from our language to His Holy Spirit language in a language we have not learned as evidence He is now moved inside (Acts 2:1-39) ready for daily fellowship and to be a guiding roommate against the knowledge of evil in this world.

Enjoy your life seeing everything past your own surface (body) and other’s surface (body) through the eyes of God and His Word.

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