The Plan for You

To build something you must have an idea, a thought, and a plan before you make it to come into existence. You want something, but it does not physically exist. Your idea, thought, and plan comes from within who you are and what you want. A plan from within you.

I have always thought God had an idea, a thought, and a plan for all His creations, which I still believe is true. He said, “Let there be light” and the sun was created from God’s complex idea, thought, and a plan of a purpose that scientist are still trying to figure out completely today.

Now, let us empty out our minds removing all created things. Start with removing mankind, all creatures on the earth, the earth itself, the sun, moon, and stars. Do see emptiness and void? There is one more thing to remove and I see a hint of something far away. Let us remove heaven, the throne among the stars, the assembly of angels on the north mount, and the clouds that enshroud the most High God (Is. 14:13, 14), by which no one can approach (1 Tim. 6:16).

Have you removed all things that you believed existed? Are you thinking about God is now the only thing out there? If you are seeing only God existing do you remember I said, “I have always thought God had an idea, a thought, and a plan…”? I hope you said, “yes”.

We have God out there all alone existing with no limit of distance and nothing outside of Himself. He is One Spirit with no boundaries, no limits of knowledge, and no limits of power. There is nothing, but God. An idea, a thought, and a plan are invisible things inside our heads just like God’s ideas, thought, and plans are invisible in His Spirit.

I never thought of God Himself as the Idea, the Thought, and the Plan. John 1:1, 2 “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. The same was in the beginning with God.” God is not just a plan, but He is The Plan of all plans. God Himself is the Plan. The “Word” in John 1:1 means logos in the original written form meaning an idea, thought, and plan.

God Himself is the Spirit of Plans. He is Who He is, the I AM THAT I AM of All plans. Everything He creates have their own plans and purposes by His want and desires. He took the plans from within Himself from the knowledge of good to first create the heavens, the throne among the stars, the assembly of angels on the north mount, and the clouds that enshrouded Himself for their protection.

God being the Word (idea, thought, and plan) Himself created each angel with his own plan and purpose. Every angel was an independent free thinking physical creation made from God’s planned side of the knowledge of good. The reason I say, “from God’s planned side of the knowledge of good” is because NO creation that God brought into original existence had no evil or the knowledge of evil in them.

The key thought to focus on is God is THE PLAN (Word) Himself of all created plans in existence. God is a Spirit and that Spirit is The Plan. The angels had a plan and purpose upon each of them. Lucifer was a created with a plan to be the “star of the morning, son of the dawn” (Is. 14:12).

Look at Lucifer before he fell to sin. His personal plan given to Him by God had the seal of perfection upon it full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. He was covered with every precious stones imaginable held together by gold settings and sockets. His plan given to him from God was the anointed cherub on the holy mountain of God in heaven. He had the authority and the ability to walk in the midst of the stones of fire blameless in all his ways (Ezek. 28:3-15). This was Lucifer’s personal chosen plan from God.

God is THE Plan (the Word) and Lucifer had his stand alone exiting plan and purpose. God has given the power of choice inside all the angel’s plans. God chose from His Plan of the knowledge of good for them, but they had their own power of choice to accept who they were or reject their God given purpose and plan.

This is the very cool understanding that all things have a chosen plan of existence from God Himself, but some creations have the inserted power of choice to reject who they were meant to be by God seeking another avenue of existence like Lucifer.

When Lucifer did not like his plan and design he rejected God’s anointed plan for some other choice. Lucifer said to himself and any angel (a third of them) that would listen to him that he will ascend into heaven, he will exalt his throne above the stars of God: he will sit upon the mount of the congregation in the sides of the north: he will ascend above the heights of the clouds; and he will be like the most High God (Is. 14:13, 14)

Now, look at it from the point of view of his plans and God’s plans. Lucifer wanted to take God’s Plan (Word) and make it his own. He wanted to be something his plans were never meant to be or could even handle. He made the free will choice of his created perfection and blameless plans to try to use violence to take God’s Plan from Himself and make it his own, which caused his downfall into an eternal sin state of plans along with a third of angels following him. This was all because he did not like his plans God made for his life. Lucifer became haughty minded because of his beauty allowing corruption in his wisdom by his reason of his splendor (Ezek. 28:17). He deemed his own creation to be not enough.

God is the Spirit of All ideas, thoughts, and plans. God is the only One who can handle having the plans of the knowledge of good and the plans of the knowledge of evil inside Himself. God never created any creation with the plans of the knowledge of evil. All creations were created with the plans and purpose of the knowledge of good. It was the free will power choice of the ones God gave in their plans to make the decision if they did not like who they were.

Lucifer’s angelic body and mind was not capable to handle the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil. He was never built to carry the burden of the knowledge of evil. When he rejected who he was believing the knowledge of evil would make him better than God he found out evil was to powerful and it took him over completely. Now, Lucifer, the devil, is under the plans of the knowledge of evil to be separated, contained, and controlled in the lake of fire.

Why did God create all things under the plans of the knowledge of good? God knew the knowledge of evil and the results of evil making the choice for Himself he wanted to create from the plans of the knowledge of good. Only God has the power to separate, contain, and control the plans of the knowledge of evil.

The same thing happened to mankind through Eve and Adam (Ge. 3). They were the only creations made in God’s image and likeness after the plans of the knowledge of good. What made mankind’s plans so special from the angels was being made of two parts. One of the natural dust of the earth and the other spirit part of God, a living soul. Mankind’s unique individual plans from God’s plan was the hope we will look to Him by our free will power of choice to be the plans He originally hoped we would be.

Mankind is born under the plans of the knowledge of evil because of the choice of Adam and eve with the destined plans to be eternally separated, contained, and controlled in the lake of eternal fire prepared originally only for the devil and his demons.


Why did John point out in the beginning was the Word? The Word was with God being God Himself. God is the idea, thought, and plans of all creations. Ideas, thoughts, and plans cannot be seen just like God’s Spirit being everywhere at once and at the same time. The Word and God are not two separate beings. God is THE SPIRIT WORD and THE PHYSICAL implemented PLAN.

All things came into being through Him (THE PLAN). God is the plan Himself. Apart from Him nothing came into being. The Word (THE PLAN) became flesh and dwelt among us and we saw His glory what appeared to us as the Son of God (Jn1:13, 14). The two parts of God’s original plan for Adam and Eve were redeemed through the two parts of Jesus being a man of flesh and the God Almighty in Spirit. God focused the fullness of His Godhead in the body of Jesus (Col. 2:9) while still being present everywhere at once. This is how God could be in Jesus while being baptized in the water with a dove descending as a sign to John the Baptist, and a voice coming out of heaven saying in whom I am well pleased (Matt. 3:16,17). The One true God can multitask far beyond what we can perceive.

This is so massive that you will have to read all other places where Jesus was tempted and challenged to give up His plan from God as a man and His vessel being the temple of the Almighty God to follow the devil’s and mankind’s temptations. Jesus is the perfect PLAN for man to find his way back to God.

God’s purpose and plan was to save His children by partaking of the flesh and blood that through the death of the flesh of Jesus would bring power to destroy the plans of the knowledge of evil and death (Heb. 2:14) reconciling in the plans of the knowledge of good to the world unto Himself removing the stains of eternal sin from them (2 Cor. 5:19) through Jesus Christ.

God has a plan for all of us. It takes a choice on our part to be empowered enough to live up to that divine plan. We cannot do it on our own. We need to get inside the Plan of God. He gave it to Jesus and Jesus gave us the way, the truth, and the life plan to return to God living out our original plan God desired for us.

This is God’s plan of salvation:  “… Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” Acts 2:38 This completes the two part of being born again of the water and of the spirit.

God came to us as a Father of creation with His PLAN of how He wanted things to be. When we sinned, His children, God came to us as a Son, Jesus, with His PLAN inside the flesh to save and redeem us. After the part of salvation of water baptism God comes to us with His PLAN as an indwelling Holy Spirit of Truth and power. The one true God came to us at three different times implementing His Plans. Only Jesus has the perfect blood PLAN of God to wash away our sins in water baptism. God’s Spirit does not have blood nor can He be killed. God made Himself the PLAN inside of Jesus for mankind’s redemption.

Through Jesus we can now have the PLANS of the knowledge of good and the power of God to separate, contain, and control the plans of the knowledge of evil we have experienced and encountered here on earth until He implements His Plan to take us home to heaven.

Remember God does not have a plan. GOD IS THE PLAN. He is simply being Who He is and nothing else with no down time to think about it. Lucifer tried being something else and look at the cost he brought on others including mankind. How much should we be who we are in Jesus instead of trying to be something else?

I pray you see yourself and the plan God created in you, especially for you.

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