I Won’t Forgive You

“I Won’t Forgive You” has such a final atmosphere about it. It has that forever feeling to it. A closed door in your face hearing all the locks being pushed into place while standing there and it feels like rain. Almost, like you have died, been buried, and forgotten becoming no more and non-existent. A very sad and depressing place to have in your mind, heart, and soul. “I Won’t Forgive You” can be spoken words, looks from the eyes, or other body signals conveying the message as your eyes take permanent pictures in your mind of the pain you … Continue reading I Won’t Forgive You

I Love You More

Life is full of struggles and challenges. We all have different levels of encounters, environments, and relationships. We can all agree life has been like a roller coaster ride with the ups and downs. Life has had those moments of the slow clicking sound going higher and that brief moment at the top of gazing around with the sudden drop falling downward as things become a blur around you. We find ourselves rushing forward on a level plain then suddenly a twist in our path flips us upside down and around confusing as to what just happened. Do you remember … Continue reading I Love You More

I Love You, God

When man will not forgive me and You will “I love you, God“. You know I am sorry with all my being, yet no one will forgive me, but you did – “I love you, God“. No matter if I wish with all my heart to go back in time to change my awful actions. It does not matter to the people around me how I feel, but with You seeing inside of me You still care – “I love you, God“. All the hatred that I am due, I understand, but the not giving You a chance God of … Continue reading I Love You, God

How to Receive the Holy Ghost

The first thing to do is to have a concrete scriptural understanding about God’s gift of the Holy Ghost that He promised to pour out upon mankind. Why is it so important you may ask? It is because the devil, your flesh, and others around you may challenge you into doubting and possibly discouraging you. Is doubting God not the tactic the devil uses against mankind? Did the devil cause Eve to doubt about God’s words of warning about the tainted and mixed with sin fruit from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? Did not the devil … Continue reading How to Receive the Holy Ghost

Somebody Save Me

The hunger for “Somebody Save Me” is beyond anything in this physical world could ever offer. The relaxation of drinking beer, whiskey, and wine is always under a limited time for the body to be released from the worries of the mind. The floating away feeling from marijuana, meth, and cocaine is a separation from reality and another method of disconnecting from your mind and body. These are things that come to an end and the hard reality returns for the need to repeat what you know is a temporary fix with only a tragic end. You are looking around … Continue reading Somebody Save Me