I Love You More

Life is full of struggles and challenges. We all have different levels of encounters, environments, and relationships. We can all agree life has been like a roller coaster ride with the ups and downs. Life has had those moments of the slow clicking sound going higher and that brief moment at the top of gazing around with the sudden drop falling downward as things become a blur around you. We find ourselves rushing forward on a level plain then suddenly a twist in our path flips us upside down and around confusing as to what just happened.

Do you remember the first lie when you discovered the real truth and on how you felt at that moment? The roller coaster of feeling angry with a few moments passing by then suddenly the “I can’t believe it” takes over. The ride is not over cycling through many other feelings. The lie was such a slap in the face.

Do you remember the biggest betrayal moment that stands out above the rest? Again, the barrage of the different feelings coming in like a bombardment from the ski while a deep feeling within you of a volcano is forming at the same time. Our memories fill with such discuss, shame, unbelief, anger, and desires of revenge with some kind of payback to those who did us wrong. How does the “I Love You More” blossom in these moments?

I believe you are like me in growing up collecting all these bad things storing them away inside yourself forming walls like a castle around your heart, mind, and soul lining up the walls with weapons of words to hurl back at anyone who approaches with ill intent. Your eyes and ears are alert watching and listening for any signs of evil intentions. The ‘being used‘ and the ‘embarrassment‘ causes you to live a life of distrust, disbelief of any good without a catch, and a “yeah, right” sarcasm.

Some of us have been on the naïve side, the ignorant side, and the innocent side having bad things done to us in stealing away what good things we had replacing them with the “dog eat dog” and the hard look in our eyes pushing us to the other side of being mean, hateful, full of strife, and many other dark feelings.

I don’t know how far you have gone into this dark world, but I found out the hard way my feelings of darkness towards others was hurting me more on the inside then it was them who had moved on forgetting about what they had done to me to someone else. I did not realize I had a cancer in my spirit slowly killing my mind, heart, and soul in this short life we live daily. Things can be under our own nose.

In the darkest moment in my life. I heard God’s voice whisper to my spirit, “you have tried everything else why not try Me?” I knew He was right. I had to agree with Him. So, I decided I would give Him a chance at my life, but it was going to be Him and I only. I had seen my fair share of people claiming to be Christians, but they cursed, lied, and did other hateful things I knew God did not approve.

I started this journey with God and His Bible asking Him questions without any fear. If He was going to be my friend and I was going to be His it had to be real and straight up far from any of the relationships I had on this earth. I asked Him about anger, revenge, jealousy, envy, drinking, love, hate, partying, lies, words, thoughts, and the list goes on. I did not rely upon man (preachers, teachers, and other leaders) to explain God to me. I would listen to people, but I would not believe anything they said because I did not want them to get between me and God and I wanted it to match God’s word. People have a tendency of pulling scriptures from different areas to form their beliefs without challenging them to be in harmony of the rest of the Bible forming a man made religion.

What does any of this have to do with “I Love You More“? Walking and talking with God not only saves your soul from darkness and death, but fills you with understanding, perception, and wisdom about yourself and life here on earth, which also includes heaven. I stayed with God through the roller coaster rides of emotions looking to Him to explain and help. This is what started the “I Love You More” than ever before.

When I hear hateful words being thrown around towards me or others I breathe “I Love You More“, God. I am hearing the prison of hatred in those words that use to be mine. The best actors are not in Hollywood, but among us in our work places, homes, and community. When I find out someone is a player acting out a false outward characteristic thankfulness comes over me with “I Love You More“, God. It reminds me how I went to the dark side for revenge playing a part just to get what I thought was a justified payback.

A smiling face with perfectly and well placed words in conversations leads you to believe a commonality between you and them with the realization they were stabbing you in the back with others makes me say, “I Love You More” God than ever before. My years of walking with God/Jesus Christ and His Word, I have found He will never back stab me with others.

I can see into others now with God’s help. I can see such anger and bitterness eating people alive inside their spirit like it did me, which causes me to be grateful saying, “I Love You More“. I had no escape from my prison of darkness of anger, revenge, jealousy, envy, sex, drinking, love, hate, partying, lies, instigating words, corrupt thoughts, and the list goes on until the day God said, “You have tried everything else, try Me?

Now, I am older my spirit cannot help, but say, “I Love You More” God more than ever before. I can see freely everyday at work, at home, out in public, and when I watch the news to say, “I Love You More” God more than ever before. He is a refuge beyond the highest words you can think of expressing thankfulness and gratitude. It is absolutely wonderful to have a place you can go knowing it does not change and it is always meant for the good in your life. God has always been for the people unselfishly.

It breaks my heart to see people walking around in their fleshly prison deceived by their own selfish ideas and the voices of the other people who are not any better off than them. Looking to God beyond mankind and His word gives you a born again freedom, relief in understanding and a peace of wisdom allowing the spiritual sight of the realization. He has the words of eternal life and where else can we go to escape this dark prison of lies, hence the “I Love You More“.

I Love You More” God, I can always come to You in my thoughts, in my heart, and in my soul finding You with open arms of Love tenderly guiding me without harsh judgments, name calling, and being treated as stupid. Sadness comes over me when I see the conditions of others. I cannot help, but say, “I Love You More” God because there goes me if it were not for You.

I read about people in the Bible from the beginning to the end who lock themselves into their own thinking is right leaving no room to ask questions and avoid all things of truth presented to them. We see this today beside us, in the news, governments, and around the world. I look to heaven and say, “I Love You More” than ever before. I am glad God told me to have no fear in questioning things. If they are of 100% truth then there should be no worries of it standing tall when being questioned.

God’s answers are pure, peaceable, gentle, easy to be given, easy to be received, full of mercy, and full of good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy (Ja. 3:17). To have someone in this world with these characteristics makes me so thankful that I cannot help, but say, “I Love You More” God than ever before. What is also so very cool is that God does not change and He is consistently looking out for us.

The best thing anyone could ever do is to start a personal journey with God and His word not holding anything of this world over God. Don’t let a person, tradition, or attitude of “this is the way we have always done it” control your walk with God. There is a fullness to reach in God while there is breath in your body in this life that will cause you to say, “I Love You More” God.

I Love You More” is constantly seeing my past in the lives of others with sadness in my heart towards them and gratitude towards God for not giving up on me. I want to help them as God has helped me with only a few who may listen and others are to deep into their darkness wanting things by their own power, which is not enough. The rest of the reading is how I developed my “I Love You More” God than ever before. My heart overflows that God would love someone like me. Thank you for reading this article.

I was raised in a certain denominational church, but I only was attending and not truly in it. All the knowledge I had was from their perspective and never researched God’s word myself while living an evil life. The day I answered God’s call to “try Me” was the day I locked myself into giving God a try and testing His word personally. I am thankful for the denomination teaching me God existed and the knowledge was not wasted.

I am thankful God let me know it was alright to question for the purpose of knowledge. God has no fear of our questions and wanting to understand from His word. Knowing is one of God’s highest desires for us. Knowing Him directly makes us solid against soothsaying words of people and ulterior motives of others. Having knowledge from God past the surface of this world makes me say, “I Love You More” God. Seeing beyond the surface of myself and around me is a glorious revelation only God can give and everything else is shallow and limited.

Having an open mind to God and His word is to have a pure examining and testing system to keep you on the right path in this life to the life eternal to come (2 Cor. 13:5). Thank you, “I Love You More” than I did in the beginning. I found a man in the Bible that I can somewhat relate to having an open mind to God’s word directly and not to mankind’s piecing together doctrines for us to accept and blindly follow.

There was a man named Apollos whose knowledge was thorough in the Old Testament of the Bible. He was a great speaker explaining the Bible. He heard John the Baptist teaching and with his knowledge of the Old Testament connected to prophetic truth of what John was saying to be true. This man started explaining fervently the scriptures about Jesus that John the Baptist was teaching, but this is all the knowledge he had at the present time. He was not familiar with what happened to the disciples of Jesus in Acts chapter 2. I had only the knowledge of the denomination. It is all I had until I started really reading for myself.

Two people heard him teaching and took him aside telling him about things after John the Baptist and the continuance of Jesus in more details. This educated man had an open mind, but it had to connect with the scriptures. He saw the details to be the way of God more perfectly and accurately taking in the more truth into his heart, mind, and soul (Acts 18:24-28; 19:1-7).

I know this made him feel the “I Love You More” God because I am seeing You more than ever before. I never knew I was putting God in a box with closed in 4 walls of thinking and believing. I did not know we as mankind say God is only this or that when the box is truly the limit in our minds and not in God. I had heard the Bible is God’s living word, but I did not give Him much room of living outside the box of man’s thinking. For Him to be truly God called by us is open ourselves that He can do all things and has done them.

I was working at an amusement park on my lunch break and a coworker I did not know discerned I was a a follower of the Bible and Jesus. He said to me “did you know no one in the entire Bible was baptized in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost?“. I knew he was referring the Matthew 28:19. He went onto say, “They only baptized in the name of Jesus for the remission of sins“. I did not know the scripture he was speaking of, but I was opened minded to searching for it myself. I finished my lunch and went back to work. For the next several days and nights I talked with God and searched the Bible.

My love for God was stronger than any man’s words. So, I started talking to God and searching His word on my own because this was personal. Just like Apollos, the educated man I spoke of earlier, I found all kinds of scriptures of Jesus name baptism and none according to Matthew 28:19 of which I was baptized for the purpose of a public profession.

When you come into greater understandings of God it increases the flame of love towards Him in the light of seeing outside the box you had put Him in. The closer you get to God the more you understand Him, yourself, and others. “I Love You More” when You take away the blindness and one of the 4 walls that I had put You in. I guess now in my mind it does not make sense to call Him God and limit Him.

I had to admit there was no recorded record of anyone being baptized in the Father, and in the Son, and in the Holy Ghost (Mtt. 28:19). Also, it was not Biblically for a public profession of your faith, but a baptism in the name of Jesus for the removing, washing away, and forgiveness of sins. He was right what he told me, but I still had to confirm myself with God and His word. It makes you more solid when you do it yourself.

Now, what do I do with this knowledge I found by my own searching God’s word and my own talking with God not believing what he had told me. It actually made me more hungry to understand more from God’s word and not this guy. I trusted God more than I did people because that is the world I came from when God saved me and started me on His path of truth. You can see now the core development forming in my heart as to why I say, “I Love You More” God everyday.

They ‘why‘ became very clear as I read about the lambs in the Old Testament sacrificed to put sins off for another year only to be repeated over and over because it was temporary fix for an eternal problem. Jesus, the man, came as the Lamb Of God to take away the sins of the world. The blood of the Lamb Of God was in Jesus. Jesus the man was the one who was made sin for us on the cross (2 Cor. 5:21). Jesus the man was the one who could die. Jesus the man was the one brought back to life. You can’t kill God for He is a Spirit.

Ah, so that is ‘why‘ the apostles only baptized in Jesus name to apply the blood of forgiveness that is in the only name “…given among men, whereby we must be saved” (Acts 4:12). I was missing one of THE most powerful understandings from God and His word. I never saw it until someone questioned and challenged me about God’s word. I want to know God, personally. I don’t want to live through a preacher, a church or anyone else for God. Putting a person or a people between you and God will lead to disaster because people are flesh and will fail you, but not God. I want to live through God directly and personally.

I still had to understand within myself Jesus telling his apostles in Matthew 28:19 to “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost“. My mind was asking God did the apostles disobey You from Mtt. 28:19 and Acts 2:38? Is this a controversy in the Bible? Can they both be right?

Never be afraid to ask questions because you are fulfilling God’s desire for you to know. There should be no fear or frustration in asking questions about truth because if it is truth it will stand up from Genesis to Revelations, the beginning and the end of God’s word.

I understand the blood of the Lamb Of God being inside the name of Jesus, but what about Mtt. 28:19? Then God began to show me in His word. The scripture said, “…in the name…“, which was the most simplest understanding I could see name is singular and not plural, names. Father is not a name, but a title of a position as well as the Son and the Holy Ghost. I am a father, a son, and a husband, but these are titles and not my personal name. The Father, Son, and Holy Ghost are titles of three different times God was involved with His creations. Jesus is a name just like when you sign a document you put your name and not your title. It is a Bible common sense, but it is not so common among most denominations. So, you would never hear about it.

Jesus is the name of the Father because he said, “I have come in my Father’s name, and ye receive me not…” (Jn. 5:43). The “…ye receive me not…“got my attention also about my personal relationship with God. Of course, as far as the name of the Son is a no brainer because that is what the angel told them to name him when he was born (Mtt. 1:21). The name of the Holy Ghost comes to us through the name of Jesus (Jn. 14:26). The Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost are all covered and represented in the name of Jesus for mankind.

There was no controversy between Mtt. 28:19 and Acts 2:38. The Apostles did listen to Jesus and did what he commanded them. Also, Mtt. 28:19 was before salvation started and Acts 2 is when the born again of the water and the spirit experience started. There is no other book outside the book of Acts has the exact plan and steps of salvation. The gospels are the biographies of Jesus and the other books known as epistles are letters to already saved Christians. I have found the books of the Bible point to key events and fulfillments in other books just like John the Baptist preached make way for the coming of the Lord.

There was another part to Mtt. 28:19 that caught my attention. Jesus was talking directly to his apostles and not us today at that moment. After Jesus said 28:19 Jesus locked in all of us to “…observe all that I ‘( I being Jesus)‘ commanded you ‘(you being the apostles)‘…“. Everyone of us are to observe/keep/guard/watch over what Jesus commanded the apostles. A simple question I asked myself and God where did the apostles start? It all started in the book of Acts, especially in chapter 2. I always treated the book of Acts as a dead church history book and not a part of God’s living word. Wow, how much I have missed by my own box in thinking of God. “I Love You More” God than ever before.

A person cannot help, but have that feeling of “I Love You More” God. I don’t want to box God into my thinking or anyone else. I want God to be Himself totally. Now, I am standing before God, His word, and my best friend with this knowledge. What am I to do about it? Again, I love God and His word above the words of people. I don’t live for God through a person or a church. I live for God through God and His word directly. I made up my mind before God. I was rebaptized in the name of Jesus applying the blood of the Lamb Of God that is in that name for the removal, washing away, and forgiveness of all my past sins according to Acts 2:38. It is the born of water part of salvation and not a public profession only.

Now, if water baptism in Acts chapter 2 verse 38 is real then receiving the power of the infilling of the Holy Ghost must be real also because verse 39 says it is for generations and all that are a far off as many as the Lord our God shall call. I am afar off. You are afar off and God does not change. It could be for us. It is for us. It is the born again experience

The “I Love You More” is seeing people like myself who were in such bitterness, hatred, and darkness. The “I Love You More” is also walking among the religious people seeing the bondage of traditions of man, twisting God’s word to fit their desires, and the devil masking himself as an angel of light and righteousness. You can see in this life from both sides of gray light and darkness the true light of God’s direct truth shinning brightly if you ask, seek, and knock (Mtt. 7:7) for God’s word and fellowship to answer.

All things good or bad in this life pushes me everyday to say, “I Love You More” God in gratitude to be alive in Him. Thank you for everything. I would encourage you to examine, ask questions, seek and knock on God’s door for direct answers from Him and His word. First go after Him to be born again of the water and the spirit like Jesus said in John chapter 3 pointing to Acts 2:38. May God bless you and your fellowship grow sweeter everyday causing you to say, “I Love You More” God.

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