I Love You, God

When man will not forgive me and You will “I love you, God“. You know I am sorry with all my being, yet no one will forgive me, but you did – “I love you, God“. No matter if I wish with all my heart to go back in time to change my awful actions. It does not matter to the people around me how I feel, but with You seeing inside of me You still care – “I love you, God“.

All the hatred that I am due, I understand, but the not giving You a chance God of what you have done in my life breaks my heart. God, you don’t deserve the lack of faith for the change you have truly made in my life. The pains I have caused haunt me everyday and I know people will never forget holding it before my face as long as I live. I will still reap what I have sown, but I am off that path and on my way of sowing good seeds and I owe it all to You -“I love you, God“.

It is my fault to seek acceptance from man when I have sinned and done wrong. God, you will give me time when no one will give me the time of day – “I love you, God“. I want to have friends with others like you have friended me. I want them to see what You have done with the awful mess I made in life. I see in their eyes rejection and “I will never accept you” glares from their facial expressions. “I love you, God

God, you are the only one who cared to take the time and look deep inside to my desperate desire to find satisfaction and happiness in this life. I am just another sack of flesh to them that they don’t care about. I feel lonely on the outside, but I am glad I at least have You Lord on the inside talking to me with Your scriptures and Your Spirit. I cannot say how much “I love you, God“.

I try to work with people, but I can tell they don’t want to work with me. Thank you, God for helping me when no one else will. “I love you, God” for looking past my rough edges helping me one day at a time to smooth out those edges. I would like for others to be brothers with me in the growing process of learning to do right, but I know at least I have You Lord – “I love you, God“.

It was strange when I was doing wrong I felt like I was in a crowd resisting, fighting, and playing the games. I know now I was in a crowd doing darkness, but now because of my sins being forgiven and I am trying to walk in Your light and I feel alone in a crowd who do not understand the depths of my sin. The only encouragement I have is You, Lord. I am not alone. I have You, Jesus, in my mind, heart, and soul. Your daily fellowship is the essences of my life. I cannot live without you. I have nowhere else to go because you have the words of eternal life for me to hear. “I love you, God

LUKE 18:10-14

I see today a version of this parable of the two men praying. People today, just like the Pharisee write people off as no good, never trust them, and do not go around them even though God has forgiven them and saved them from their past. Time means nothing to them in allowing a level of trust to develop, but Your patience is beyond my understanding. “I love you, God

One man had been in church so long that he had acquired a position and a high status in the church forgetting what God had done for him. The other man had lived a much harder life and was more thankful from where God had brought him from.

As I have stood at work and at church people have been looking down at me while they continue to not look closely at the pains and sorrow God has brought me through. They do not put their feet in my shoes seeing and hearing the positions of wrong doings I have had in my life seeing the greatness of God’s mercy and grace. Compassion only stops at their door or by their personal choice.

They look down their noses judging me with gladness they were not like me including extortioners, unjust, and adulterers. I see how their daily routines and their giving tithes have lulled their flesh into a better than you attitude. Their status makes them feel rich with plenty of goods and a need for nothing all the while the lies of their flesh leaves them miserable, poor, blind, and naked (Rev. 3:17) from the goodness of God. Help me to see clearly the truth, Lord. “I love you, God

When I stand in church or home praying to You. God, I feel so unworthy of Your goodness. My head hangs down with my eyes looking at the ground continually in shame for the sinner that I am. All the seeds that I have sown of evil reminds me everyday of how unworthy I am. I cannot, but help beat my chest for Your mercy and grace to help a sinner like me. “I love you, God

I cannot say enough everyday of how much “I love you, God“. Thank you for telling us in our low humble state you will raise us for no man would take a chance on us like You did. Why do I look for others to accept me when I know they have judged me already? There is no redemption in the people of this world, but only in the one man Jesus Christ within whom the fullness of God dwells (Col. 2:9).

I love you, God” for all Your wisdom You share with me. I want to know, perceive, and understand Your wisdom that comes from above that is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be given to others, full of mercy and good fruits, without having partiality, and without hypocrisy (Ja. 3:17). I would be stupid without You, Lord. “I love you, God“.

Nobody cares to work on me like You do, God. I look to You as my Savior, my best Friend, and my refuge. “I love you, God” because You were the only One that would touch my filthy heart and my dark soul. You helped me to start all over again. “I love you, Jesus“. “I love you, Jesus“. “I love you, Jesus“.

Thank you, God for bringing real and true laughter back into my life. I can feel the full warm sunshine inside my heart. Thank you, for being there when my consciousness woke up to all the evil I had done crying all the tears of sorrow for my stupidity. I may not find kind eyes from mankind, but I am glad there is tenderness of mercy and understanding in yours.

I will have to pay in this world what I owe for the things I have done (you reap what you sow, Gal. 6:7 ), but I will not have to pay the price of eternity in the flames of hell. I deserve my punishment here on earth, but I am glad you gave me a second chance. “I love you, Jesus”

I love you, God” for hearing my prayers, listening to my dreams, and loving me when no one else will. I hope some day I could live life long enough to bring real honor and glory to your holy name. I may fail in winning mankind over to believing I am born again, but as long as I please You everyday as much as I can I will be satisfied with such a worthy goal.

For all of you who relate to being with people, but yet alone. I want to encourage you to accept God into your life. He is THE best roommate inside your body you could ever have. For the many years darkness was my roommate lying to me, deceiving me, using me, abusing me and converting me into sowing seeds of revenge, hatefulness, lies, stealing, and destructiveness in many other forms. I can tell you that the warm sunshine of God’s Spirit and the fellowship of His word makes everyday a beautiful day in spite of what comes your way.

It is easy to let God in your life because He is a loving Father just waiting on you to give Him a chance. You have tried everything else why not try God? Get you a Bible or open a Bible app to Acts chapter 2. From the very beginning you will read the power of God’s love pouring out on sinners such as you and I. He has power in His Spirit to transform your spirit and God has never changed that power to this day.

The people were praying and the room was filled with His presences. Do you want a real encounter with God? Do you want something to knock the darkness of drugs/alcohol/wrong doings right out of your life? Do you want something to take control of your out of control temper? Do you want no more playing around with fake surface positive thinking empty words? Then here is your chance.

Start talking to God with your own words straight from your heart repenting of all the things you have done. Empty them out to Him because He will take them up off of you accepting your made up mind of wanting a second chance and clean slate to start over with. Have faith in Him He will fill the air around you and upon you with His powerful presences. When you feel this the process of forgiveness is set into motion. Allow the power of God’s Spirit to fill you up, deep inside, until it overflows through the top of your mouth allowing Him to speak through you words of praise you cannot form in your own language.

If you are not filled with the Holy Ghost hearing the utterance of God the first time praying then go ahead with the other part of being baptized in water in Jesus name for the removing of all your sins. There is no greater name to remove all your sins than Jesus. The blood of Lamb of the Almighty God is inside that name of Jesus. No sin you have committed can remain against that name of Jesus.

It is three simple steps for us to allow God to save us and start the bran new life in Him. We repent (sorry for) and turn away from our sins, be submerged in water baptism in Jesus name applying the blood of forgiveness washing away all our sins, and receiving the powerful gift of the Holy Ghost. Then the greatest journey in this life begins with God as your roommate.

Acts Chapter 2 – How to be Saved

1 “…they were all with one accord in one place. v2 And suddenly there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing mighty wind, and it filled all the house where they were sitting. v3 And there appeared unto them cloven tongues like as of fire, and it sat upon each of them. v4 And they were all filled with the Holy Ghost, and began to speak with other tongues, as the Spirit gave them utterance. v38 Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost. v39 For the promise is unto you, and to your children, and to all that are afar off, even as many as the Lord our God shall call.

If God wants you to have this would you want it? I am glad I told God if He wants to give this to me I will gladly receive it from Him. Where else can we go that offers this powerful acceptance? May you enjoy exploring God through the revelations of truth He will share with you daily.

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