Finding the Reason

This life can be a beautiful journey of “Finding the Reason” of life and life around you. Discovering reason or reasons is an important characteristic you must develop inwardly about the outwardly things you encounter. Your inward strength is crucial to your spiritual thinking and eternal health. Our bodies will not last forever, but what has been stored in our spirit will. This world has words and deeds that try to persuade your inward person to seeing what it wants you to see and not what is past the surface. “Finding the Reason” is consciously seeing truth behind surface things … Continue reading Finding the Reason

If I Became Like God

“If I were God” has crossed many people’s minds. Situations in our lives have caused those thoughts from different emotions or curiosities of the imagination. In angry moments “If I were God” I would fry them all. “If I were God” I would not have let this happen. “If I were God” I would do away with and you fill in the blank. “If I Became Like God” does not have the freedom of all things we want to do like we think. The thoughts “If I were God” has more to it than we realize far beyond the power … Continue reading If I Became Like God