Finding the Reason

This life can be a beautiful journey of “Finding the Reason” of life and life around you. Discovering reason or reasons is an important characteristic you must develop inwardly about the outwardly things you encounter. Your inward strength is crucial to your spiritual thinking and eternal health. Our bodies will not last forever, but what has been stored in our spirit will. This world has words and deeds that try to persuade your inward person to seeing what it wants you to see and not what is past the surface. “Finding the Reason” is consciously seeing truth behind surface things understanding the “why”.

There is a great need that I cannot stress strong enough for you to develop in your spirit about finding the reason of things in life. The world around us bombards us with man made wisdom that stifles and traps the limits of our spirit from seeing the hidden reasons behind it all. Our spirit is meant to connect to the unlimited knowledge, power, and presence of God. He is a Father who wants to freely give us all we could ever imagine or want.

We are born with a natural/fleshly body of the earth that is busy about “Finding the Reason” through surface senses. Your nose picks up a smell causing a reaction developing a reason why you like it or hate it. Your eyes are taking in videos and pictures causing a storage of categories of like, hate, and don’t care. Your taste buds and the touch of your skin are doing the same. Our natural flesh immediately starts feeding our spirit human and fleshly reasons without showing the spiritual reasons. The flesh is about eating and drinking with all the pleasures of this world it can have while robbing us of the treasures past the surface. The flesh has no interest in knowing spiritual things and counts them foolishness.

You and I are taking a journey together right now. Let us walk together looking at the things on the outside while we find the hidden things on the inside. Learning to see the outside things will help you and I to see the inside things of our own life enhancing our insight past the surface or some would say, “past our own noses”. Now, let us discover “Finding the Reason” by looking at others.


We are in this crowd of people in the street pushing and trying to get to a man who has healed people, defended everyday workers, street people, and spoke words of power seeping deep down into people’s souls. We have made it to the last layer of people away from this miracle working powerful man. We are almost there to see and hear from him directly. We are shoulder to shoulder in this crowd when a woman pushes her way between us reaching with her left hand between the people to touch this miracle working man’s garment.

We both look at her hand touching this man’s garment, but as quickly as she touched it she let it go without hindering his forward motion for the crowd would have knocked her down if she held onto it, but that was not the reason she let go. As we pushed by her passing between us the desperate and sickly look on her face was gone. As you and I were going forward staying up the people looking back at her we suddenly smacked into the people closes to the miracle working man because they had stopped. We turned around to see why everyone stopped and we could see the eyes of the miracle working man looking around on all of us.

Our faces were filled with “what reason did he stop” and “what is he looking for” and we found ourselves looking around also after his eyes met our eyes. As we are looking around in the faces of strangers we see the woman three layers back of people that we saw touch his garment, but she did not tear or harm the garment. She would not be the one he is looking for and as we are looking at her we hear behind our heads the words “Who touched me?” As we turn back to look at him, when then heard one of his inner circle disciples, Peter said, “Master, the people are crowding and pressing upon you.

Wow, you and I knew there was a powerful reason this entire crowd was stopped and heard the words of “Who touched me?” The master’s words were bouncing around in our heads, but like Peter we were only seeing the surface of a sea of people thinking everyone has touched who could. The hidden reason was the master was not looking at the physical bodies of people. He was seeing a hidden treasure that he wanted to extract from below the surface for everyone to see. You and I knew something big was about to happen. We could feel the goose bumps on our arms.

The miracle working man said a second time, “Someone did touch Me, for I was aware that power had gone out of Me.” Ah, now you and I see a reason for the stopping of the crowd and that he has knowledge of when the power leaves him, but if he knows when it leaves him does he not know where it goes was a question written on both of our faces. Both of our eye brows were pulled down into a questioning look for another curious to know of “Finding the Reason“.

Everyone was still just seeing each other physically and had no clue who he was talking to. He had a reason to stop all movement and all talking focusing his eyes upon the one he wanted to reveal to all of us this day. You and I once again focus on the woman by chance at the same time seeing her as though in slow motion raise her head looking past us to the master’s eyes with a facial hint of “it was me that touched you“. We are both still bewildered as to what the garment that has no fleshly sensors to relay back to the brain of a physical touch had to do with her.

We are all frozen in our places with no more pressing and pushing, yet this woman freely walks between us towards the master with no hinderance at all as was before. As she passed once again between us we could see her trembling. We still did not know the reason. As the thoughts of “why is she trembling” she falls to her knees before the master and the hidden reason comes out of her mouth with her own shaky voice.

She said, I am a woman who has had an issue of blood for twelve years and I have spent all my money with many doctors and none of them could heal me. She was broke and poor with only her faith. She told everyone how she pushed through you and me reaching between the last two people touching his garment feeling immediately the healing and letting go as the crowd pushed on.

Wow, twelve years she has suffered with this pain everyday. All the doctors she tried over all those years trying whatever they suggested and finally going broke financially. As we stood there “Finding the Reason” unfolding before us explaining her actions among this crowd with similar needs became very clear. You and I knew there was something else about all of this. This explains why she did what she did and the belief in her heart of just touching the hem of his garment, but what is the rest of the story.

Finding the Reason” the master stopped and silenced everyone was yet to be known. You and I knew looking at the master he had another reason for his actions. We both knew if he had the ability to keep up with the power that leaves him that he would know exactly where it went. He just wanted to extract from her the reason in her heart for everyone to hear. Her faith in God was as tiny and little as just a touch of his garment would bring total and complete healing to her life. It was not how huge her faith was in size, but the fullness of what faith she had. You can have tiny faith, but if that tiny faith is full of believing it could move mountains (Mtt. 17:20). It is not the size, but the fullness of faith inside the size that counts.

As we were lost in thoughts and the master had the whole crowd’s attention along with you and I he then spoke, “Daughter, be of good comfort: thy faith hath made thee whole; go in peace.” Out of all the people pushing and crowding around him there was one among us that had something inside of them to cause the master to stop all things to bring attention to it past the surface of our fleshly bodies.

We are looking over this sea of people crowed in the streets around Jesus and he stops everyone for a reason. “Finding the Reason” is the key to living this life under God’s guidance. There are times we may feel alone in a world pushing, shoving, and living a rat race life, but if we will hold onto the fullness of our faith no matter the size we can push through close enough to get the full answer to our needs like this woman.

I see her reason of suffering and her faith in God that others may have had no clue about. I, also, see God’s reason inside of Jesus making us stop to look for the gold nuggets of truth hidden inside her to presently encourage her and all of us who will read about her in the future. If you feel no one sees you in the crowds of this world there is a loving master who will stop the world to point to the least of His children holding the greatest unseen faith past the surface. You can read about her in Luke 8:43-48. Please read it and place yourself in the shoes of many different people in this scene “Finding the Reason” for a multitude of understandings.


Are you ready to go to another place with me? Let me set up the environment before we go. In all of time here on the earth there has always been people, not God, who come together with their own beliefs of how to live life. These beliefs become their culture as they grow in size. The groups of people are formed based on these beliefs, social mannerisms, and acceptable routines of life. Having different groups of people with different cultures comes to exclusions from each other because of the unacceptance of the different choice of life styles.

The Jewish people from Abraham and throughout the generations have been attempting to form themselves into a group of people who follow God and God with them. All other groups of people were doing their own thing partially or completely outside of God. God found a reason in Abraham to start creating this group of people for generations to come. The time you and I are going to visit is a time when people that were not of pure Jewish blood were considered outsiders and were not to be mixed with tainting the birth rights of the Jewish people.

We just got off the boat with lots of people around us smelling the water of the ocean in the air as the warm sunlight soaks into our skin upon the non-rocking solid ground. You and I are hurrying up to catch the miracle working man of God. As we are drawing closer to him over your right shoulder back towards the coast we hear a woman’s voice speaking loudly saying, “Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou son of David; my daughter is grievously vexed with a devil.

We both quickly looked over in the right direction looking for the source talking about a devil. Scanning the faces we find a woman approaching quickly wearing Canaanite clothing. You and I realize immediately she is not a Jewish person, but a Gentile, which simply means all others outside the Jewish people. We both realize this is going to be interesting. For the Jews have nothing to do with the Gentiles. We are both anxious in “Finding the Reason” of this woman and the outcome.

We both quickly turn our heads towards the master looking for his response to this Canaanite woman yelling out loud towards him. He actually does not say anything at all. I wonder what reason does he have in remaining silent? I look at you with that questioning facial look and you look at me with “I don’t know” shrugging of your shoulders. As we both start to speak what we think could be the reasons our words immediately stop inside our mouths when the inner circle disciples of the master said, “Send her away; for she shouting at us“.

Ah, you and I see the disciple’s reason was to send the Canaanite, Gentile, woman away and not associate with her. This is understandable because most people outside of God judge those following God in a bad way and mock them for their way of living and thinking based on God’s word. We nodded at each other with the looks of “I see” when we heard the master speak in the fresh warm air flowing from the coast “I am not sent, but unto the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

Now, we both had that look of “wow” at his words, but there is a spiritual feeling inside for a reason behind all of this and we want to wait and see how this will come out. You turned to see her reaction and I followed with the same interest. As we turned to look she had never stopped walking towards him hearing the words of the disciples and the master.

Here we go, what is she going to do? She does not have an angry look to slap him. She does not have a “I am not going to quite” look. We are having trouble discerning her facial language as she gets closer to the master. She has a solid determination to get to him, but for any other reason we have no clue. We could tell the disciples did not like her getting closer to them at all. I wonder if they will grab her like body guards?

She has inside her head as she approaches him that the disciples want to get rid of her and the master said she is not a Jew and that he was sent for the Jews. She has two rejective train of thoughts battling her cry from her heart “Have mercy on me, O Lord, thou son of David…“. She pushed forward until she reached him with no raised fists visible, but just a humble falling down to her knees bowing to him saying, “Lord, help me“.

The looks on our faces are sad for her situation “Finding the Reason” of her crying out up front to all of us around on the coastal shore. It is an awful feeling to know your loved one has a vexing devil tormenting them grievously and you are absolutely powerless. It is easy to put yourself inside her shoes of wanting to do something because doing nothing and watching them suffer is double the torment from the devil – the helplessness.

We find ourselves frozen again waiting for the response from the master. She has two strikes against her and our minds are empty of thoughts as to how the third pitch of response will turn out. The master answered and said, “It is not good to take the children’s bread and throw it to the dogs.” Our eyes pop open with a “wow, that probably did her in”. It was almost how could he say such a thing, but there had to be a reason. A worth while reason to wait until the end.

With her head bowed low before him she said, “Truth, Lord: yet the dogs eat of the crumbs which fall from their masters’ table.” Oh, my goodness. There is the reason. The master saw her faith from the beginning and the hearts of the disciples. Regardless, of her physical birth into a Gentile nation she had a faith in God that transcends all reason of the flesh of mankind. She had three things thrown at her to discourage her, but it was the master who extracted from her for all to hear “Finding the Reason” of a life changing faith no matter the culture.

In her bowed position before the master she quickly took what he said with her faith seeing from the position of a dog at the children’s and master’s table envisioning the tiniest of crumbs from the bread of the master is more than enough to meet the needs of the dogs. Wow, she had no intention of a desire to take away the whole bread from the children she just wanted the crumbs.

We both went from sadness to an astonishment of the words and faith that came out of her mouth bringing us to a glow of happiness inside for such wisdom and insight beyond the surface of this world. While in our state of shock the master replied, “O woman, great is your faith; it shall be done for you as you wish.” The master was digging out of her spirit the gold nugget of faith that none of us could see past her looks. He knew exactly what to say to extract her faith before us all. The devil vexing her daughter was driven out immediately upon the master acknowledging the power of her faith in God.

Finding the Reason” of her words and actions were clear from the beginning, but it was only the tip of the great faith below. Her humbleness, wisdom, and faith overcame the “go away”, “not here for you”, and “don’t take away from the children” went beyond the physical and fleshly birth into the side of acceptance of equalizing faith. Her faith went far beyond all physical things directly from her spirit to God and He would not reject, but accept completely with a resounding acknowledgment of such great faith for all to see.

Finding the Reason” of God inside of Jesus saying and doing what he did was extracting a beautiful faith that is unshaken by the physical status of this world. God wanted us to see the reason for strength against this world’s words of discouragement and the status of quo of the religious traditions. Faith and wisdom will bring justification (Lukr 7:35) no matter the size as long as it is whole. You read about this woman in Mtt. 15:22-28.


Finding the Reason” is looking for the “why”. Understanding and perception is the desire of God for in them mankind will find the truth. Real truth is not afraid of the “why” questions. Having the physical eyesight and the physical hearing is not enough because they only give the things of this world and you are missing out on the gold nugget(s) God wants to extract from you and those around you. “Finding the Reason” is not always easy and the answer is not always good. We all have things in our life and around us that is not good, but with the determination and solid whole faith no matter the size will bring us healing.

The faith of these women adjusted to the pressures of their environment. One had a crowd of things in her way and the other had a religious wall of tradition. They kept their faith in God and did what had to be done to touch God. No matter what is in your life trying to stop you. There is a way that may be narrow, but still is a way to escape from the road blocks of life to get to Jesus. No matter the religious or cultural traditions there is a way to overcome them.

Jesus, the man side, was like the woman who pushed through the crowd, but his pushing was through the man made religious traditions trying to make God’s word of non effect (Mtt. 15:6) and he took on all the infirmities on the cross. Jesus was pushing through all temptations (Heb. 4:15) for the sake of providing us with his power to overcome these things when we are born again inside of him.

Jesus, the man, was like the Canaanite Gentile woman who overcame the religious stereotype of the religious leaders of the day by remaining faithful to the Almighty God that was within him no matter the false accusations the religious leaders threw at him. He kept right on fulfilling the scriptures as God showed him everyday on what to speak and what to do.

Finding the Reason” is looking for the “why” and the first place we need to start investigating is “Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.“, which is the answer on how to be saved. The inner circle disciples of Jesus Christ was given the commandment and authority by Jesus preaching this message on how to be saved, yet today the majority of people ignore this as the plan of salvation.

We must push through the crowded traditions of man and the stereotype opinions of man to the central core of God’s salvation in Jesus. It was far worth it to these two women to push through and overcome to get their healings. Our eternal soul is worth it to push through traditions and overcome opinions to get to Jesus because in the end it will be Jesus that saves us from our death bed and not man’s opinionated powerless traditions.

Looking for the reasons in God is the desire God has for us to ask Him, seek Him, and knock on His door (Mtt. 7:7) for untainted truth. God’s Spirit and Jesus are in the Word. We just have to get past the things of man that try to get in the way and try to discourage us with their opinions. You can be born again of the water and the Spirit directly from Jesus name water baptism and be filled with the power of the Holy Ghost.

It is up to you to start this wonderful journey of “Finding the Reasons” behind all things you encounter freeing your spirit and connecting with the unlimited one true God.

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