Welcome, I hope you enjoy reading about the thought that was given to me. Also, I hope I never come across to anyone as a “Know-It-All“. If I do know something that has become a fact to me, I always want you to explore it for yourself to the very end. Your personal strength is very important. I love for you to stand on solid ground within yourself. It is crucial that your mind, heart, and soul stands firmly inside the love of truth and God’s wonderful loving Spirit.

We all have experience of putting too much faith and belief in other things that have let us down. We have not discovered the faith we can have inside ourselves no matter the size of faith working directly with the sure things God has provided for us. We go to see doctors with this illusion that they “Know-It-All” and our minds forget that they are practicing medicine on us. They do not “Know-It-All” when it comes to the totality of our health and the reasons for the issues we may be having. The human factor is in every profession and they do NOT “Know-It-All“. They have formed their ideas and skills based on the past experiences, teachers, instructors, and veterans of that particular vocation, but they too were humans that did not “Know-It-All“. I do not “Know-It-All“, but the beauty of the journey is to learn and grow in worthy goals to “Know-It-All” or as much as we can.

The times we are living in right now are really dangerous times for our minds, hearts, and souls. Everyone has become a “Know-It-All“. Technology has connected everyone around the world to instant information whether it is true or false, good or bad, and real or fake. The hard cold facts of this world is where there is good there IS evil. There is no where on this earth that has only one hundred percent pure good. Even our own fleshly bodies fight against us if we try to do good things reasoning away why we should not do it (Ro. 7:18 “For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh; for the willing is present in me, but the doing of the good is not.“). We have people around us today in the news media and position of power over us who have personal agendas, which should not be a selfish thing, speaking things as if they “Know-It-All” and we are not intelligent enough to see how reality really is.

All of my blogs are for the reaching out past myself and flesh into God’s spiritual world with the longing desire to connect and gleam the setting free understandings and experiences. This is why I want you to freely look up anything you may read in my blogs. If they are of the truth they will stand. To me, truth should have no fear if it is the real truth. The freedom of your spirit in truth is number one. You deserve to fly freely like an eagle soaring through the blue sky on the wind of truth God sends lifting you up to higher heights. Your freedom in God will prepare you and I for all the storms and lies we may face in our tomorrows in these last days. At least in this day it may come down to the only freedom you have is inside your spirit.


The real and factual truth will NOT be twisted for personal gain or personal power. We are being slapped in the face with large amounts of fleshly opinions twisted as being facts when they are complete lies. There are two basic truths in the physical realm and in the spiritual realm. I have come to trust the Bible and God’s Spirit for the factual spiritual truth and NOT the flesh of man’s doctrine or words. The reason I said, “I have come to trust…” is because God told me in my wicked and unsatisfied ways that I had tried everything else why not try Me (God). I tried God and found a satisfaction with an endless supply of loving truth. I want you to understand, if a man speaks, including me, as God’s spiritual factual truth then there should be (key words) no fear of questions for that kind of truth will stand on it’s own without man having to prop it up with other scriptures out of context. I scrutinize and examine things in the Bible making sure that the truth I think I have received matches throughout the Bible removing any possible private interpretation (1 Peter 1:20) because there should be no controversy if it is really truth. How many today just speak their ideas as truth without testing, examining, and researching their words?

I love to explore and find factual truth even at the expense of finding out I was wrong or missed something. It changes me from not knowing or being wrong to the right path of knowing. One time, I excitingly shared with someone what I thought was a wonderful revelation of truth. I felt unworthy and humbled that God gave that understanding to someone like me. They responded, “Oh, that is written in a teaching lesson about the Bible.” At first, it sadden me and deflated my excitement. Then it was as though the same still small voice spoke into my mind that I was hearing truth directly from His Spirit before learning it in a lesson. I was on the right path encouraged me to listen even more. I find no greater happiness when you find things for yourself in God and I played a small part in pointing you in that direction, but not as a “Know-It-All“.

All of us have faced the two kinds of facts. You and I have faced the physical facts of this world good or bad and we have faced the spiritual facts whether truth or lies. Among the physical facts of this world we have people who will lie to our face saying, “the physical facts are not what them seem to be and here is what they truly are…” attempting to twist our thoughts with a hope we will accept and be deceived by them. This is what their father, the devil, did to Eve in the beginning of time twisting the facts and tricking Eve. Also, among the spiritual facts it is of no great shock that there are forces of spiritual deceivers among mankind and the spirit realm lying to our faces saying, “their words are from God and it has been a tradition for hundreds of years.” The devil has even transformed himself into looking like an angel of light (2 Cor. 11:14).


What is really an eye opening fact that should not shock us was the origin of spiritual and physical twisting of facts from a deceptive “Know-It-All“. The devil in the form of a serpent twisted God’s word into his own facts with “…you cannot eat of every tree in the garden” (Gen. 3:1), which was not true because it was all trees were free to eat from except for one tree that would bring death. This was not an opinion, but a twisting of the facts in a physical and a spiritual reality for his own selfish ways. The serpent was successful in getting Eve to say, “We may eat of the fruit of the trees of the garden” (Gen. 3:3), which had an inclusiveness to the one tree of death. The devil got her to believe in her mind that she could physically eat from all trees if she wanted to. He got her to entertain in her mind that the death tree was not all that bad. People today will use reverse phycology or a point blank lie just to get you to obey them tricking you into the false package of what good it will do you only to find out to late after the deed is done and the consequences must be paid.

The serpent finished the physical lie of eating the tree of evil and now he is going after the spiritual facts once he got her to thing it was physically okay to eat from all trees. The serpent waited for her to quote the truth about ::”…you shall not eat of it…lest you die.” The serpent again comes across as a “Know-It-All” that “…you shall not surely die“. Do you see a pattern of people today selling their self gaining ideas at your expense? The devil has twisted the physical facts and now the spiritual facts will be twisted into that God knows when you eat of it you will have the equal understanding of the knowledge of evil like God becoming gods yourselves, the “Know-It-All“, possessing the same power as God to know good and evil like Him (Gen. 3:3-5). Every bit of this was the devil’s selfishness of greed and power to drag the only children God had made in His image and likeness to his side of evil. He made evil sound and look good twisting the facts. You see the horrible consequences in our day because of a choice from Eve and Adam following the devil’s lies. We suffer because truth has been substituted with people’s opinions and not the reality of facts.


Fall in love with asking questions until the answers are proven to be absolutely true. Truth has no holes in it that mankind needs to fill. Coming from an atmosphere of pretending friends, fake lovers, false kindness, and fake Christians, not all. I became skeptical of all things, but when God said to me to “try” Him. I took it literally to try Him in all ways. What I found He is NOT afraid to be tried and tested in the good sense for His gold of truth that will stand any trials by fire (Rev. 3:18). Now, what I did find among people was a fear to be asked Bible questions they could not answer due to their generation of traditions, even in the religion my family was attending while I was growing up. I was never asking in fighting sense, but in a “want to know” the truth sense. Again, how can God be afraid of questions if He truly is God and has the truth, right?

When I read for the first time Jesus said, “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:” (Mtt. 7:7). A beautiful acronym for this scripture is “ASK” for ask, seek, and knock, which is something you can apply to the spiritual facts and the physical facts of life. God loves for us to make the choice to feel after Him and find Him though He be not far from everyone of us (Acts 17:27). No one should be afraid of questions when they have the truth. The truth should defend itself once correctly presented. Lies have to be remembered in the sequence they were made up to try to make them look like the truth. How many times have we caught someone saying something different about the same subject only to discovered they laced it with lies or left something out implying a lie?

Today, because of technology the good words and good physical truth are being twisted into lies. We are having the repeat of evil being made good and good being made evil. If you read Isaiah 5:20-23 it is really scary how it defines what we are seeing today. Now, by all means please read above it and below it keeping it in context, but you will still see these three verses fits us completely today. Of course, there are several other scriptures speaking of this day and the horrible things that will be done. The “Know-It-All” who are proclaiming evil to be factually good and that the factually good is evil are in danger of being judged by God in this lifetime. I say all of this in fear for their eternal soul and ours. I am not judging them because it is not out of a fear of the judgment of mankind that concerns me because they can only kill my body, but out of a fear of God in respect of Whom can destroy both body and soul sending it to an eternal hell (Mtt. 10:28).

We are all judged by God for every idle word that comes out of our mouth (Mtt. 12:36) and the “Know-It-All” people are in a greater danger than us all because of all those that may believe their lies. The news media that is dictated by the flesh of mankind on what news they report and only certain portions are in danger of substituting their darkness for the real light of truth and the light of truth for their personal agenda spreading their darkness in the people’s minds, hearts, and souls. It should be the whole truth and nothing but the truth in a confirmed format. Isn’t it scary how many souls they are affecting? God loves straight up truth and the devil loves twisting the truth. The good of technology is now being abused substituting what is sweet in life into bitterness and twisting the belief of bitterness as sweet. (Is. 5:20).

What I put in these blogs I count very carefully because my words will affect you in a good way or a bad way. I stand in the fearful respect of God and not in the “Know-It-All” of mankind. Earthly knowledge will pass away, but heavenly knowledge is eternal of all physical and spiritual facts. Asking questions always reveals if it is one hundred percent truth or is it laced with lies twisted for someone’s personal gain and power. Your eternal soul needs to be filled with the truth so you can make a good and clear decision on how you want to live this life.


I do not count myself wise and what wisdom I do have I totally give God the credit for sharing them with me and me to you. The “Know-It-All” people who are counting themselves to be wise are in a state of ever learning, but not able to come to the knowledge of truth (2 Tim. 3:7). If our minds are locked into seeing only one way and not open to asking questions to adjust ourselves, if there is found a shortcoming of truth we are in danger of being totally lost and receiving a judgment we really don’t want. We see people today who are lost in their own cleverness practicing their shrewdness in passing their own narrow selfish desires of power and money. Some use their fame coming across as big celebrities and “Know-It-All” heroes justifying their wicked ideas using their influential power bribing all those that follow them with smooth talking words and charm like the serpent, all the while they are subtly taking away the rights of those who are actually speaking good common sense and right words (Is. 5:22, 23).

This is why for your soul sake to fall in love with asking questions until the answers are proven to be absolutely true whether it be physical or spiritual. People on television, social platforms, entertaining video apps, and blogger apps are speaking as though they “Know-It-All“. I don’t “Know-It-All“, but I do know some things in life that I have found to be true and testing that truth will reveal the final results. If we try to look at things as real proof presented in a real court we would see past the wisdom of our own fleshly deceitful eyes and our spirit could make a better decision of the right and the wrong.

An example of physical truth twisted in a clever and shrewd way portraying something else. You and I saw how they were saying that the border was under control and there was really no issue there, but the physical videos and the physical body counts of those coming across the border were physically proving them out to be liars. The physical evidence in a real court would show they are guilty and we are of a truth. This is acting like “Know-It-All” gods telling us to believe what they say and do as you are told with no questions asked. What good did that do for Eve and Adam taking the serpent’s word that infected all of us today with sin, horrible diseases, extreme pains, unnecessary sufferings, and heinous ways to die?

An example of spiritual truth hidden in a traditional way of thinking changed by men through the generation of years. What I am about to share with you is a truth that is really difficult for a ton of people, but none the less it is a spiritual Bible truth that is ignored by too many people. Most religions, including the one my family attended growing up, teach water baptism is in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost (Mtt. 28:19). Did you know that no one in the entire Bible was ever baptized using the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost over them? The factual truth is that they only baptized people in the name of Jesus Christ, which represented the death, burial, and resurrection in water baptism applying the blood of Jesus shed on the cross for the removal of all sins (Acts 2:38). If we try to look at this as a real proof presented in a real court of the book of Acts vs Mtt. 28:19, we would see there is more evidence for Jesus name baptism than the Father, Son, and the Holy Ghost.


I heard someone say, “You have the right to your own opinion, but you do not have the right to your own facts“. Opinions are a freedom for us all to have in our thinking, but our own thinking does not have the right to change the facts to our thinking. The serpent’s opinion was “you cannot eat of every tree”, “you won’t die”, and “you will be like God with your eyes opened to the knowledge of good and evil”. The devils opinion did not change the facts that eating of the one tree would bring death to the body and soul of mankind, the opened eyes would be the constant war inside our minds of the right and wrong battling it out to do good or to do evil.

The examples I gave in the previous paragraphs are not from the right of my own opinion, but what you will find as real facts in any Bible and anywhere someone shows the actual footage of what is happening at the border. Truth will stand on its own and will not be afraid to be asked questions. No religion should be afraid to answer questions and not use dodging tactics of “that’s how it’s suppose to be”, “we are not meant to know”, and “that is the way we have always done it”.

The dodging, twisting, reverse phycology, and other con artist answers is what we are facing today and it will not change. It will actually get worse and you will need to prepare your mind to examine, test, and research things to keep yourself on a good foundation. People with evil intentions are going to seduce worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived themselves (2 Tim 3:13) in the process, but you can remain whole in mind, heart and soul. You are too important to give your mind, heart, and soul over to someone else to drive. You should be the driver of your thoughts, your will, and the decisions of your life. The only one you should truly fear is not the one who can kill the body only, but the One who can destroy the body and send the soul to hell. It is really no time to accept things right away, but to investigate them or the so-called “Know It All” will have your soul.


And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” (Jn. 17:3). These are some of the most beautiful words you will ever hear “…that they might know thee…“. The “…might know…” means we have an open opportunity to know God personally in rock solid truth. I love the brothers and sisters I have in Christ Jesus, but there is no comparison to the sweet fellowship directly with God’s Spirit. The human factor in all of mankind is subject to fault and failure. I don’t want to fail you, others, and most of all God, but I have a flesh that I battle daily against the knowledge of evil. Brothers, sisters, pastors, youth pastors, choir leaders, Sunday school teachers, priests, clergies, and ANY other religious leaders are made of the fallible human flesh like all of us with the possibility to fail you, but not God.

Know It All” yourself asking, seeking, and knocking (ASK) upon God’s spiritual door that you might know Him, the only true God, and Jesus Christ whom He has sent. After you are born again of the water and the Spirit you can start an even deeper journey to “Know It All” at the feet of Jesus and his Spirit of truth guiding you into all truth from things about yourself, others, and things to come (Jn. 16:13). The “…he will guide you into ALL TRUTH…” means the spiritual and the physical facts of this world and the world to come in eternity can and will be explained if we will only seek to know the truth.

I want you to “Know It All” about the promised salvation Jesus left with his apostles for us, our children, and generations to come (Acts 2:39). The plan of salvation, the birth of the church, and the body of Christ was started in Acts chapter two and did not change, only man has changed along with the substance of the earth into technological inventions of man. Mankind has not changed from Adam and Eve. We are the same people of flesh and blood as them in the Bible except we have more technology around us to do greater lies and sins than them. They could only affect those than came into physical contact with and today we can affect millions through technology. God has not changed any of His plans on how to save us. What God does is for an eternal effect.

The apostles received the power of God’s Spirit speaking praises to God in the languages they had not learned fleshly of the people that were in the city. The multicultural people came to them hearing them speak their language knowing they were all Galileans. This was the part of being born of the Spirit Jesus told Nicodemus about in John chapter three happening live in front of all these people as a sign that only God could do and not be physically concocted. This was God’s choice as a sign to us and a yielding of the most unruly member of our fleshly body – the tongue/speech (James 3:8).

The multicultural people wanted to know how can you all be speaking our languages that you have not fleshly learned? Apostle Peter explained to them about Jesus because this is what God lead him to tell them so they could “Know It All“. After hearing Peter they wanted to know what must they do for their sins (v37). “Then Peter said unto them, Repent, and be baptized every one of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins, and ye shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost.” (v38) This one scripture holds all of the plan of salvation fulfilling both the born again of the water and of the Spirit Jesus told Nicodemus about that no one can enter heaven without, yet it is treated as an inactive history scripture of the church and not a part of the living unchanging God. I want to “Know It All” in the sense of where did God in His word change this scripture to the many religions teach today as the plan of salvation? And who decided the book of Acts was a dead history book and God no longer lives by the words written in it? Do you want to search to “Know It All” yourself or have someone explain it away from you?

Remember, I said to “Fall in love with asking questions until the answers are proven to be absolutely true“? Here are some healthy questions: Why did the apostles baptize in Jesus name (Acts 2:38; 8:12, 16; 10:44-48; 19:5) instead of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost (Mtt. 28:19)? If it was wrong of them to baptize in Jesus name in the book of Acts and not in the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost why did God allow them to write it in His infallible word? Why is there no record of anyone being baptized in the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, but only in Jesus name? To me it is very simple, the title Father and Holy Spirit do not have the blood that Jesus had inside his flesh. You cannot kill and bring death to a spirit, but you could to the body of Jesus on the cross for our sins. Speaking the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit over someone being baptized does not invoke the specific blood of forgiveness washing away our sins, the debt of death paid in our place, and the resurrection to a new body of life connected to the body of Jesus Christ like the name of Jesus.

I am not a “Know It All“, but here is what I understand from the one true God and Jesus Christ whom He has sent to us. Jesus was telling his disciples, the apostles that would be the start of the church and the plan of salvation, to go out making disciples of ALL nations, teaching them about Jesus and the name of Jesus, which has the fullness of the Father of creation in it (Jn. 10:30), the promised Son of redemption (Col. 1:14), and the seal in the Holy Ghost of promise, which is the earnest of our inheritance (Eph. 1:13, 14). Jesus the man could not do it by himself nor could God as a Spirit fulfill the debt of sin by dying and shedding blood. God was inside Jesus reconciling the world unto Himself through the blood of Jesus removing our sins (2 Cor. 5:19).

We can face life as a “Know It All” and make mistakes that will cost us our soul or we can listen (Acts 17:26), examine (2 Cor. 13:5), and study (2 Tim. 2:15) accurately handling the word of truth proving yourself to God that you are a person who does not need to be ashamed of your efforts. I hope this has encouraged you to be a free thinker and to submit yourself only to those things that are of a solid truth in this life and the life to come. God bless richly in His Spirit and knowledge.

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