Live with a Free Conscience

As you become older and experience things whether it has been good for you or bad for you our minds log that memory, categorize it in the column of good, bad, fun, horrible, fantastic, and many other labels involving a high, medium, or low status in our conscience. The five senses of our bodies feed those experiences into our eternal spirit, which is the real driver of the body. The categories we put these experiences in is our conscience. Our conscience becomes a storehouse of a mix match of things. Our conscience is the doorway to our eternal spirit side balancing out the things in life. What would it be like if we could “Live with a Free Conscience” in this life?

You and I have a conscience because we were made in the image and likeness of God. God has an All Conscience, All Power, and All Presence everywhere. He is One God everywhere, knowing everything, and holding all things together. Mine and your conscience right now came from Him. He narrowed down His design to a single entity with an image and likeness after Himself made from the dirt of this earth, placing a tiny portion of His conscience, power, and presence creating a living soul like you and I. Have you not noticed how mankind creates things from the earth just like our heavenly Father? The only difference is mankind creates evil things. God created us as His children in His image and likeness and that likeness would be God if God were to be of a solid form, just like we are born unto our parents with some physical similarities.

Our bodies hold the complexity of God if He went from Spirit to a solid form. Every tiny little part of our body is a reflection to the fact “if God were of a solid form”, but our conscience is the real image and likeness of God. God is Spirit and our conscience is made of spirit. God has a side that is the knowledge of good and the other side the knowledge of evil. We were first created with only the good side of the knowledge of God and God did not want us to be exposed to the other side of the knowledge of evil, but to “Live Life with a Free Conscience” from evil. Our first created earthly mother and father (Eve and Adam) disobeyed God eating of the one mixed tree of the knowledge of evil and the knowledge of good condemning all of us to disease, hell, and death. If you will notice when Adam and Eve sinned against God He did not remove the knowledge of good from us. Our conscience kept the knowledge of good, but now corrupted and controlled by the knowledge of evil by Eve and Adam’s choice. We have the struggle of trying to do right with wrong influencing us.

Our conscience is more like the spirit of God than we realize. We have the knowledge of evil and good within us, but we do not have the power over the knowledge of evil. God has no problem keeping the knowledge of evil in a separate, contained, and controlled place within Himself. We do not have such a control because it takes the level of God. No creation outside of God can handle separating, containing, and controlling completely the knowledge of evil. You may think “I am not a bad person“, but have you at any time spoke words or body gestures that were misleading, altered facts, or left out important truths? We all have a nature in us to quickly say something we should not and do things we should not. God does not have that problem. He really does keep them separate and we do not.

God is Spirit and our conscience is spirit. God has the knowledge of good and evil. We have the knowledge of good and evil. God reigns over all creation and we reign over the earth, but under the power of the devil corrupted by the knowledge of evil. If God had removed the knowledge of good from us this earth would be a blood bath of people killing people everywhere, but because we have the conscience that there is good knowledge out there we can make moral decisions. The good knowledge in some people form laws meant for good and to keep those who prefer evil separated, contained and controlled from hurting reasonable people. There would be no police and no law if God had taken away all knowledge of good and the world would be daily killing itself creating a total hell on earth. Our conscience is in a daily battle of making decisions of right, wrong, and a mixture of both because of our sinful flesh and evil influence.

After many bad experiences I adopted the idea of living life with as few regrets as possible, but a greater understanding came to me from the Lord to set a goal to try to “Live Life with a Free Conscience“. The Lord spoke into my conscience this morning about that goal. He began to drop more understandings to the desire to “Live Life with a Free Conscience“. We were meant to be born free. Adam and Eve were created with a free conscience. They had no worries, troubles, and sorrows binding their spirit to a stressful life of torment. Their conscience and our conscience was a free spirit to do all things, but for Adam and Eve it was all things except the one sinful tree and because of Eve and Adam we are in bondage to sin both in body and in spirit.

The desire to be free in conscience is the desire to be right in your spirit. You want all the wrong to go away inside yourself. You want all the hateful thoughts, evil intentions, and self destructive desires to go away. You are tired of looking for revengeful moments, opportunities to strike, and looking over your shoulder for others. Your conscience is screaming for freedom from this rat race world practicing evil tactics for selfish gain that means nothing when you are alone on that death bed leaving all things of this world behind in someone else’s hands getting ready to face God in judgment. You want to be free from the stress of evil news, cancel culture, and the social media hateful pressure against your free will and to “Live Life with a Free Conscience“. It takes the power of God to help us to separate, contain, and control the evil trying to infiltrate our spirit.

To “Live Life with a Free Conscience” is a desire to be more like God and not to be in bondage like the devil and the flesh. To have the power to truly separate, contain, and control the knowledge of evil and its effects. You, I, and mankind do not have that much power within ourselves, no matter if we are made in the image and likeness of God containing a tiny bit of His knowledge of creativity, power to assemble things with the presence to stand on its own. Our conscience/spirit needs God. We can only be free now through God. God is giving us that chance. What would it be like to “Live Life with a Free Conscience“?

You may ask “why does it take God” and “why can’t I do it on my own“? Remember, I said that God has both the knowledge of good and the knowledge of evil inside of Himself, but God has the power to totally (key word) separate, contain, and control? The one thing mankind does not fully grasp is the knowledge of evil is a part of God’s All Power, All Knowing, and All Presence. You know the scripture where God said, “I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the Lord do all these things.” Isaiah 45:7? Most people would read this and their conscience would interpret God does this on purpose creating darkness and evil. The truth is “darkness” and “evil” were separated, contained, and controlled both physically and spiritually in God. They were not His choice to be active. It was Eve and Adam that opened the door and released into their house and the world the power of the knowledge of evil and death on the rest of us.

So, the scripture is still true, but not by choice on God’s part (the power of the freedom of choice). The evil knowledge side still existed and the devil along with mankind (Eve and Adam) released that evil side and NOT God. It was not God’s fault. His creations under the ‘total freedom of choice’ wanted to try taking on that dormant side of God. So, the “…create darkness…create evil: I the Lord do all these things” stems from the choice of releasing that side of Him that He personally kept separate, contained, and controlled. God is the only one that keeps the knowledge of evil from totally taking over and He put an escape plan in place that He personally would take back the control of the knowledge of evil and its effects from those of us, His children, who chooses Him.


Now, we know we have to have the power of God to overcome the knowledge of evil and its effects to first be saved and to fulfill the desire “Live Life with a Free Conscience“, but it takes a daily fellowship with God. It takes God to take care of God’s law. It takes God’s knowledge of good to put the knowledge of evil back in it’s place. Our conscience/spirit needs God to lead and guide us into all truth, refusing evil, and choosing good. It is awesome to live life with very few regrets, but a greater goal would be to “Live Life with a Free Conscience“.

We can be set free and we can “Live Life with a Free Conscience” by God’s grace. God came Himself inside the flesh of Jesus (“…For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily.” Col. 2:9) to answer the required God’s law of death for us. God’s good side answering for us and returning us from the eternal evil side of death. Just like a Father He wanted His children to stay on the good side, but when His children strayed into the evil side like a good Father He came in the form of Jesus Christ to bring them back home, but by their conscience of free choice only.

I am glad I see with a clear conscience the importance of the man Jesus and why he said, “And this is life eternal, that they might know thee the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast sent.” (Jn. 17:3) Our living life with a free conscience is for our spirit to be filled with God’s Spirit. God is Spirit and for our spirit to be fixed it takes God’s Spirit to return us through the price paid by the power of the flesh and blood of Jesus that God perfected. Fixing an eternal spirit back to a redemptive eternal spirit status takes a complete overhaul by the power of God and through God as one of us in Jesus Christ to pay that sin debt.

An eternal law of death needed an equal eternal law of life to pay the debt for us. Flesh for flesh and Spirit for spirit was the battle ground for us. Our spirit and our flesh was not powerful enough to release us from the devil’s grip and the required eternal law of death. This is why Jesus was God in the beginning in Spirit form. God was Jesus and Jesus was God in the Spirit image and likeness form that we were patterned after if God were to be of a solid form (Jn. 1:1-3, 14). God created a body for Himself and placed His Spirit inside of Him to fight our fight giving us a choice to “Live Life with a Free Conscience“.

The death and blood from the pure body of Jesus Christ took care of all the sins of mankind’s debt by the power of God for the purpose to wash away all sins clearing our slate through the man Jesus Christ fulfilling the eternal law of death. God’s Spirit inside of Jesus has a way through to us now to provide our conscience with the truth while providing a transformation to the eternal life side in God (Jn. 14:6). We can be set free from our sins applying Jesus to our life, which is the power of God unto life. We can “Live Life with a Free Conscience” receiving the Spirit of Jesus. Now, I understand why Jesus said, “Except a man be born of water and of the Spirit, he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.” Jn. 3:5. We need that kind of power to overcome the battles we have in this world. Jesus is our eternal law of life doorway in this separating wall of eternal law of death and knowledge of evil that we can walk through. Jesus is our answer.


Our conscience is the doorway to the rest of our spirit. The making of decisions comes from our conscience. Our conscience was created in the divine image and plan of God as His children. The devil knows our conscience is the single point of failure for our spirit. It was all about the knowledge of evil God did not want anybody else to have and that was power in the mind of Lucifer (the devil), but it was really salvation of God protecting everyone from it. The devil lost his good conscience when he chose the knowledge of evil and his eternal good status. So, he went onto to trick Eve with his twisted words planting seeds of doubt into her consciousness, of which she fell for and Adam was not deceived in his conscience and still gave into the temptation. One conscience was deceived and the other conscience saw clearly, but did it anyway.

Our world is full of people who are being tricked with twisted words and the planting seeds of doubt in their conscience against the things which are truly good. We, also, have people today like Adam that knows in their conscience that it is wrong, but still chooses the evil path. Once you have someone’s mind consciously thinking that evil is good and good is evil then the devil has successfully accessed the single point of failure to your soul. Our conscience is a part of our divine image and likeness in God to make decisions whether it is moral or immoral. It still has an impact for the eternal home we will have when we depart from this earthly world.

Take back your freedom to “Live Life with a Free Conscience” through the body and Spirit of Jesus Christ. Apply the eternal law of life in water baptism in Jesus name washing away all your sins and receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit of Jesus/God (Acts 2:38) regenerating the ability and power to separate, contain, and control the knowledge of evil in your mind, heart, and soul. Take away the power of the knowledge of evil that tries to influence you into doing things you really don’t want to do.

I know and you know we need a power beyond us to handle the evil thoughts and the evil intentions we face in this world. God gave us another chance at the eternal law of life through Jesus Christ to combat the eternal law of death and the knowledge of evil. Jesus was, is, and always will be the child/man God sent with the power to refuse evil all of his days on earth being tempted in all things as we are (Heb. 4:15), but still choosing the knowledge of good (Is. 7:16). It is a God thing for us to be set free. Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life and no one can come to the Father, but by him (Jn. 14:6).


To “Live Life with a Free Conscience” is to have a peace of mind that passes all understanding preserved in our minds and hearts through the only power of Jesus Christ that can handle the knowledge of evil and those who practice it. I know I must step through the doorway God has provided to have that overcoming power against darkness and evil. I am glad my conscience received the revelation of the power of the name of Jesus in water baptism washing away all my sins and the infilling of the powerful gift of the Holy Ghost like Peter preached along with all the other apostles in Acts chapter two verse thirty-eight. I, now, have the fellowship of God’s Spirit inside with my spirit, which is the best roommate a person could have, guiding my conscience away from evil and choosing good. To “Live Life with a Free Conscience” it takes surrendering everyday to the wisdom of God’s Spirit and His word because true freedom is found where the Spirit of Lord is. Even when you get knocked down or fail He will pick you up if you will let Him. Do you have God and His word in your life? Would you like to have freedom in your life? Try God, you have tried everything else. Why not try God? God bless you and keep you close to His heart.

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