Where Are You?

When evil intentions grow among the population something tragic comes along to purge it. The purge can happen on a small scale to an unbelievable cosmic size.

In heaven we read Satan and his followers had accepted evil intentions towards God and the purging came upon them like lightning striking them down. There is nothing slow about lightning and it strikes quickly before we can move.

For Christians the evil intentions of the Tower of Babel in the history of the Bible were not killed, but confounded by speaking different tongues. They dispersed because they could not understand each other. We have apps to translate languages today and we still are not understanding the ramifications that evil intentions bring.

Pharaoh of Egypt inflicted the people and a great purge fell on them brining death. There is a great inflicting upon good people today, which will push for something to give way and that will bring a purge out of the control of man. Was Covid a mistake? Did it get out of control from mankind?

In the Bible Sodom and Gomorrah with the evil intentions of the men of the city that wanted to rape the two angel men from God brought a great purging falling upon the cities bringing forth death. Evil intentions and sin cannot build anything to stand forever, but has the curse of always being purged and fallen.

The Bible and world history is full of evil intentions growing to a certain point and a great purging comes along. The homes and cities were far apart, but today technology has brought together the possible unity of evil intentions, which will bring a unity of purging.

The world is becoming so focused on itself with evil intentions against God, each other, and that which is good that they are going to be blindsided by a great purge from the heavens that they are ignoring. Good cannot be evil and evil cannot be good. They will always be separated by the timing God chooses.

Repeatedly, evil intentions brings a great purge of tragedy because of the abundance and overflowing in the heart of mankind. How many times in history when people repented did God turn things around and good once again flowed in the community tolerating reduced specks of evil?

The world is not looking up for the sudden strike of tragedy like a thief brings to their home unexpectedly. The people of today will see the heavens open up and the earth beneath them bring another purge if they do not stop their evil intentions and ask God to forgive them.

The news today and every day should make Christians want to pray like never before and the unsaved to repent as quickly as they can leaving the sins far behind them before the purging falls on back of their heals.

There is an overwhelming feeding of the flesh all around the world of evil intentions that the feeding of the spirit of mankind is becoming so corrupt that God will not tolerate it much longer. Your spirit is number one with God while your flesh will fade away into the dust of the earth your spirit will live forever in a good place or a bad place. God wants you with Him.

He is a loving and Heavenly Father that will will separate with a great purge for the sake of His Children whether it is by speech, great wonders, or separating body from spirit.

Separation of body and spirit is going to happen now or later, but the question is when that sudden purge happens will your spirit be ready for heaven or the place where all evil intentions go to be painfully on fire forever.

This is the day the Lord hath made for you while reading this to decide the condition of your spirit before the sudden purge happens. We no longer the the luxury of writing off people as crazy about the end time of days of evil for they are here and growing bigger every day.

Have you obeyed God’s word and been born again? Have you repented, been baptized in Jesus name applying the blood of forgiveness that is in that name only, washing away all your sins, and receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost speaking in the language God gives you as a sign of redemption and the power of His Spirit is in you? (Acts 2:38)

Truly feeding your spirit of good things comes from God’s Spirit, His word, and a prayer life of fellowship. This all keeps you ready for the great purge that will fall upon your area and the world. It is coming and it will come suddenly. It may seem to be slow for now, but they are signs giving us some extra time of mercy – only.

Don’t sleep the sleep of death having a mind locked onto this world only for the suddenness of your spirit realizing you have passed and was not ready. The terror will strike you at the core of your eternal being with indescribable realization of the pain and the sufferings that will never go away.

All of my writings have been to reach you and lift up closer to God. I can live no better life than to see you saved and in Fellowship with God daily, but this ready is a “better get ready” message to you and a reminder to me to stay prayed up and ready for we know not the day nor the hour in which it will come.

Find your way everyday to fellowship with God thinking on good things guarding against the smooth talking lies of the world. May God shower you with the richness of His divine Holy Spirit.

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