Time Coins of Life

In the beginning when God created the heaven and the earth He separated light from darkness on a scheduled time of sharing upon the earth. He called the light day and the darkness night. This time-sharing of light for the day and darkness for the night did not have a counting down clock of time, but an endless rotation of sharing upon the earth. Nothing was decaying and dying at this point of creation only an undetermined time of existence. When God created Adam, the first of mankind, from the building material of the dust of the ground/dirt of the … Continue reading Time Coins of Life

Invisible Bridge of Love

We miss so many things on a daily basis. It saddens my heart when I see myself and others running over to quickly the things that matter most. I may never be debt free, financially set, possess all the things I dream about, bless my children, or go to the places I desire. You and I can have some things no matter our status in this physical world. I see us taking steps towards the invisible bridge of love by our eyes of faith into the sweet and blessed fellowship of the Spirit of God and His word. The only … Continue reading Invisible Bridge of Love

Spent, Spending, and Will Spend

“Spent, spending, and will Spend” automatically makes you think of money in your hands to do whatever you need to do with it or whatever you wish with it. There is another kind of spending that escapes us everyday. It is very much different from money that we can work for and at the end of the pay period accumulate more of it. Money is something we can gain and spend over and over, time and time again. What is something we can spend, but never get it back? It is invisible to our senses, yet we spend it everyday … Continue reading Spent, Spending, and Will Spend